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Last Updated: 06. November 2018

5 Reasons to Track Your Fleet with GPS Tracking Systems

The Role of GPS in Fleet Management

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GPS is a well known abbreviation which stands for Global Positioning System. There is no smartphone, tablet or computer that is not integrated with GPS tracking technology. Many apps implement navigation systems for mapping and transport information, but also for fleet monitoring. 

Why is GPS tracking so important in fleet management? To make the difference in how you track your fleet, there are some key factors that we are going to discuss in the text below.

  1. Location tracking
  2. Driver's performance 
  3. Vehicle performance
  4. Insurance costs reduction
  5. Tracking data backup

While individuals use GPS for everyday purposes, business managers take advantage of fleet GPS tracking in order to optimize the transportation process and, as a consequence, to save money. They are essential to track your fleet. Vehicle tracking systems are very common among companies that operate with fleet of vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans.

As part of the fleet management system, GPS tracking helps managers to coordinate and facilitate various transport and transport-related activities. Professional car tracker costs start from £169, and all the main benefits of having this tracking in place are listed below.

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Since GPS tracking systems use satellites that continually broadcast signals, the gathered information is provided in real time, regardless of weather conditions. It allows you to know the exact position of each vehicle at any time. You can track your fleet, if the vehicle is running or not, if it is on the right track, if it has reached the correct address and much more.

GPS tracking, together with an efficient fleet management software, leads to many fundamental features in fleet transportation. For example, dispatchers can have an overview of the running vehicles and can direct the vehicle which is closest to the intended address.

GPS trackers are beneficial especially for taxi companies and hospitals that often need to locate the nearest vehicle in relation to their customers’ and patients’ needs.

With a GPS tracker you can easily monitor the speed of the running vehicles in your fleet. This can ensure that your staff is not driving too fast or too slow. GPS tracking avoids inefficient fuel consumption and therefore undesired extra fuel costs.

Furthermore, disrespect of speed limits may lead to fines and accidents in the worst case. This is the reason why vehicle tracking can increase the road safety and make you save money on fines. So, fleet GPS tracking systems ensure that your staff runs after the speed limit and on fuel by efficient driving.

For transport related companies it is necessary to have information about the exact time of departure and arrival of the vehicles, so they can efficiently plan and use the workforce optimally. Thanks to GPS tracking, costumers can be informed in precise terms when a sent package or cargo is delivered by courier services at the scheduled site.

With GPS trackers, taxi companies can inform their customers about the expected time of arrival. The implementation of GPS tracking systems helps many companies in monitoring the exact time of arrival and departure of the fleet or cargo for good quality customer service. But also, it ensures smooth work processed.


Knowing the exact driving hours of your employees can help you in evaluating their efficiency and performance, which can then result in higher paychecks.

Fleet GPS tracking can reduce your insurance costs by increasing the security of your fleet. Similarly to the options on your smartphone for location tracking in case your phone is lost or stolen, some vehicle tracking systems use the GPS technology to track the vehicles in case they get stolen or lost.

Companies that invest a lot in a large fleet need protection against thefts. Some systems have the option for remote control, alerts and notifications if the GPS tracker locates the vehicle outside the planned route.


With a GPS tracking system you always have access to the data backups of your corporate fleet. Driven distances and time spent, number of completed tasks, number of stops and average driving speed are recorded through GPS tracking.

Depending on the type of GPS tracker, you can have access to all kinds of information about the use of the vehicle. This data are extremely helpful for resource planning, driving optimization and time schedule management. You can export the data and make graphs and analysis which will help your team to have a broad overview of the fleet performance.

At this point, a GPS tracker will help you in monitoring whether your fleet is running in the agreed perimeter and time and if it is overpassing the speed limit, which can damage the means itself or lead to speed fines on your registration number.

You would also like to prevent eventual thefts by knowing where and when the vehicle is, but also its fuel consumption. Since you have the responsibility to manage a fleet of vehicles, you can find GPS tracking quite useful for the above mentioned and many more reasons.

For further information about GPS tracking, please fill in the form on the right side of the page. Our suppliers will help you find the best solution for your fleet business. Furthermore, you will receive up to 4 free non-binding quotes purposely tailored to your needs.

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