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Last updated: 28 July 2021

London's Best Coffee Shops 2015

Are You a Coffee Lover?

If you are looking for great coffee in London, and appreciate good service you may find our list of Top 20 best coffee shops in London quite useful.

All the shops chosen by Market Inspector distinguish with their passion for great coffee, high quality standards, great menu quite often of homemade food, cozy atmosphere, appreciation of local producers and fair trade and, of course, friendly attitude.

We couldn’t decide which coffee shop is better than the others because every place has its own individuality. Therefore, we placed the 20 lovely coffee shops randomly in our list and we leave our readers to choose instead. We believe there are other great cafés in London that are worth visiting as well, but here are our best 20s. You can also find your perfect coffee machine rental solution.

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London Best Coffee Shops 2015

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 Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!Like the other coffee shops in our list Look mum no hands! is passionate about good quality coffee and they buy products only from trusted suppliers. What differentiates them from other coffee shops is their concept. Who would think coffee and cycling will match perfectly at one place called Look mum no hands! ? The owners are obsessed with bikes and there is no surprise to drink a coffee next to a window where a bike is hanging in. They also have a full time mechanic that can help you fix your bike. You can check this artistic coffee place when they organize exhibitions, events, workshops or just for a cup of good coffee., Facebook

Workshop Coffee Co.

Workshop Coffee Co.Placed in one of London’s most avant garde neighbourhood, Fitzrovia, where writers, politicians and artists alike meet, Workshop Coffee Co. will guarantee you high quality of every sip of your cup of coffee. To ensure that, they are committed to participation in all stages of the production processes.Therefore, the team puts a lot of effort in every step of the long way of making the coffee from sourcing, roasting to serving nothing but the best coffee possible. You can enjoy this coffee shop in several other locations around London., Facebook


KaffeineApparently the Fitzrovia neighbourhood’s 19th Century British heritage, with its Victorian Bohemia design inspires coffee lovers because you can find excellent coffee and great atmosphere in Kaffeine. With its simplicity, the coffee shop has become a favourite place for many people following its strict standards for excellent coffee, great food and hospitable service. Luckily for the coffee drinkers, Kaffeine has just opened another store on 15 Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia. We will not surprise you to have this lovely place in our favourite coffee shops list as it has been regarded by the media, public and industry as one of the leading cafes of its kind in the U.K and the world., Facebook

J + A Café

J + A CaféIf you are looking for cozy, comfortable and unpretentious surroundings, you will enjoy even more your cup of good coffee at J + A Café. There is always a big pot of tea, a cake and fresh-baked soda bread on the table to make you feel like home. A place where less is more, J + A Café count on trusted local producers for their healthy wholesome home-cooked food., Facebook


The-haberdasheryThis cute coffee shop has a vintage decor with a nostalgic ambience. Sandwiches, brunches and cakes are delicious and freshly made from local products. Coffee here is amazing as it is made from high quality beans. Food is served on beautiful mismatched vintage dishes, and the whole environment is the paradise for vintage lovers. This small coffee shop with nice staff is really charming and on a beautiful day you can enjoy the sun on their backyard., Facebook

Prufrock Café

Prufrock CaféPrufrock Café is much more than a coffee shop. Spread over more than 2000 sq feet the place offers coffee lovers tastings, training and events. In addition to your coffee you can find in-house baked savoury and sweet goods made, including gluten-free options. Besides drinking a cup of great coffee you can leave the place with new skills as Prufrock Café is an accredited Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) course provider., @PrufrockCoffee, Facebook

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee RoastersIn the foundation of Ozone Café lays the great idea to make a difference in the lives of growers and their families at origin. Starting from a single coffee roaster and a small shop in New Zealand, Ozone Coffee Roasters became part of the emerging UK specialty coffee industry. The place has received international recognition as a leading specialty coffee roaster. The team is dedicated to deliver high quality coffee, so you can be sure no compromises will be made with the coffee products there., @ozonecoffeeukInstagram

Climpson & Sons

Climpson & SonsThis specialty coffee shop brings the inspiration of the founder, Ian Burgess, from the amazing coffee taste he experienced as far as in Australia. After almost ten years of presence on the London specialty coffee scene, Climpson & Sons continues to search for the best coffee flavour profiles and extraction techniques. They are determined not only to provide high quality coffee products to their customers, but to deliver a coffee with a transparent story for sustainable consumption., Facebook

Ginger & White

Ginger & WhiteGinger & White is the oasis among the commercial coffee chains. They said “We don’t do Grande” and they kept their promise. You will notice an individual character of every cup of coffee or a dish you have at this lovely place. They know where every coffee bean they sell comes from, because they source both our beans and milk from UK small producers. The owners have grown their idea and passion for quality coffee and food with the support of their families, dedicated staff and loyal customers., Facebook


BlendBlend is a place where the sound of the coffee bean grinder, the tempting aroma from freshly baked pastry, the laugh of satisfied customers or the charming silence before a tasty coffee sip blend all together. The charm of this coffee shop starts with the blending of Steve and Linda’s ideas and passion for their own cafe. There is blending in styles even in the furniture which is a collection of donations from friends and a shopping trip to a Denmark vintage dealer and warehouse. They serve the excellent Estate blend by Climpson and Sons  and take good care for every meal and drink they prepare., Facebook

Allpress Espresso

Allpress EspressoAllpress Espresso opened for the first time in New Zealand in 1986. By 2010, this cozy coffee shop arrived in the UK. We love this place because you can drink good quality filter or espresso-based coffee, served by friendly baristas. Sandwiches, breakfast plates and canteen dishes for lunch are exceptional. Visitors will also be able to relax by reading free newspapers and magazines in a nice atmosphere with lots of natural lights and huge tables. Furthermore, notice that on a beautiful day you can sit outside on one of the benches and enjoy a cup of great coffee., Facebook

Nude Espresso

Nude EspressoThis artisanal coffee shop provides outstanding coffee made from the world's fittest, ripest green beans. Food is fresh and home-made with mostly local ingredients. You will find a diversified menu of good quality food, either for breakfast, classic brunch or pleasant lunch. Sandwiches, breads and salads are also available. Moreover, they are ecologic as they deliver all wholesale coffee by bicycle or carbon neutral courier., Facebook

E5 Bakehouse

E5 BakehouseThis east London artisan bakery and coffee shop offers traditional coffee and food. Using baking ancestors’ traditions and organic products, they serve delicious breads, breakfasts, brunches, fresh lunches, homemade cakes and coffee. The menu is changing every day according to the available local products. The place offers a nice atmosphere to sitt and a cozy yard. Besides enjoying good quality products, you can also attempt to attend one of the classes they provide. Weekly bread courses, pizza classes, cookery classes or even pastry classes, they will make you become a chef!, @e5bakehouse, Facebook

Bar Italia

Bar ItaliaBar Italia has been a family business for three generations. They are making exceptionally good coffee by using secret techniques, as not using water filter to avoid salts running through the coffee machines. Also, they are using high quality products and only the finest coffee beans. Many events have been organized and the place is always full of regular customers, sportsmen, famous musicians and other people from the Soho trendies. However, if you prefer to be in a calm environment, you can always find a peaceful corner. Beside from the coffee shop, you can discover the ‘Little Italy’ and the ‘Nolita’ restaurants that are run by the same family., Facebook

Taylor St Baristas

Taylor St BaristasWith eight locations in London, Taylor St coffee shops will be easily accessible for you. The coffee is prepared with care: they roast, taste, blend, re-roast, re-taste and re-blend until they are happy with the drink. The outstanding result is that they offer delicious coffee with many different tastes. Have you ever tried an espresso with jasmine flavour or with peach syrup? No? Then run to Taylor St to get one because they are divine. Baristas are friendly and highly qualified.

Lantana Café

Lantana CaféWith their three Lantana coffee shops in London, these places have succulent coffee and really good food. They work exclusively with Alchemy Coffee Roasters to design a bespoke blend for their cafes. You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the best moment to go there is still for their amazing brunches during the weekends. Their menus with an Australian cuisine are interesting and you can even have takeaway for breakfast and lunch. Latana Cafés are relaxed environments, always lively and entertaining with this amazing energy., Facebook

Tina, We Salute You

Tina, We Salute YouThis really busy coffee shop is worth seeing. Going there is a whole experience. Besides amazing coffee made from Square Mile coffee beans, you will enjoy Tina, We Salute You  with its artistic spirit. Large communal tables and sofas make this place really cozy. Also, they are promoting the local talents, partially with the wall art that is changing every eight weeks. The food is good and simple., Facebook


Long White Cloud Long White Cloud

This place is a nice coffee shop, but also a gallery and a concert hall with a touch from New-Zealand! You can regularly attend events and
 exhibitions and there is a jazz concert every Thursday night when people transform the coffee shop into a dancefloor! One of the owner
of Long White Cloud is a Kiwi so you can find typical products from New Zealand. You should especially try this place for their brunches, they have outstanding food made from local products. They also serve good coffee with smiles and friendly attitude., Facebook

Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy CoffeeThis coffee place has one of the best coffee we have ever tried. More than exporting premium quality products, they also travel around the world to find the finest beans. Their passion and experience have made them experts, and this is good for our taste bud! With fourteen locations in London and more all around the UK and Europe, you will easily find a moment to try their drinks coming from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica or somewhere else. Delicious cakes and light lunches are also on the menu., Facebook

With Jam And Bread

With Jam And BreadWith Jam And Bread was opened in 2011 by Jennie Milsom, who succeeded to bring all her knowledge to create an amazing coffee shop. This place offers a wide range of good coffees and loose-leaf tea, served in pots. You can also eat sandwiches, soups, cakes or pastries. The food is simple and good. White walls and wood tables give you a nice atmosphere to relax and enjoy your high quality coffee., Facebook