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Last updated: 12 October 2022

9 Apps that Make Business Life Easier

Do Not Miss any Must-Have Apps For Your Business

8 Apps that Make Business Life Easier

New technologies are everywhere and you can easily get overwhelmed by information and miss important tools that would make your business life easier.

At Market-Inspector we think that you can improve your professional life through apps and this is the reason why we highly recommend you to be equipped with the right digital tools. Of course, there are many other apps that we could have covered, but here are 9 useful and practical apps that really inspired us.

We organized them in 5 different categories: keep your communications secure, keep contact, keep organized, keep focused, keep updated. Also, see how ePOS systems can streamline your business.

1. Keep your Communications Secure

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How many times have you called a customer from your cell phone and they subsequently called back during your family dinner on a Sunday? We believe that this is the reality for many businessmen, and Burner is the solution!

Burner allows you to call your customers or teammates without showing your personal number. Instead of just hiding your phone number, Burner actually creates real phone numbers when you need it. So essentially, you can have as many as you want. These numbers come with local area codes and can be used in a two way communication for calls, texts, and voice mails.

Besides its extremely practical aspect in keeping your privacy, it's also really easy to use. Colours and labels help you organize the different numbers you create and you can then delete a phone number faster than light!

Price: Free + Phone credits

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TigerText is an extremely useful app to communicate with your colleagues. Apart from allowing you to share information easily, it can also increase cohesion between team members. Additionally, good team collaboration can increase business

This app allows you to send encrypted text messages so your communication is secured. Messages remain private and you are given the option to permanently delete them after a set time. PDFs, images and other files can be shared securely.

TigerText is really practical because it simplifies communications with your colleagues. You will be able to see if your colleague has recieved or read the information because the app displays "delivered" or "read" confirmations. If you send a text and your interlocutor doesn’t receive it after 5 minutes, you will get a notification. Moreover, conversations can be between two, or a group of people. Essentially, this app is easy to use and will help you keep your messages organized with multiple inboxes.

Price: Free

2. Keep Contact

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Contactually is the must have app if you want to ensure that you treat your valuable customers right. As an entrepreneur or salesperson, you probably get really busy and have problems keeping track of all your previous or potential customers. If you aren't consolidating your business relationships and keeping in touch with your network, you'll be missing out on a lot of new business opportunities.

Contactually is the solution to get more from your network because it automatically gathers all your contacts into their platform. The next step is to organize your relationships into groups and decide how often you wish to contact them. With that done, you are covered. Contactually will do all the hard work for you. The app will remind you when you have to email your network and it even gives you the possibility to mass outreach with a just one touch. 

Contractually is easy to use and very intuitive, so no employee training is needed. The app offers email templates and it allows you to keep track of trends and contact histories. We have personally heard many stories of contracts being finalised due to a follow-up email! You should give it a try and don’t hesitate to ask them for help as they are always willing to do so and are extremely qualified.

Price: Free app + Subscription from $29 to $99

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Bond is a really useful application to keep in touch with your professional network as well as with your personal contacts. Maintaining your relations can always be profitable for you. Even if you don’t see the point today, you might need them in the future. Good relations will help you get recommendations or even new leads.

The app is easy to use. To get started, it transfers your contacts from your phone to the application. You can be comforted by the fact that your information is not sent to their server, so there are no security issues. Once this is done, you can select who you want to keep in touch with and how often. You can do so by either Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, SMS, phone or email. 

Bond is easy to use and it sends you regular notifications reminding you to refresh your communications with a specific person in your network. You can even set the specific time you want to receive such notifications. If you are not available, you can also check the missed notifications on the app when you are free.

Price: Free

3. Keep Organized

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As a businessperson you probably receive a huge number of emails everyday making it easy to miss important information. Asana will help you stay organized by keeping emails and tasks in one place. All your emails will be marked by missions and deadlines, which will help you to keep track of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done!

Besides helping you to organize your tasks and your time, Asana also helps you to efficiently communicate with your colleagues. Team work will get easier as team members can share projects and tasks. They can also comment directly on tasks instead of sending emails.

Asana will definitely make your business life easier. You will save time on checking what your team is working on and trying to relocate specific information said in previous discussions. Visualizing your team’s goals will be simple and projects will be conducted smoothly.

Price: Free or from $21 to $333 for Asana Premium

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Once you start using EasilyDo, you won’t be able to live without it any longer! EasilyDo will not only make your business tasks easier but your whole life simpler. The features that this app offers are diverse and efficient.

EasilyDo allows you to remember important events by providing you with notifications about your appointments, flights or birthdays. All your everyday events will be added to your calendar, even your itinerary can be added. All this information is stored so that the apps knows what time you need to leave for your appointments. Additionally, EasilyDo can provide updates in regards to shipping and postage information, and give you the status of your package. 

This application also helps you to manage your emails by identifying the ones that need an answer. Alerts will be set based on your own criteria. Last but not least, EasilyDo updates your contacts in order to have up‑to‑date information and no duplicates.

Price: Free or $49.99 per year (premium plan) to $240 per user per year (business plan)

4. Keep Focused

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  Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breath & Think

Today’s pace of life has become increasingly busy, and people have more and more responsibilities, and expereince a huge amount of stress. That is the reason why at Market-Inspector we think Stop, Breathe & Think is the perfect app to successfully manage your business life and your stress.

Even if your schedule is really busy you can probably squeeze in 5 minutes to meditate and relax - 5 minutes is all you need to calm down!

The application is really easy to use and forces you to give a short break from your tasks. Breathing and thinking will help you understand and handle different situations, create space between your emotions, and it will help you to broaden your perspective. Stop, Breathe & Think will keep you calm and focused on the most important tasks of your day.

Price: Free

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Focus at Will

Are you working in a noisy environment or you simply have problems concentrating? Focus@will is the perfect tool to increase your capacity to concentrate, and thus improving your productivity.

This application offers playlists with songs that are scientifically chosen to reduce distraction. This app is useful because it keeps you away from your favourite tracks that will most probably distract you. Focus@will makes it easier to concentrate and stay focused without getting disturbed. The efficiency of Focus@will has also been proven by experts.

Music levels can be customized and productivity can be recorded in order to tailor your future sessions. This app is much more than any other music service; it will surely increase your productivity.

Price: Different subscription plans - $5.83 / Month for a yearly plan

5. Keep Updated

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In today’s world people are always on the go and don’t take enough time to rest. As an entrepreneur or an employee, you are probably too busy to read all the news articles out there on internet. You might have the time to open Twitter and see tons of articles that you would enjoy but never have the time to read them all.

Pocket is your solution! As a businessman you need to keep yourself updated on your industry’s news and Pocket will help you with that. This app allows you to pinpoint and add content to its platform. You can access this later on when you are on the train, or when you get home, and read the articles that you have previously selected. In addition to adding articles, you can also add videos or any other kind of format from the internet.

Pocket is very practical as you will never miss a particular article that you wanted to read. Moreover, all the content is synchronized on all your devices and is accessible even offline. Try it, we loved it!

Price: Free

Last but not Least:

Check out the new software called Botway. Botway is able to chat automatically with your users, thus it's a great tool to easily connect and interact with your customers by using WhatsApp, Messenger or your website. 

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