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Last updated: 15 November 2022

5 Advantages of Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking

A vehicle tracking system helps to manage the whereabouts of the fleet – bikes, cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles in the fleet. The main feature of vehicle tracking is the location report, however, these solutions can have more features.

Features of Vehicle Tracking

The features that can be gained with installing a fleet tracking solution are fuel management, management of driver behaviour and its improvement, the information on vehicle performance and well as its current state, notifications and alerts when there is an issue, unwanted behaviour or unauthorised behaviour, theft prevention system and reports and analysis.

In fleet management, these features depend on the company offering the fleet tracking system, leading to different benefits for the companies that are in need of fleet tracking systems. Not all companies offer the same features, therefore it is a good idea to get all the information prior to buying or renting the fleet tracking system. Method of payment should also be considered, as companies offer different payments solutions – buying, leasing or renting as well as one time payment or monthly fees. A payment solution that is chosen well, can lead to reduction of spending.

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Advantages of Fleet Tracking

As mentioned above, the advantages depend on the chosen features and there are more than 5 advantages that can be brought to your company by a fleet tracking system, however, these 5 benefits are the most important:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improvement of driver behaviour
  • Improved lifecycle management
  • More efficient business
  • Customer satisfaction

Reduced Costs

Fleet tracking system can lead to reducing costs in many different parts of fleet management. Costs can be reduced thanks to information on fuel on which a cost effective fuel management can be based. Costs can be also reduced thanks to monitoring drivers’ behaviour, which can eliminate unwanted fuel waste, as well as bad driving behaviour, such as speeding and subsequent fines, unnecessary breakdown times and unwanted breaks, which lead to worse time management.

Improvement of Driver Behaviour

Monitoring of driver behaviour can be beneficial for your company for several reasons. One, already mentioned above, is the reduction of costs. Monitoring driver behaviour has also a psychological effect on drivers – drivers tend to improve their driving behaviour if they know they are being monitored. Eliminating unwanted breaks of drivers can lead to better time management and better customer relationships. Knowing the behaviour of drivers can lead to a better staff management as well as improving company policies.

Improved Lifecycle Management

Monitoring of driver behaviour, the information on vehicle performance as well as the alerts and notifications improve lifecycle management of the fleet. Good lifecycle management is essential to any company managing fleet, which can lead to cutting of excessive costs, to improved safety, to better time management as well as to more effective business.

More Efficient Business

Thanks to reduced costs, improved driver behaviour and improved lifecycle management, your company can be more efficient. Revenue is increased, time is spent more effectively, customer satisfaction rises, safety is increased, the best drivers can be found and kept among the staff, management can be more accurate and managers gain more control, service time can be better managed and there are other factors improving business processes.

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Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of your customers rises, as the management of your company has the tools to manage processes more accurately, to get all the information needed much faster and to better manage the financial resources of the company. This leads to better performance for your customers and might bring further cooperation in the future.

These are the benefits of fleet tracking systems that are among the biggest advantages. Other advantages are anti-theft system, which leads to cutting costs, improvement of foresight, reduced insurance costs, as insurance companies give discounts to companies equipped with fleet tracking solution, maximized labour costs, improved route planning, being more competitive and other.  


Fleet management companies offer different features, hardware and solution packages, which can bring different advantages. It is recommended to first consider the needs of your company, followed by a research of companies offering fleet tracking systems. Not all features are beneficial for every company and therefore it is required to think about the cost effectiveness of every feature.

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