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Last updated: 28 July 2021

What is a Coffee Machine Descaler?

Coffee Machine Descalers

Coffee Machines have the task of brewing delicious coffee daily for people all around the world and because of this there exist a multitude of types of machines which will no doubt serve even the most pretentious coffee enthusiast. In order for these coffee machines to work on a daily level at their highest performance levels, a certain degree of maintenance is required.

A coffee machine descaler is a type of acid that removes the buildup inside of a coffee machine, which results from the calcification of water deep inside the components of the machine, making it difficult to clean with the open hand, as is required for normal maintenance of the coffee machine.

Coffee machine descalers can be found in mainly any store that sells coffee machines and can help in maintenance of the machine’s lifespan.

Coffee Machine Descaler

How Does the Coffee Machine Descaler Work?

A coffee machine descaler has the purpose of cleaning the inside components of the coffee machine, which are harder to access. The commercial coffee machine descalers are composed of chemicals which when introduced into the coffee machine water dispenser will infiltrate the machine and clean out the inner components of residue deposited by water over time.

This is necessary for the proper functioning of the machine, and should be descaled at least once per year, depending on the type of machine and the rate at which this is used on a daily basis.

If the machine is used in settings such as offices or businesses, this is recommended to be cleaned at more frequent intervals so as to expand the lifespan of the coffee machine as well as guarantee a quality product each and every time.

Do It Yourself Descalers

While there are branded coffee machine descalers on the market who can perform well in cleaning the inside components of the machine, the simplicity of components required for making of a descaler permits this to be synthesized by anyone.

The ingredients to making coffee descalers on your own are few and the process is quite simple, so it you don’t want to choose the route of purchasing commercial descalers, than below are the ingredients to making them on your own:

First Method

  • 1l of cold water which can be run on the “descaler” program if the coffee machine has this function.
  • If the machine does not have this function then run the water through the coffee machine as you would when making normal coffee, however this time no coffee is to be added. The clear water coming out from this process will help to clean the system.
  • Mix 500ml white vinegar and 500ml of cold water
  • Once again as in the first method run the mixture of vinegar and cold water through the machine, which will undergo the process of descaling and clean the components rigorously.

Second Method

The two presented methods are very easy to implement and considerably cheaper than purchasing commercial chemical coffee machine descalers.

Espresso Coffee Machine

Importance of Coffee Machine Descalers

In maintaining a long lifespan of the coffee machine, regular maintenance is required, such as cleaning the machine from excess coffee or from any other type of spillage that may have been produced.

An equally if not an even more important maintenance task is to descale the coffee machine at regular intervals, so as to allow for the functioning at the highest standards.

Avoiding to do so may have consequences on the quality of the coffee, as a buildup of residue from water deep inside the machine’s components may cause the machine to produce a lower quality product. This is why coffee machine descalers are important to invest in and if desired can even be made at home.