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Last Updated: 14. November 2019

How to Choose Your Retail Point of Sale?

4 Easy Steps to Get the Perfect POS System

In the last decades ePOS systems have widely developed the retail world. As a result of the technological transformation, the huge gap between old school cash registers and modern Point of Sale versions is undeniable.

At this purpose, we highly recommend to follow 4 main useful points in order to lead you towards the greatest retail POS system for your retail store:

  1. Nail down your needs
  2. Select your equipment
  3. Set a budget
  4. Enjoy the benefits of your POS

The advent of digital technology now allows retailers to choose the most suitable Point of Sale system for their company. In fact, the latest POS systems are made of different components that can be easily combined depending on your business.

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However small, medium or big your retail store might be, the perfect Point of Sale for you exists. The tips we are providing will help you defining and choosing the most fitting POS system. Shaping your ideas may just be the beginning of a successful business. And the best is yet to come!

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1. Nail Down Your Needs

An up-to-date POS system can easily keep track of the ongoing activity in sales and inventory of your retail store. But nowadays you can expect more from your Point of Sale thanks to the newest POS software.

It is important to pinpoint the size and the business hours of your retail store to determine which could be the most appropriate Point of Sale for you. Moreover, a good POS system can satisfy all your necessities, so that you won’t have to incur additional costs.

  • All payments acceptation
  • Expertise of the POS 
  • Business intelligence software
  • Realtime back-office capability
  • Order and inventory management
  • Store operations
  • Customer support method
  • Warranty information
  • Customer loyalty rewards
  • Multichannel POS

Pos _shopping_

2. Select Your Equipment

All your desires can be fulfilled by an innovative ePOS system in your retail store. Nevertheless, it is fundamental to know what are the gears of the machine. First of all, the computer, together with the monitor included in it, is the core of a Point of Sale system.

The hardware instead, with all its units, is mainly what makes the whole POS system working. There are many peripheral devices that form a retail Point of Sale and can be part of the hardware.

  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Socket scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Credit/debit card reader 
  • Contactless smart card reader
  • Digital signature device
  • Client-side monitor
  • Open software platform

3. Set a Budget

Once you have found the right ePOS system and the related hardware for your retail store, it is time to think about the budget. Needless to say that the investment will be proportional to the POS system proficiency and the business size. In order to determine a reasonable budget for a Point of Sale system, there are 3 important steps to follow.

Consider the number of units you will need in every retail store
Get the point of what you require: a new POS system or just a renewed hardware? In both cases, we suggest you to list all the electronic devices you need to buy or replace. Don’t forget to be in line with the times! Or you will probably have to renovate your retail Point of Sale soon again.

Functionality, leisure and friendliness first
An innovative POS system makes your life easier. All those complicated processes are now simplified in all-in-one retail POS systems, which are also comfortable to use. Be sure that the Point of Sale you are opting for satisfies all your needs in a smart way. You will have a great return of money and time you previously invested.

Multiple POS systems, one software
Point of Sale systems are suitable for every business, both in niche markets and large retailers. A unique POS software is needed to connect all the POS systems, whether they are placed in the same area or in several retail stores. Therefore, we suggest to invest in an efficient software that allows you to monitor all the Point of Sale systems, wherever they are located.

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4. Enjoy the Benefits of Your POS

Now that you have found the fitting Point of Sale system for your retail store, get the best out of it. You will soon discover that POS systems are not just about sales and inventory, on the contrary, they may give you lots of opportunities to grow your business.

Target your best customers
The introduction of fidelity cards, together with a well-performing software, will allow you to include your clients in loyalty programs. Not only, store cards are also a marketing tool, usually used to recognize major customers.

Discover which products keep on giving
Who are the customers? What is their sex, age and lifestyle? The answers are in front of your eyes. Once you know your customers’ features, a well-functioning POS software will support you on getting feedback from them for the best items.

Pass the ball to your clients
All this information can definitely help in moving the goalposts according to customers’ habits and preferences. With a top POS system it will be easy to identify clients’ favorite products and to drive your retail store toward trends.

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If you need any further information about Point of Sale systems for retail stores, our experts are here to listen to your enquiries. And remember, this is a free service! You just need to fill in the form and specify your exigences. You will find the best POS systems suppliers for your retail store and receive up to 4 non-binding quotes tailored to you.

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