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Last Updated: 20. February 2020

Top 5 Advantages of a Hosted PBX Phone System

The Game-changer of the Business Telephone Systems

Improving services and functions in the workplace have become easier and more accessible with the development of technologies. PBX systems are an example of these improvements as they have rapidly become a universal solution for businesses by providing functionality and a fluid communication flow.

But with the variations of PBX systems, it can be confusing at first to choose the best option for your business. Regardless of your choice, a PBX telephone system will help you improve productivity and efficiency in your communication. 

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Hosted PBX: What Really Is About?

Hosted Private Brand Exchange (PBX) is a cloud-based technology of telephone systems that has truly transformed the workplace of small to medium sized business lately. Its success lies primarily in the flexibility of communication since, the hosted PBX technology does not require additional on-premises telephone equipment.

That represents two key aspects which are vital to the success of companies:

Expertvalet _logo More freedom for the workforce, where employees are enabled to work from other locations or their mobile phones under a single office telecom system.

Expertvalet _logo More efficiency and quality of communication, given that hosted PBX allows businesses to utilize advanced telephone systems to improve their communications and perform better.

It is worth mentioning that the flexibility of hosted PBX telephone systems does not only comprehend the quality and effectiveness on the internal spectrum but also with the communication with clients and external parties.

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Top 5 Benefits of a Hosted PBX Telephone System

Telephone _systems

Here is a list of some clear advantages of investing in a hosted PBX telephone systems for your small business:

1) Save Money!

Naturally, the budget designated to invest in a telephone system is always a concern, especially when it comes to small businesses. The great news is that incorporating a hosted BPX telephone system for your company has a lower cost than other technologies covering on-premise owned system. This is even more so accentuated when looking at long-run projections.

The reason for that? PBX telephone systems do not require additional physical hardware. With a PBX phone system you DO NOT depend on spending extra pounds for:

Expertvalet _logo Training your staff

With a hosted PBX system you do not need to worry about training the workforce. hosted PBX systems are easily manageable via an user-friendly control panel.

Expertvalet _logo Acquiring technical expertise for installation:

Implementing a hosted PBX is substantially more cost-effective than a traditional PBX, as hosted PBX systems do not demand technicians to install or maintain the system.

Expertvalet _logo Maintenance

Damage control is a critical concern, but with a hosted PBX system you are secure. Even in the case of part of the system failing, the company storing the hardware can quickly and easily fix the problem, avoiding the need for external expertise to come restore the communication in-house or with customers.

2) From UK to the World: Work Anywhere!

Another fact that makes hosted PBX systems highly attractive, is their geographical flexibility. Since the phone system allows a virtual presence, your employees can work not only from the office but also from their mobile phones and even overseas.

3) Scale to Your Current Needs

As markets evolve over time, your company will as well and so must telephone systems in order to keep up with the rhythm. Traditional telephone systems have the downturn of limitations regarding numbers of users and lines which might not match the optimal scenario for your growth goals.

With a hosted PBX system you can tailor the scope of your network system according to your needs, increasing the size of the lines and user functions.

4) Enhance Your Company Image
With more demanding customers and increased market dynamics, it is needless to say that companies must seek ways to stand out and achieve competitive advantage. A hosted PBX system might be a valuable asset to help boost your company's credibility.
Among the numerous advantages of the hosted PBX system, we pinpoint extension transfer, call recording, voicemails, the possibility for conference calls, customization of an auto attendant, and music for on-hold calls.

Displaying a professional image is a must nowadays, so hosted PBX systems will help you impress your customers and partners.

5) Improve Productivity
Hosted PBX telephone systems are highly functional and allow a better communication flow, essential for your company to work more efficiently. This particular system permits you to easily generate detailed reports, automatically record calls, and track performance over time.

These factors are only a selection of the many advantages your company will experience when acquiring a hosted PBX system. But remember that it is important to make a good evaluation of different PBX telephone systems` vendors and their reputation and experience in the area; so you do not end up buying a pig in a poke.

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