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Last updated: 28 July 2021

Open Source POS Software

What Is an Open Source POS Software?

You have just bought an ePOS system for your company and you need a good software to run it? Or maybe it is time for some changes and you want to install a new POS software on it? The range is wide, but an open source POS software can be an option to consider.

A point of sale open source software is a computer software whose source code is freely provided in the form of a text. In this case, the source code is the licence that the copyright holder publicly discloses. By doing so, everyone is able to edit or change the source code and to spread the update.

The principle of open source POS software is to join forces and to put heads together in order to come up with a solution that can benefit anyone, for any purpose, in every business. As a matter of fact, statistics show that open source POS software generate a saving of $60 billion per year, a godsend for business owners!

However, as with every free software, there are pros and cons, benefits but also disadvantages of open source POS software. Let’s go through it together.

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Benefits of Open Source POS Software

Open source POS software are the ideal solution for small businesses and startups. Since it is possible to exploit a software for free, there is no need to invest money on it, especially if it is about a growing company.

Furthermore, open source POS software can be configured with most of the hardware components available on the market. It is possible to implement some open source POS software also on mPOS systems (mobile Point of Sale), such as tablets and smartphones, rather than electronic Point of Sale systems.

Another great advantage of using open source POS software is that it provides the conditions for free exchange of views with many other business owners. There exist forums for all the companies that are currently dealing with open source POS software, where people share their experience and give suggestions.

Last but not least, some open source POS software is customisable. Depending on the type and size of the business, specific features can be added to the software. And this can result in money and time savings.

Disadvantages of Open Source POS Software

Although the software license provides all the instructions needed, open source POS software usually require some basic technical knowledge.

When integrating an open source POS software, both the person in charge and the staff should practice in and get used to it. Since not just anyone can easily deal with codes, it requests training and can be time consuming. Still on the subject of source codes, having technical skills is necessary to update the software with new tailored functions.

Open Source Software

Normally, an open source POS software comes with very basic features such as inventory control, customer relationship management and reporting. For this reason, there is fee-charging software. These versions contain many more functions and are customisable according to the type of business.

Finally, open source POS software do not offer technical support and assistance as normal POS software. Therefore, if the system stops working, the only way to solve the problem is consulting the online forum.

At this point, opting for an open source POS software is an individual choice, mainly based on the characteristics of the company. Pros and cons can be analysed from different points of view and if the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, why not implementing it?

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