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Last Updated: 14. November 2018

10 Tips for Solving Conflicts as a Manager

Conflicts may not be avoided, but they can always be solved

Every year, on 20th October, marks Conflict Resolution Day. Conflicts or disputes happen every day, not only between friends or family, but also among employees of a company.

Companies are growing fast, and as the number of employees increases, people from different cultures, with different perspectives and opinions, need to work together for the success of the company. Therefore, conflicts regarding small or large disputes are common among employees.

Conflicts can affect the efficiency of a company and bring tension into the work environment. There is always the need for a manager to be able to resolve disputes between employees and come up with the best solution in order not to affect the whole organisation negatively.

Disputes in the workplace cannot be totally avoided but they can be resolved through communication and good managerial skills. This is why it is not only important to have a successful business, but also to be a manager who is always up to date with his/her employees’ problems.

A few important tips are to always listen to what others have to say, stay confident, understand others’ concerns and opinion, be impartial and focus on how this situation can impact the future. Each of these steps is important in resolving a conflict and maintaining a stable organisation.

The following infographic highlights 10 useful tips managers should consider when solving a conflict between employees.

 10 Tips Solving Conflict Manager

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