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Last updated: 28 July 2021

The Progress of Women's Working Conditions in the U.K.

The Evolution of Women Rights in the U.K.

In recent decades, the female gender saw several important changes in various fields, from education to business, from health to equal human rights and many others. The path, however, has been long and full of obstacles, even in the most developed countries, but we are still far from realising equal rights for females in the workplace.

Many women around the world have been fighting (and still are!) not only for the right to vote or to get an abortion, but also to gain equal working and employment conditions. They took to striking, they worked harder than their male colleagues to show their value, they were obliged not to get married, and they tolerate barbaric situation and inhuman working hours.

The U.K. evolution regarding this topic is a good example to see how different things were 40-50 years ago. In fact, it is frightening to think that in some countries of the world the situation is still the same as in the past.

This infographic, that shows some of the most important moments in the progress of women’s working conditions in the U.K., was created by Market Inspector to honor the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Womens Working Conditions in the UK

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