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Last updated: 28 July 2021

What Degree Will Get You Hired

Top Subjects of Study That Will Pay You Back

Getting a college degree is a great investment in your future and the most common pathway to a better career. Figures keep showing that college graduates earn significantly more than those with only high school education. However students should realise that their subject choice is highly important in determining the salary height. Some degrees pay back, however there are others that don’t have high earning potential. Market Inspector rounds up data related to the best degrees to obtain regarding the chances to get hired and earn good money.

What to Study to Get Hired Right After Graduation

Many recent graduates struggle with finding an employment after they finish their college degree. The opportunities seem both endless and inaccessible and college graduates may get soon frustrated by the toughness of the job market.

In general the graduates with degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields have easier time finding a job as they are seen as having more specialised yet transferrable skills. Degrees in for example Education or Nursing are still very likely to get you a job however won’t lead to make a fortune.

Degree That Will Make You Rich

The list of highest average salaries within 5 years of graduation includes degrees such as Economics, Law, Mathematics, Science, Finance, Engineering and Computer science. The figures show that graduates with economic background earn almost 80% more than their counterparts with Fine arts degree.

On the other hand a college degree is not necessarily a condition to success. Almost one third of the world’s top billionaires made a fortune while never obtaining a university degree (32%).

The following infographic by Market Inspector summarises data related to best degrees to get you a job and make you a rich person.

What Degree will get You Hired

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