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Last updated: 01 July 2021

20 Tips to Avoid Startup Failure

The business world is full of surprises. New ideas are developed into successful businesses every day, while others fail to establish a competitive position in the market and gain market share. Behind both success and failure there are powerful factors that can influence which way your business is heading.

When it comes to startup ideas failing, there are many steps that can go wrong. Recent studies have shown that the most common mistakes that lead to startup failure are, for example, running out of cash, not choosing the right team or partners, poor marketing, ignoring customers, or establishing a business network.

Instead of neglecting them, these mistakes can be easily avoided. In order to make the planning process easier, here are 20 useful tips that need to be followed to create an efficient startup. They are divided into 4 categories such as People, Planning, Competition, and Motivation, and, all together, they are meant to help you avoid making the mistakes that can lead your business to fail.

Connecting with people involves good social skills. Simply put, you have to be able to create a network of people who are able to help you, and, also understand your customers. Planning is one of the steps that needs to be handled well, as it can assure you of a good start and a smooth road to success.

When it comes to competition, as a startup business you need to understand the market and your competitors. Being aware of the most basic elements of any transaction, such as invoice bills and receipts, specificities of an industry that your business operates, customer buying behaviour, trends and much more. Moreover, analysing the actions of your competitors, in order to be able to offer something better for your customers. As for motivation, it is the characteristic that makes every entrepreneur continue to improve in order to achieve the best results.

The following infographic made by Market Inspector, lists 20 Tips to Avoid Startup Failure. By understanding the mistakes most startup make and following these tips, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own successful business.

20 Tips to Avoid Startup Failure

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