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Last updated: 28 July 2021

Murphy’s Law in Business

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong

Murphy's law In business - what it means?

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to fall apart? Little things that can have a big impact on your day, like your alarm clock failing to ring in the morning or spilling coffee over your nice shirt right before a meeting with a client?

Surely, these misfortunes have happened to everyone at least once. Just when you are getting ready for an important presentation, the computer starts updating.

Or just when you feel 100% confident to land a customer and your best salesman calls in sick. Is that the moment you start panicking? Or not yet?

Let’s see another example.

You have just received an email with only one response when you had asked two questions. And, of course, you actually really needed an answer for the other one. That may be the moment when you start looking for reasons for all this bad luck. Why have things gone so bad? What will happen next? Is it my destiny or a natural phenomenon?

And then a bell rings in your head and you remember, Murphy’s law has found you again. Are you able to fix all of it? How to fight back? And what kind of impact will this bad mojo have on your business?

The following infographic by Market Inspector reveals moments that can happen in any business environment. It also has some easy to follow tips for overcoming Murphy’s law.

Enjoy and don’t get into any trouble!

Murphy's Law in Business

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