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Last updated: 28 July 2021

10 Most Affordable Countries for University

Check here 10 most affordable countries for university in Europe

Studying abroad has increased in popularity among the younger generation. This comes as a desire to continue their studies far from home and discover new people and cultures. It is not an easy choice deciding upon the best place that can help you build your future. There are many options all over the world, with great opportunities not only for studying but also for cultural exchange.

It is a long process that starts with a good plan and a dream of building the career you always wanted. Therefore, there are 5 factors that are most likely to influence your choice: the percentage of international students in that country, the quality of education, tuition fee and costs, subject strengths and career opportunities.

Each of them is important for your decision-making process. However, some people lean towards only one or two factors that are most likely to affect their choice. One of them is the tuition fee and costs.

Market Inspector has designed an infographic with 10 Most Affordable Countries for University in Europe based on the tuition fee cost.

Most affordable countries for university in Europe

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In Europe tuition fees are usually divided in 2 categories. As EU students, universities in Europe are tuition free in many countries for EU citizens . This has broken down the barriers and helped ambitious students in embracing new cultures and educational systems. This is, however, not the case for students outside of EU who are still eligible for tuition fees.

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, France and Belgium have made the list of the most affordable countries not only for EU students but also for non-EU students. These countries attract more and more students every year from all over the world.

Norway, for example, is the European country that offers free studies for all students, no matter where they come from. Although registration fees may apply, they are far from expensive. The other Nordic Countries cannot be neglected either, as more EU and non-EU students prefer to continue their studies here.

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