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Last updated: 3 August 2021

8 Tips on How to Prevent Your Employees from a Burnout

Maintain your best talents and keep them constantly happy

Major shifts have taken place in terms of how employees perceive and approach the concept of a professional career. Whereas in early years, an employee’s priorities lay in physical and material needs, their satisfaction nowadays is determined by the quality of their work life.

Many people leave their jobs because ‘’they can’t take it anymore’’; In other words - they are burned out. As a consequence, companies lose their qualified employees and need to reinvest time and money into hiring and training new ones.

It is commonly known, that burnouts result in various emotional responses like exhaustion, inefficiency and cynicism. Although the number of cases remains broadly flat over the last decades, burnout is still one of the leading causes of absence worldwide.

Statistics from ‘The Global Organisation for Stress’ states that the UK had to face above 500.000 cases in 2016. These cases result in approx. 11 million days of absence amongst workers.

Despite the above-mentioned figures, most studies only focus on various definitions and symptoms of burnout. Little attention has been given to working towards decreasing the number of burnout cases, or even better – preventing them.

Burnout or stress does not simply arise along with workload pressure and tight deadlines as many may think, in most cases it is the lack of managerial support and motivation. Studies have proven that motivation reduces absence rates and increases the employee lifetime value.

As everybody should know, a company’s main competitive advantage comes from its people, which is why every employer should put more emphasis on human values.

If you want to maintain your best talents, check out Market Inspector's following 8 tips that will help you to keep your employees happy.

8 Tips to Avoid Burnout

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