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Last Updated: 05. November 2018

The Bright Road Ahead for Influencer Marketing

Have you had industry influencers marketing your brand for you ?

Influencer marketing is one of the most trending topics in the digital marketing world. It has been so for the past couple of years. Brands are constantly finding new ways to reach their targeted audience, and marketers have begun to utilize influencers to get to their audience.

With a boom in the social media and smartphone age, it is way easier to get to your target market than it has ever been before. There are several solutions available in the market to track and monitor your influencer marketing campaigns. Brands are continuously gaining control over content published by their influencers, and are keeping a budget to cover the costs that come with this form of marketing.

We, at Market Inspector, have compiled an infographic giving you a roundup of influencer marketing. The infographic acts as a reference guide to new age marketers that are yet to explore the benefits of this marketing technique. For instance, in 2017, 63% of marketers have increased their budgets for influencer marketing. It is only expected to grow in the year 2018.

While industries such as fashions and lifestyle see a high ROI on influencer marketing, it is known that this form of marketing will penetrate into other industries as well.

If you are a new marketer and are looking to delve into influencer marketing, this infographic gives you a guide to start and execute an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Take a look at the infographic and explore the possibilities of influencer marketing in your business.

Infographic by Market Inspector

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