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Last updated: 29 July 2021

Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots

How They Will Improve User Experience in E-Commerce

Chatbots have sparked a lot of interest in last few years due to the growth in artificial intelligence and its applications. There are many types of chatbots for different purposes but those that are dedicated to customer service are most widely used. In the E-commerce industry, which is powered through an online marketplace of buyers and sellers, chatbots have shown great potential.

More and more consumers expect to be guided all the way through buying process, and due to heavy traffic on these e-commerce websites, online marketers often fail to personalise the shopping experience for consumers.

With many E-commerce websites user satisfaction is often low, and this is where chatbots have proven to be a useful tool. As chatbots have natural language processing built-in, it allows them to give structured responses to most common customer queries and guide them through a website using live chat.

This has increased overall efficiency and allowed customer service agents to focus on more complicated tasks that chatbots are not yet technologically advanced enough to perform.

At Market Inspector, we have compiled an infographic to describe the most effective ways to use chatbots to enhance the customer’s purchase experience and reduce costs. It has been suggested that more than 80% of businesses will have some sort of automation through chatbots in customer service delivery. If you are an E-commerce business that wants to add value to your customers without hiring more staff, then be sure to check out the infographic below to understand how chatbots will optimise your customer experience.

Chatbots _Infographics

If you would like to use this infographic on your website, use the embed code below:

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