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Last updated: 1 July 2021

Gamification: How to Level up Your Business

Why Applying Gamification Can Improve Your Business  

Gamification is the application of game dynamics and game thinking to pre-existing tasks. This type of strategy can be implemented thanks to our competitive nature and willingness to achieve goals that we all have in our DNA.

More and more generations will enter the labour market, and each new generation will have workers that are different from the ones that preceded them. They need to be engaged and motivated. This can be said also for their behaviours as customers. Products and simple marketing are not enough to outperform your competitors anymore. The most successful companies are capable to engage and captivate their customers.

The objective of gamification is to make the task at hand more entertaining and easier to complete. The ultimate goal is to engage both the employees and customers. The more addictive the transformed activity, the better. Big companies like PwC, DeLoitte, Samsung, and Coca-Cola have already successfully integrated gamification in their businesses.

Although, this strategy has only been around for a few years, companies are realising the potential benefits this approach could unlock. Market Inspector designed an infographic to help you discover all the positive aspects of gamification and how you can apply it in your company.

Business Gamification Infographic

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The Hungarian branch of PwC has implemented a platform called Multipoly.This platform helps the company in the hiring process. Multipoly is a simulation game that presents the applicant with a hypothetical business case. The HR department can scrutinise the results of each applicant and select the successful ones.

Deloitte’s academy platform permits the members of the executive department to be continuously trained for the newest trends in the business.

Samsung Nation is a platform, which thanks to badges and trophies, brings customers to upload online content and feedback of their products.

Another example of gamification for improving the company relation with customers is Coca-Cola Chok. This app game was released in Hong Kong. During the advertisement of Coca-Cola, a timer was displayed on the screen and prompted the audience to shake their phone. The application would translate the shaking of the phone into number of points gained. These points secured discounts and prizes from Coca-Cola and its partners.

Gamification can be a key changer for your business. This strategy can improve the productivity of your employees and the number of customers. The next step from here is to unleash your creativity and find new ways to make tasks more entertaining.

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