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Last updated: 29 July 2022

The Top 10 Coffee Blogs to Follow in 2019

Here's the List of the 5th Coffee Blog Award Winners

Millions of people love coffee and in order to spark their interest even more, thousands of blogs are devoted to this beverage. We have taken the time to go through dozens of them and pick the very best, so you will always have something worthwhile to read.

Most people appreciate the power of a cup of morning coffee, whether it’s from their very own coffee machine, a coffee vending machine, or bought from the local coffee shop. However, some of us consider drinking coffee not only a way to start a day, but also a part of their lifestyle. Whether you are a coffee lover or just looking for interesting articles about coffee, we broke down the list for you of the Best Coffee Blogs to Follow in 2019.

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The following blogs are around to give you all the coffee knowledge you would need. You can find anything coffee-related from which cafes are the tastiest around the world to how to make your favourite drink at home. The following list presents this year’s winners based on objective comparison, starting with this year’s winner: Perfect Daily Grind.

Perfect Daily Grind

Like last year, Perfect Daily Grind is yet again on our list. Their coffee blog features the majority of coffee events, while they are also organising their own festivals and forums across the globe. There is plenty of information on their blog for you to follow, whether you are a coffee amateur or a complete coffee savvy.

"We're thrilled to be included in this list. We want to make speciality coffee accessible to everyone, from latte-lovers to coffee farmers across the globe, and further debate about how we make coffee better – by which we mean more delicious, more equitable, and more environmentally friendly. We publish articles that anyone, whether they're a World Barista Champion or your great-grandmother would find interesting and informative. In doing so, we hope to make it easier for people around the world to enjoy great coffee, produce and brew great coffee, and receive sustainable prices for great coffee."- Tanya Newton from Perfect Daily Grind

What you will find: Information about coffee production, roasting, consumption, coffee industry news, brewing and roasting guides, upcoming coffee events, and videos.

The article defines the differences between the two commonly confused speciality coffee types. It’s clear and easy to read and understand, even for someone who is not a coffee specialist.

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Coffee Review

It is a pleasure to have a Coffee Review blog on our list this year again, as this blog continues to astonish us with their well-written content. Besides that, their articles are highly educational, as the team is keen on spreading knowledge about how to get a good cup of coffee and which coffee is the most delicious.

“Our goal at Coffee Review is to entertain and educate coffee drinkers, food service professionals, and the coffee trade with a credible and easy-to-use coffee guide based on objective, blind reviews from Kenneth Davids and other experienced individuals in the specialty coffee industry.”- Coffee Review

What you will find: Reviews on coffee products and machines, coffee news, and an online coffee shop.

Our pick: Coffee Glossary

The Coffee Review team made this amazing tool which helps you get around the coffee terminology. This resource is a list of expressions listed and categorised alphabetically.

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Kicking Horse Coffee

A Kicking Horse Coffee is not just an ordinary blog. They write in such an amusing and energetic way that their blog itself gives you the sensation of a good cup of coffee. While reading their reader-friendly articles, you can also learn about cold coffee brewing and ready-to-drink coffee.

“Our mission is to stimulate the planet with the ultimate wake-up call. We have some big ideas — ideas that go way beyond mere profit. These ideas govern everything we do, from buying only Fair Trade, organic beans to helping sustain our own community”- Kicking Horse Coffee

What you will find: How-to guides, methods of brewing, information about cold brew coffee, interesting coffee myths, and information about their own products.

Which type of roasted coffee is stronger? Kicking Horse Coffee had researched this topic and discovered the truth behind this common coffee myth once for all.

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Barista Hustle

If you are an experienced barista and want to gain a deeper understanding of how different coffee techniques affect the taste of coffee, Barista Hustle’s blog is the website you are looking for. They cover advanced information about different techniques of coffee making, seeds, and their different taste. What is more, Barista Hustle have their own community in which other baristas share their own experiences, tips, and progression within coffee artistry.

“What makes Barista Hustle really special is our community. We are a collection of 30,000 individuals who are passionate about speciality coffee — our Facebook group is where we connect and share valuable insights and industry tips. We encourage our community to engage with discussion, and thanks to our volunteer moderators the posts are always original, useful, and relevant.”- Barista Hustle

What you will find: Barista community news, free barista education resources, advanced training and how-to guides.

Our pick: The Coffee Compass

Their amazing Coffee Compass helps you brew your ideal cup of coffee. You can download and print it in high resolution. With this tool, you can customise your own brew, just as you like it.

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Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee is a UK-based company that is definitely worth mentioning on our list. They travel around the world in order to give us the chance to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee directly from farmers.

Apart from that, their blog drew our attention with its consistency and being easy to navigate. On their blog, one can find various coffee-related articles, including different recipes, or read about the origins of the coffee that is brewed minute by minute. Here is what Pact Coffee say about themselves:

“Pact Coffee is about world-class coffee - sourced direct, expertly roasted and freshly ground before being delivered through your door. We’re making coffee a force for good, using our direct trade model to build long-term relationships with farmers - providing training and investment, to improve their coffee and their lives. Our blog gives us a chance to tell the stories we hear at the origin, and lets our customers feel the same connection we do with the people growing their coffee!”- Lydia from Pact Coffee

What you will find: Coffee-related articles, recipes, brewing guides, and videos.

Great step-by-step blog with a video showing how to brew an amazing cup of coffee yourself. Everything you will need is a french press and a bit of practice.

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Daily Coffee News

Do you want to stay up-to-date about speciality coffee? Then the Daily Coffee News is the blog for you. The website showcases different coffee products, introduces you to new coffee machines, and keeps you informed about everything that is going on in the coffee industry right now.

“Since 2012, Daily Coffee News has provided essential online reading for speciality coffee professionals. Through all-original content composed of breaking news, in-depth feature stories and insider columns, Daily Coffee News strives to support the responsible growth of the speciality coffee industry and the success of the incredible people within it.”-Daily Coffee News

What you will find: Coffee gadgets, recipes, industry news, new coffee machine types, harvesting methods, and all the speciality coffee news.

Daily Coffee News prepared these winter special coffee recipes with 9 different coffee liqueurs, creating an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for a special coffee time.

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Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish is a personal blog run by Danijela, who shares her knowledge on how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Apart from this, she has a lot of interesting coffee recipes and useful tutorials, ranging from how to prepare a fresh cup of coffee to how to choose and maintain a coffee maker.

“I share a lot of simple coffee recipes made with fresh ingredients. I love to play with different flavors, roasts, ingredients, but I always keep my recipes fast and simple. I believe that morning coffee should be simple to make, and I know that you don’t need any expensive tools to make great coffee at home.”- Coffee Stylish

What you will find: Brewing guides, tutorials, coffee recipes, and coffee pod and coffee machine reviews.

In this easy-to-follow recipe, Coffee Stylish shows how easy it is to make coffee that looks great and tastes even better.

Coffee Concierge

Yet another year, yet another award for The Coffee Concierge as one of the best coffee blogs to follow. What started out as a one man’s passion for speciality coffee had become a blog followed by thousands of readers. This blog teaches new recipes and immerses you in a world of coffee makers, grinders, and various coffee gear.

“I am not a coffee professional, and I am definitely not a coffee connoisseur. I’m just another one of many millions of people who are passionate about coffee. I created The Coffee Concierge as a way to share my passion for coffee with other aspiring home baristas.”- The Coffee Concierge

What you will find: Easy-to-follow guides, coffee machine and gadget reviews, various recipes and experiments.

This great guide covers everything you need to know when looking for the best-tasting coffee.

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The Way to Coffee

The Way to Coffee is another personal blog which gives a chance to discover the most delicious coffee types around the planet. The blog is ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy combining travelling with their little passion, coffee. What makes this blog unique is that visitors can get a personal insight into the quality of the location itself and how well the cup of coffee was served there.

"The way to coffee is a journey taking us from little, unknown, corner shops to well-established specialty coffee places and from artisan micro-roasters to leading specialty roasters"- The Way to Coffee

What you will find: Coffee reviews from all around the world, articles about coffee gadgets, brew reviews, and each country’s speciality coffee picks.

This blog post summarises the best speciality coffee spots across Madrid. The Way to Coffee’s reviews are based on true experience, giving a real insight into the Spanish coffee culture.

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Bean Ground

The founder of the blog, Mark is a coffee enthusiast who shares his love for coffee with his like-minded audience. His blog is easy to read, even for someone that has just begun their coffee journey. If you want to learn more about your favourite beverage, Bean Ground is a great place to start.

"I’m an avid home-brewing enthusiast who loves trying different types of coffee, testing the latest coffee gear, and experimenting with various coffee brewing methods. From seed to tree, hands to machines, green to roasted, and finally shop to the consumer – I’m interested in it all"- Mark, founder of Bean Ground

What you will find: Coffee tips, how-to guides, recipes, coffee gadgets reviews, and everything to know when brewing your own speciality coffee at home.

If you are about to go camping and you don’t want to miss your coffee routine, the review by Bean Ground will help you make the best choice of pocket coffee grinders.

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Another year has passed and Market Inspector is here to find out which coffee blogs are the best to follow in 2019. To measure the performance, the following six metrics were considered:

    • User experience
    • Readability
    • Visual content
    • Uniqueness of the content
    • Mobile friendliness
    • Social media popularity

As all blogs stand out in their own unique way, these metrics helped to differentiate their distinctive characteristics and assess based on quantitative measures.

In order to evaluate the nominees in a meaningful manner, we looked at their performance objectively using tools for measuring mobile friendlinessuser experience, and readability.

After gathering the required information, a minimum-maximum normalisation has been used to determine the overall ranking. This way, we obtained a score between 0 to 1 by using the following formula:

Scorei = (xi - min) / (max - min)

Best Coffee Blogs to Follow in 2019 Badge

The following badge and embed code was created for the winners, so they proudly share their results on their websites:

2019 Best Coffee Blogs

If you would like to use this image on your website, use the embed code below:

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