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Last updated: 18 February 2022

Why an Online Shift Planner is Helpful as a Growing Startup

Online Shift Planner

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur and always look for new ways to establish your business? Your startup is growing, and now you are looking for ways to support your business? How about using an online shift planner? Here we want to introduce you to this tool and give you plenty of reasons why you need to use an online shift planner for your startup!

What Is an Online Shift Planner?

Have you never heard of an online shift planner? Don’t worry; we will introduce you to this unique tool. Have you been or are you currently in the situation where you have to manage a big group of people or even a whole company? If so, you know how much time you need to invest to schedule the work times, count the hours and collect them at the end of each month.

This is a lot of work and time that you could use differently and be more productive. A staff scheduling software is the solution! This tool allows your employees to log in their hours manually, and at the end of the month, you just have to click on a few buttons and get the collection of all the hours of each staff member.

Rather than spending hours counting work times, you just have to invest two minutes in finishing this task. Primarily as a startup, investing so many hours into this task can be detrimental since this time could be used more productively.

Advantages of Online Shift Planners

You are not yet convinced that an online shift planner is necessary for your startup? We have plenty of good reasons for you! 

It Saves a Lot of Time

Rather than scheduling, counting, and exporting information manuals, you can just use this tool to do it for you. First and most importantly, it saves you a lot of time! This is a critical time that you can instead put into your startup’s marketing, problem-solving, campaign planning, or other tasks on your to-do list.

Easy to Use

Implementing a new tool into everyday life in the office is not always easy. Sometimes it is even necessary to demonstrate the use for your employees and invest time to implement it. Luckily, that is not the case with an online shift planner since it is self-explanatory. If you go for a version that is easy to navigate, you don’t even need to show your employees how to use it since it is so simple.

Get Your Timesheets With Just One Click

At the end of the month, a lot of work awaits you, let it be the bookkeeping process, writing invoices, and creating an overview of all the hours your employees worked this month. This can be time-consuming and annoying since it is a brainless task. Luckily, you can finish this task with an online shift planner tool with only a few clicks. Export the data quickly at the end of the month!

Perfect for Remote Workers

If your startup consists of only or mainly remote workers, it can be challenging to collect the working hours, but this problem is solved with an online shift planner! Rather than writing down the hours manually, your employees can just log them in wherever and whenever they want to. Another way of using this tool is to create the shift plan for each month in the tool, and it gets sent automatically to each employee. This way, each person knows their schedule and can always look it up again online. This is the easiest and most efficient way of shift planning!


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