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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Find the Best Business Loans for Women

Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

Business loans for women are a part of small business funding and one of many factors facilitating the increase in the number of female entrepreneurs. There has been a 45% increase in the rate of women entrepreneurs when comparing the three-year periods of 2003 - 2006 with 2013 - 2016. Despite the gradual increase in the women’s entrepreneurial activity, we are still a long way off, as the likelihood of men becoming entrepreneurs is roughly still twice as high than women. 

Types and suppliers of business loans for women differ greatly. They depend on how easy, or difficult it is to get a business loan, how long does it take and how much of small business funding do you need.

Although women entrepreneurs have an enormous impact on the wold of the small businesses, in general, they are still often turned away by banks for business loans for women. Thus, knowing what your commercial loan choices are is essential to the fate of your business.

If you are searching for business loans for women that will match your unique needs, Market Inspector is here to help. By stating your preferences and filling in the contact form, we will connect you with qualified suppliers and provide you with four quotes free of charge!

Business Lending - Know Your Options

Access to capital is decisive in any small business’ growth curve. Moreover, acquiring the capital or any business loan to further grow your company is usually difficult for all sides. Given the variety of choices for business loans for women, you should take your time to do a thorough research in order not to skip a business lending option unique for you and your needs.

To start off, women entrepreneurs can seek funding for small business through a variety of channels. Financial institutions like banks tend to provide financial support to many entrepreneurs. Interestingly, many experts claim that female entrepreneurs who apply for business loans for women in the UK, find their applications processed faster. They also have lesser restrictions and liabilities on the loans and they can even stand to get higher amounts than their male counterparts. This can be grounded in the overall willingness to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem by ensuring more female business owners.

Next, business loans for women are also provided by governments. Similarly to banks, the UK government set up a number of start-up business loans programmes to help women fund their businesses. What differentiates those from bank loans are terms on which the money are borrowed.

Female Entrepreneurs

Last but not least, the entrepreneurial world has received a tremendous boost from the widespread activity of alternative lenders like online, peer-to-peer or crowdfunding companies. Those business loan providers changed the metrics of getting business loans by providing digital platforms for lenders and borrowers. They significantly reduced the time of applying and getting a business loan but also made it simpler and more efficient. Additionally, they created another source of business loans for women.

Business Loans for Women - Which Lender to Choose?

First and foremost, choosing your business lending option will depend on what stage your company finds itself in. If you are a small business with promising prospects and your financial records are in a great shape, your chances of getting business loans for women are much higher.

Bear in mind that bank loans, for instance, might have lower rates than other loan providers. At the same time, their requirements are extreme and not for everyone to be so easily met.

Loans and grants provided by the government can be more accessible for women due to the overall trend of supporting female entrepreneurs. It cannot go as unnoticed that for a while now women have been calling for comparable to men’s access to small business funding. That voice has been heard by many thus the progress in women’s support.

Acquiring business loans for women through alternative ways means doing so online. The raise of financial technology and creation of more and more advances platforms are putting customers’ experience on a pedestal. By handling the business loan processes online, alternative lenders significantly reduce costs and assess risk much quicker than their traditional counterparts e.g. banks.

Which Business Loan to Choose?

Types of business loans for women, but not limited to this group:

    • long-term loans
    • short-term loans
    • secured or unsecured loans
    • business line of credit
    • equipment loans

The above types of business loans for women are accessible to any small business owner. Which business loan to choose will depend on what specifically do you need. Is it to start a new venture? Or is it to buy a new printer or a computer? Depending on what is the answer to that question, you will know what funding you need. What you should bear in mind is that most business loans can be secured with collateral e.g. your home or car, making it possible to get startup business loans for bad credit. Whereas in some cases securing loan will not be necessary, as with an unsecured business loan.

Business Loans For Women

Worth knowing is the fact that business loan can be taken out for a fixed period of time such as long- or short-term. As the name implies, short-term loans are to be repaid in a shorter amount of time, whereas long-term loans instalments are spread over a longer period of time.

Getting a Business Loan for Women - Dos and Don'ts

First of all, do not be intimidated or scared by the amount of preparation it requires to get a business loan. As most things in life, it requires dedication and patience. Given that the world of business loans can appear to be complex and confusing, acquiring additional knowledge can only help.


    • Do have extra funds to support yourself in the beginning. Having at least some capital will increase your chances of getting a business loan.
    • Be realistic about your income. 
    • Do your research. Browse the net in search for business loans for women. Target your research directly at finding funding opportunities for women as there are many alternative financial resources. 
    • Have your business plan prepared. Describe your business, outline where your business stands today and how do you want to grow it. Additionally, provide sales and market analysis. It is essential to know who are your competitors and what is their market share. Subsequently, define your customers. In the end, supplement your business plan with the size of the market you are entering and what market share you plan to achieve. Include your financial forecast which is a crucial part. This section would for instance describe how much of the capital you need, all sources of revenue and outstanding loans.


    • Do not spend time on applications in places where you are not eligible for a loan. Thus remember to do your research first. 
    • Do not underestimate your expenses. 
    • Do not give up immediately if you happen to be rejected by one of the providers.

The Online World of Business Loans for Women

In today’s world ran by technology advances, the sphere of business lending is experiencing increasing activity of tech companies. The FinTech ecosystem consists of start-ups and established tech companies who leverage financial technology. They provide innovative products and solutions by either building up on already existing financial services and products, or creating new ones e.g. crowdfunding.

Work In Progress

This is good news for women as the internet shove gender bias aside and enabled all entrepreneurs to do what they are passionate about. It not only provided a medium through which message can be sent to the world, but developed ways through which you can fund your business differently. Accordingly, opportunities for getting a business loan for women have increased.

Getting business loan online differs quite significantly from getting it at a bank. What is crucial is that the chances of getting a business loan are much higher, as the requirements are less stringent. More importantly however, FinTechs claim to support those in need, often those from underprivileged communities. They do so by creating tools where a collective or a number of a large group of people can help out those who need it. In this case the idea for your business, your background or what change is your company to make, all could be the determinants of you getting a business loan.

The Importance of Business Loans for Women

According to a Founders4Schools study, there are 672 companies with female leadership that generate revenues between £1m and £250m and are growing by at least 20% a year. Collectively, these businesses generated £2bn more in sales in 2015 than the year before, and more than two thirds, or 68%, of them are based outside of London.

Research prepared by Bloomberg on the other hand, shows that in terms of venture capital, most of the investment goes to companies founded by men. Just 7% of the 2,005 founders on Bloomberg’s list are women.

Other research has shown that women-owned businesses significantly contribute to boosting the national economy. Although the proportion of small and medium-sized companies run by women is increasing, there are still many women with ideas that need the support to help their businesses succeed. The internet comes as handy in providing those opportunities.

To find out more about business loans for women, complete a quote request form at the top of the page. Market Inspector will provide you with free, non-binding quotes and will help you make informed decision, best-suited for you business.

All content in this website is for informational purposes only and it does not constitute financial advice and/or recommendations and it should not be relied upon as such.

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