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Last updated: 15 November 2022

CRM for Small Business

What Is a CRM for Small Businesses

CRM  for small businesses have seen a large surge in suppliers over the last few years thanks to the evolution of the web and cloud technology. Where before it was a very elaborate on site CRM system, now there are many types, including CRM for small businesses.

Traditionally CRM systems were used by large enterprises that had grown beyond the scope where individuals could keep track of customer data. But these days there are many options which are accessible to anyone in need of a good CRM system.

What Makes CRM for Small Businesses Different?

CRM for small businesses are becoming very common, but it can be difficult to tell them apart, not only from each other but also form the CRM systems designed for larger companies. There are however a number of differences between the larger scale ones and the CRM for small businesses which are specifically designed for a smaller scale. Luckily, there are many CRM companies that provide all sorts of CRM software solutions.

What sets enterprise CRM (CRM designed for large businesses) apart from its small business counterpart is the number of features and additional applications it offers to its user. Larger CRM systems include many functions that may not be necessary, or even applicable for smaller businesses.

Enterprise CRM is meant to be used by many department with different demands, and a high degree of complexity. They often need very sophisticated automation functions to keep up with the high volumes of customer demand they get on a daily basis.

On the other hand CRM for small businesses tend to focus more on a user friendly experience, seeing as a lot of its users do not always have a lot of technical knowledge that is needed to fully understand the more complex function. Of course this also means that they come at a more affordable price.

CRM for small business

Why Do You Need CRM for Small Businesses?

Most businesses start out with just a few people, and do not necessarily have that many customers, making it easy for a single person to keep track of with the help of a simple excel sheet. However as the business continues to grow it becomes harder and harder to manage all of this information, and a lot can go unnoticed or even get lost.

At that point it becomes time to consider getting a CRM for small businesses to help out with the ever increasing amount of customer relationship management. However, a lot of CRM systems are very broad and quite expensive, so most are not appropriate.

Or maybe you just want to focus on the business you are running without having to learn all the ins and outs of customer relationship management. The best way to go about this is getting a simple CRM system for small businesses which will save you from having to do everything manually.

Luckily, there are a lot of specialised options available when it comes to CRM for small businesses these days. This gives you the opportunity to find the small business CRM systems that best suits your specific business needs.

How Do CRM for Small Businesses Help?

Small business CRM systems are designed to simplify the daily task related to customer relationship management. It keeps everything in one place making it very accessible. It also allows you to get a quick and comprehensive overview of all of the most important elements of your customer service data.

Through the usage of a small business CRM software anyone can be able to provide better customer service, while spending less time on gathering and interpreting data. This allows small businesses to become even more efficient and grow with greater ease.

Small business CRM

What Are the Most Important Features of a CRM for Small Businesses?

All CRM systems are different but most have at least a few things in common. Of course, every business has its own needs, but the following are some of the most sought after features when it comes to simple CRM for small business, and all the best CRM for small businesses have at least a few of these.

Simplicity: when it comes to CRM for small businesses it is essential that the software is very user-friendly. Using a new program can be quite overwhelming, especially when the user has no prior experience or training. The software should be at entry level difficulty, so anyone can use it.

Contact management: another main feature any good CRM for small businesses should include is a practical contact management feature. You should be able to access your contacts, calendar, social media and emails with ease, making your daily task management go much smoother.

Accessibility: Many small businesses operate from many locations at all times of day, so it is crucial that its users are always able to access the software. Luckily most CRM systems are both cloud based and mobile compatible, some even have dedicated applications.

Flexibility: every small business is different and they all have a variety of needs. To get everything out of a CRM system the users should be able to customise it as much as they need. When using the small business CRM software you should be able to get a quick overview when opening the software without having to search through a number of menus.

CRM analysis: of course the main reason to obtain a CRM system is to get a better grip on everything related to customer service. Therefore it is an effective CRM analysis is indispensable when it comes to small business CRM. The software should be able to give all relevant information and interpret it so businesses can use it to improve customer service with ease.

Small business crm system

What Types of Affordable Small Business CRM Systems are There?

Of course you do not want to spend all of your hard earned money on a software, but luckily there are a lot of cheap and even free CRM software for small businesses available. The following are some of the most common types of pricing you will encounter when looking for the best CRM for small businesses for you.

Open Source CRM for Small Businesses

Free: yes, believe it or not there are free software for small businesses available. These are the so called open source CRM software. These types of CRM systems are created with the intent of being shared and modified. The code is available for free and anyone can download it and changes it in any way they want.

While the great thing about this option is that these small business CRM systems are very customisable and anyone can use it, there are some disadvantages. For one it can be quite difficult to learn how to use the software, and some degree of IT understanding is usually required.

Other Cheap Small Business CRM Options

There is also a slightly different type, which combines open source code, with additional privately owned features. It is also important to note that while there are completely free versions available, a lot of these types of simple CRM offer upgrades with additional features, such as integration with other software, for a price. But it can be worth it to invest in such features if it can bring advantages to you website.

Another trend is the subscription model, where the user pays a set amount of money per month. Again there are different options but in most cases pricing is based on the number of users and what features you want to use.

There are also other providers of CRM for small businesses that are not necessarily open source CRM but also adhere to the same types of payment method.

CRM small business

How Can you Find the Best CRM for Small Businesses in the UK?

Once you reach the decision to finally get a CRM system the work is far from over, now you need to find the one that best suits your needs. And with all available options this is not an easy task. The following is a list of items to take into consideration.

    • Price
    • User friendliness
    • CRM compilation
    • CRM analysis
    • Multi-platform access
    • 3rd party integration
    • Contact management
    • Marketing tools
    • Sales tools
    • Automation functions
    • Social media integration
    • Project management functions
    • Opportunity for growth
    • Customisation

There are many providers of CRM for small business, but some providers are more popular than others. Some of the most popular include; Insightly, Zoho, SuiteCRM, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce. And each has its own advantages/

While due to its nature as a software most options are offered internationally, pricing and available features may vary depending on the country of purchase. Because of this some software can be cheaper or more expensive in the UK.

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