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Last updated: 8 November 2022

EPOS - POS for Restaurants

EPOS and POS Systems for Restaurants

When it comes to choosing the right restaurant management software for your business, you should be looking for a restaurant ePOS system built specifically for the type of establishment you run. Most ePOS systems can offer features designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of restaurants and franchises.

POS systems successfully decrease customer waiting times and backlogs. EPOS will reduce long lines up and the time customers spend waiting to order, automatically improving service. Clients are able to place orders using an iPad on their table. This saves time, as customers do not have have to wait in line or wait for a server to come to their table.

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Maintain Menus and Track Results Through One Interface

RM Loyalty Fully automated loyalty module that integrates with your Restaurant Manager POS and the latest mobile technology. Operates seamlessly across one or many locations.

Promote your restaurant and loyalty program via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with built in social media integration.
Send updates to your network of followers about daily specials and events Immediate communication with customers through text message or email Customers can view their current point balance, available rewards, and even future rewards.

Provides comprehensive analytics for on-site happenings on a daily basis, efficiently summarising data on sales, customers, checks, average spend and labor.

Allows for restaurants to Improve their cost control by using configurable real-time alerts for employees approaching overtime, large deletions or voids. EPOS systems enable improved table monitoring through an up to date information system that tracks tables and tabs.

ePOS software

Grow Your Business With ePOS

When the time comes to expand your business, adding new locations is simple. Multi-location features allows POS to be a centralised management platform for chain restaurants. Your menu can be shared across the entire franchise, so you don’t need to waste time repeating the same work processes.

    • RM Monitor: Manage Your Restaurant From Anywhere
      RM Monitor is the best tool when it comes to mobile POS solutions for restaurant management. It can be integrated in a variety of ways with the main restaurant ePOS System, to complete tasks such as keeping tabs on key real-time data, which can then be accessed from anywhere. This tool will help keep track of the most up to date data using a any device.
    • Increase Staff Efficiency
      By using a restaurant ePOS system, staff have a better ability to turn more tables and have fast paced lines, directly boosting sales. EPOS software is fast to learn and allows for restaurant owners and managers to save time hiring new staff and retraining their current staff. EPOS software allows for better ability to serve customers, which improves tips and customer experience.
EPOS card
    • Effective Table Management
      EPOS will help a restaurant keep track of tables and some systems will even allow you to customise your floor plan to match the design and layout of your venue. Most importantly the majority ePOS systems allow for better waiting time tracking and the overall organisation of seating management with a feature called RM Wait List.
    • Reduce Business Costs
      Using an ePOS system will not only reduce your business costs, but also help to provide better customer service. EPOS systems help by allowing work to be done by your staff easily, and also allows restaurants to reduce the number of service staff needed for each shift, as customers can place their own order. This customer power to control their own order which will save your staff time on resolving order errors.
    • Online Ordering
      EPOS software has an integrated Online Ordering module, this allows for complete management over a restaurant’s dining-in and online ordering menu from one system. Customers can place their orders from on the mobile-friendly Website and computer, tablet, or smartphone device. This eliminates mistakes made from miscommunications, which helps keep both waste and costs to a minimum.

Improve Restaurant Management

EPOS has a number of smart features, designed for restaurants management. This allows for better restaurants management, which helps staff to perform tasks faster, and directly reduce errors.

Up to Date Analytics and Cloud Reporting
  • Allows staff to gain access to key restaurant performance metrics on the cloud, allowing for conveniently monitoring their restaurant from both desktop and device.
  • EPOS is complete with integrated features such as insightful reports for owners and managers, along with flexibility for customised reports. EPOS enables restaurant management to run reports based on different time periods to identify trends.
Improved Restaurant
  • Restaurants to reduce errors with an easy to use and better flexibility with mobile iPad-based ePOS. Restaurant guests are impressed by the smart and easy order taking.
Customer Experience
  • EPOS has intelligent reporting features that increases time management on reports that explain comprehensively a restaurant's progress. Easily access data in real-time which will allow you to make informed business decisions.
Improved Delivery Management
  • EPOS is a smart solution for restaurant management by correct tools, these include smart estimations, driver status, and customer profiles.
  • Restaurants can keep better track of their work processes, Integrated Inventory Tracking, Intelligent Reporting and Delivery Management. Save time and costs by knowing when to reorder at the right levels at the right time. which in turn ensure every delivery is made on time.

The software has a number of helpful integrations and solutions for restaurants that allows restaurateurs to optimise their POS capabilities with a number of other technologies.

Integrating POS software is a fast and trustworthy solution, which can help a restaurant function smoother, even without the Internet.

Advanced security features allow managers and owners to have complete control over their ePOS software.

If you are already on the point of deciding which ePOS solution would be the best for your business, do not hesitate to fill in the form on this page. If you do so, our experts will get back to you with some professional advice suited for your. You can receive up to four free quotes, no strings attached. 

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