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Last updated: 2 November 2022

EPOS Systems for Retailers

From POS to ePOS: Find the Best System for Retailers

POS stands for point of sale. POS takes place wherever a transaction or purchase is made. POS systems facilitate the transaction so that purchases are fast and smooth for both the customer and the retailer . A POS system can be used in any location that exchanges products or services for payment.

EPOS systems are referred to as the evolution of the traditional POS system. The abbreviation stands for Electronic Point of Sale and refers to selling goods or services through a computer terminal. This update allows users to keep a more accurate track of data as well as speed up transactions with customers.

An ePOS system for retailers usually includes a cash register that, nowadays, is often a computer with a customer display, barcode scanner, and many other options, for example, a credit card reader.

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Features of ePOS Systems for Retailers

The entire performance of the ePOS systems is based on its software. This software is created specifically for end-user requirements and has many features that fit a retail business.

If you want to have a well performing retail business, you need to be dynamic and involved. The ePOS software helps you in this case through its flexible features. It is a system that can work across all channels and therefore, you can use devices such as tablets while making direct contact with your customers. You can offer them immediate information about stock and product availability.

In case your business grows and the need for a webshop arises, you can connect the inventory to the ePOS system and build new customer relationships through e-commerce. In addition, the ePOS allows you to issue gift cards or vouchers.

What to Consider Before Choosing an ePOS System?

When you choose an ePOS system for your retail business, it is the final step in creating more efficient transactions and management of your cash. This is why you need to make sure you make the best choice.

Things like software, price, accessories and features need to be considered. You may also need to think about your business growth plans and the advantages the ePOS systems brings to it. The ePOS can improve your overall business performance and therefore, you need to be well informed not only about the product itself, but also about the best prices.


Advantages of ePOS Systems

Electronic POS systems are user-friendly, and have been continually updated in order to make your business more efficient. It is an important part of every buying process for any sized business. Therefore, it is also of great importance for retailers to have a reliable ePOS system.

The purpose of an ePOS system is to improve your business through better efficiency and accuracy. But there are many other benefits that the electronic POS systems brings to its users:

    • Easy to use and adaptable
      One of the most important advantages of ePOS systems is the fact that it is a very easy to use system. You don’t need to invest much time and money in training your employees. And as the interface is customised for your retail business, it will fit your needs and make the checkout process more efficient.
    • Good stock management
      Since ePOS systems use updated features, it is also helpful in keeping track of your stock management and a real-time inventory control. The system will notify you when some of your products are out of stock and keep you informed about the overall inventory of all your products. Some of the programmes also have a feature that will automatically order the goods that are out of the stock. These will only help your retail business to be more efficient.
    • Reports
      Another important advantage that ePOS brings to your retail business is that it provides you accurate and detailed reports. Once the selling process is finalised through the ePOS system, all data is automatically saved. This brings you an overall picture of your business, so that you can pinpoint your best performing days, weeks and months. Moreover, the reports provided will help you identify which products are performing the best and which are performing the worst.
    • Product range
      Based on the advantage mentioned above, there is one more benefit that ePOS has. That is the ability to adapt and adjust your product range. In addition to the reports, you will also be able to see which products bring your the most profit and which are no longer worth ordering. In this way, you will optimise the range of products as well as save money that you would otherwise invest in products that are not profitable for your business.
    • Secure
      Once you choose investing in an ePOS system for your business, you also choose a more secure approach of managing transactions. The ePOS systems is based on an updated software that will enable you to create different logins for each of your employees. In this way, you can track their activity and even restrict their access to some files or data. All activity is registered in order to protect you from theft or misleading information.
    • Time saving
      An ePOS system will save you time by processing the payments faster and giving you time to focus more on the customer. Based on all advantages mentioned above, you will no longer have to worry about the safety of the transaction or the stock management. While these are made automatically by the features of the system, you can make sure customers are happy and the service you deliver will convince them to choose you again.

Experience the advantages of ePOS systems for your retail business and notice the improvements!

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