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Last updated: 2 November 2022

Hospitality ePOS Systems

EPOS Systems for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry, also known as HORECA (hotel, restaurant, and café) covers different kinds of restaurants, pubs, cafés, accommodation such as hotels, hostels, motels and other free time facilities.

Two aspects can be considered as defining the hospitality industry: customer satisfaction and leisure time. This industry serves to satisfy a variety of complex leisure needs, ePOS systems can ensure that these needs are met with reliability and a consistent high quality.

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Restaurant ePOS Systems

As the hospitality industry is a very broad term, there are different ePOS systems that fit different areas of the hospitality industry. EPOS systems for restaurants have very specific features that enable various tasks that are specific to restaurant industry:

Happy Hour
    • Takeaway - if your restaurant offers a takeaway or delivery service, there are special features that streamline the management and monitoring of your takeaway activities. Takeaway ePOS system monitors current stock level, manages pricing, implements ordering, manages customer loyalty programs and helps improve interaction with customers.
    • Waiting time and table management and reservation - ePOS systems will help you manage seating and table reservations and will allow waiters to see orders by customer’s seating. ePOS systems are also capable of calculating how long customers will wait for a table and will notify waiters once a table is free.
    • Menus and specials - menus and specials can be managed with a restaurant ePOS system. Menus can be adjusted according to ingredients availability, time and price. Specials can be set in advance and later shown and managed by an ePOS system.
    • Handheld devices - handheld devices for waiters streamline taking orders, especially when the premises of restaurants are big or can help during peak hours. Orders go immediately to the kitchen, without the waiter leaving the customer table.
    • Recipes and pizza - Recipes of meals and drinks can be stored on an ePOS system and it is possible to print them. If restaurants offer pizza, which is often made of ingredients chosen by the customers, ePOS systems allow management of different custom made pizza.
    • Inventory tracking - inventory tracking is very crucial for restaurants, takeaways and fast food locations, where ingredients and stock levels can disappear very quickly during peak hours. EPOS system will notify you whenever a stock is getting low and prepares orders.
    • Drive-through and online ordering - ePOS system facilitates management of multiple sites and drive-throughs even remotely. Besides that, a restaurant ePOS solution manages online ordering made either through an online platform or a mobile app.
    • Event pricing, split payment and management of tips - Event pricing, such as happy hour or different pricing throughout the day is no longer a problem. It is also possible for waiters to manage split checks and payments, which occurs often in a restaurant of a café. Tips for staff can be also calculated by an ePOS solution, as well as suggestion on sharing tips.

EPOS Solutions for Cafés, Pubs and Bars

Cafés, pubs and bars benefit from ePOS systems just like restaurants and often share many features with restaurant ePOS system.

Common features include table management, event pricing, stock level management, table management, split payment, management of tips, recipes, handheld devices, menus and other.

One feature that is crucial for pubs and bars is stock level management. Often, drinks are being poured without billing, or drinks are bigger than they are supposed to be. This is easier to track with pour spouts, which, when connected to an ePOS system, can track the volume of liquid poured within a space of time. If a drink is being poured without an order or billing in the system, it will notify the manager.

EPOS solutions also help to track records and therefore help with preparing for busy periods and peak hours as well as predicting when these busy periods might appear.

Hotel ePOS Solutions

Hotel Check In Epos

Running a hotel is typically more complex than running a restaurant, café or bar. Hotels usually have their own in house restaurant, where specialised ePOS functions for restaurants are needed.

However the management of a hotel requires more ePOS functions as managers need to monitor and regulate a variety of functions and tasks.

Benefits of ePOS Solutions for Hotels

An ePOS solution can help you with several tasks that are performed in a hotel, including:

Hotel Check In Epos System (1)
    • Reservation management - just like restaurants, hotels require reservation management. However, a reservation process in a hotel is more complex. Special requests, such as different view (garden view, sea view, etc) or requested A/C can be managed by ePOS system. EPOS solution will also help you avoid double booking. The reservation of rooms is one part of a reservation process. If your hotel includes spa, offers excursions, special meals, and other services, an ePOS solution will handle reservation for these services as well.
    • Check-ins - Check-ins are the first impressions for hotel guests and therefore a seamless check-in experience is crucial for any hotel. An ePOS solution helps you to streamline your check-in processes and ensure that all needed customer information is in the system.
    • Staff management - A hotel usually involves a huge amount of employees and management of staff can be sometimes overwhelming. An ePOS system can help you with staff management thanks to detailed reports that can be later analysed.
    • Billing - billing of customers has been made easier with ePOS systems. Everything that was ordered by the guests, any additional service, spa treatments, meals, drinks from room fridge and more, is noted and can be easily retrieved by the room number or the names of the guests.
    • Stock management - stock level management can be also a useful tool for hotels. From hotel restaurants, bars, cafés to the guests room’s fridge, all need stock management. EPOS solution can notify you if you are running low not only on these items, but also items such as detergents and cleaning products.
    • Customer relationship management - customer relationship management is crucial to the hotel business. An ePOS system can help you with marketing and staying in touch with guests - sending feedback questionnaires, newsletters, special offers and more.
    • Maintenance, room servicing and cleaning - ePOS system helps to organize and monitor room servicing and cleaning.

There are many options to choose from and ePOS systems for the hospitality industry includes specialised functions for restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, hotels and more.

Every ePOS solution has different features, therefore it is a good idea to do a thorough research before purchasing and implementing an ePOS system.

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