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Last updated: 2 November 2022

PointOne ePOS System

Why Choose a PointOne ePOS System?

If you are thinking about investing in a new ePOS system or upgrading an existing one, PointOne ePOS is the solution for you. It supplies award winning and innovative ePOS options for a variety of hospitality businesses. PointOne ePOS system is favoured due to its dedication to providing a hassle free and high quality service.

PointOne ePOS system has many features that can benefit you and your business. Luckily, our suppliers who can offer you ePOS systems and PointOne ePOS systems at comparable prices. The ePOS systems development has gone so far that all the systems are of good quality and they just differ by their functions.

Each business requires different features and Market Inspector is here to help you to find the best ePOS system for you. Just fill in the contact form on the right and we will provide you with tailored free quotes, no strings attached.

Features of PointOne ePOS Systems

Chip -in -Solution

Stock control - real time stock information, support multiple suppliers, ingredient management, recipe management, waste management, among others.PointOne ePOS systems will make business management easier and more reliable. Some features of PointOne solutions include:

    • A loyalty and marketing module - this feature includes the management of an unlimited number of customers, the possibility for customers to use loyalty programs at multiple sites, special promotions, customer history, customer records, linking of family members and much more. This feature will facilitate and aggregate your marketing efforts while providing a better experience for customers.

    • Head Office management will help you manage your sites remotely, any time and in real time either as a group or separately. This feature is web based, which means no additional software is needed.

    • Email and SMS marketing - this feature allows for the managing of marketing campaigns that employ marketing channels such as email, SMS and a series of social media platforms.

    • Online ordering - this feature allows customers to place orders on the business’ e-commerce site. This feature is easy to implement and requires no maintenance. It also supports the secure use of credits cards online.

    • Wireless handhelds - wireless handheld devices will allow you to concentrate more on customers and to manage orders in a more efficient way.

    • Chip and pin solutions - PointOne will also supply you with chip and pin terminals that have a high reputation for security.

    • Kitchen management - PointOne will allow you to manage kitchen staff more efficiently via mounted touch screen by using features like order handling, shift management, and inventory management.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from PointOne?

PointOne already offers solutions for many branches in the hospitality industry. PointOne supplies advanced ePOS systems to the following types of hospitality businesses:

Restaurant Epos System
    • Restaurants
    • Takeaway Restaurants
    • Quick Service
    • Pubs and Bars
    • Theatres and Music Venues
    • Nightclubs
    • Hotels
    • Public Institutions


EPOS solutions for restaurants by PointOne offer innovative table and bill management, fast kitchen messages and order adjustments, staff scheduling and timekeeping, real time stock management, pre-booking deposit handling, biometric fingerprint log on for staff and many more features.

PointOne solutions for restaurants can also be found in Michelin star restaurants. EPOS solutions for restaurants from PointOne also include mobile handheld devices for tableside ordering.

Takeaway Restaurants

PointOne ePOS system also specialises in restaurants that offer takeaway and delivery services. For these restaurants PointOne offers customer profiling, caller ID recognition, postcode look-up, map printing, assign orders for drivers, online ordering and more. This solution could be the perfect fit if your restaurant offers delivery or concentrates only on takeaway and delivery.

Quick Service

If your business requires quick checkouts and queue busting functions, PointOne can have the solution for your business. With a solution that is focused on fast transaction processing, online ordering, automated promotions, full cash management and reporting, your business will be faster and your customers happier.

EPOS System for Pubs and Bars

PointOne ePOS system has been in the market for pubs and bars for 10 years and PointOne solutions have been installed in award winning bars and tested by high turnover pubs. PointOne ePOS systems for pubs and bars come with timed offers and promotional management. Pricing management for happy hours and similar timed events can be handled and tracked with ease.

Reception Epos

PointOne solutions for pubs and bars also offer biometric fingerprint identification that can make processes like staff scheduling and timekeeping more efficient and accurate. Other applications include real time stock management, touch screen hardware, full cash management and audit reporting, and more.

Theatres and Venues

Theatres and venues have special requirements for ePOS systems, as they have very busy peak hours and hours when only ordering is needed. PointOne offers dealing with long queues, interval pre ordering, end of day cash reconciliation as well as handheld ordering and mobile receipt printing.

Night Clubs

Solutions for night clubs include the possibility of quick ordering - just in two button presses, which accelerates the checkouts and helps with queue handling. With PointOne solutions it is also possible to manage timed offers and promos, which is essential for night clubs.


PointOne offers an ePOS solution also for hotels. This solution includes multi-department and cost-centre reporting, but also management functions for restaurants such as: table and bill management, fast kitchen messaging and more.

Public Sector

For the public sector PointOne solutions include integration of existing systems and links to many accounts, stock control, handheld wireless devices, sales history recorded indefinitely, and property management systems (PMS).

Benefits of PointOne ePOS Systems

PointOne can offer experience gained from many years on the market. With this experience they created easy to use, innovative and flexible products. Support is not provided by third parties, and therefore PointOne can assure the best service.

The offered marketing module, stock control and head office management are great assets to have. There are plenty of solutions for any kind of business in the hospitality branch, which are specialised for the given business.

If you need any additional help choosing an ePOS system that matches your business needs, you can receive up to four, free quotes from us. Just fill out the contact form and we will send you quotes with no strings attached. 

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