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Last updated: 2 November 2022

IPad POS System

IPad POS Solutions

An iPad POS system is a compact version of a Point of Sale system, allowing merchants to perform any type of store operation only from their iPad.

Although many companies remain faithful to old cash registers and traditional ePOS systems, some retailers and caterers are already enjoying the iPad POS experience and all its related benefits, including:

    1. Fast and secure payment transactions
    2. Monitor of the remaining inventory
    3. Offline working mode
    4. Multiple devices synchronisation
    5. Real-time updates and data backups

In this regard, it seems that the iPad POS technology will take over in the next few years, due to its convenience in terms of costs, manageability and ease of use. As a matter of fact, nowadays, every kind of business could easily move on to iPad POS system.


Not only, many shopkeepers affirm to be very happy with the implementation of an iPad POS system helping them to make a qualitative leap in their business performance.

If you are interested in getting more information or professional advice about iPad POS system, please fill in the form on the right. Market Inspector provides a free service, by putting you in contact with POS systems suppliers. According to your needs, our providers will help you find the right solution tailored to your business.

IPad POS System Hardware

Compared to a classical Point of Sale system, there is nothing that an iPad POS system can’t do. Even in the retail industry, where it comes to handle products all the time, it is possible to turn to an iPad POS system as effectively. Same for the hospitality sector or, in particular, for restaurants and bars, where it comes to handling orders and deliveries.

Just few features concerning the POS hardware need to be considered.

    • A flexible mount is required for a simple matter of comfort, especially for retail stores. In this way, the iPad POS is secured to a pedestal that you can also move and rotate according to the use.
    • It is possible to use the camera of your iPad to scan codes, but it is not the best solution. There exist cheap and practical barcode scanners specifically designed for iPad POS that can be connected to the device through wireless or Bluetooth.
    • In order to take payments, a credit card reader is necessary. The market offers a wide range of card swipe machines or chip and contactless reader that you can link to your iPad POS system. Other devices work with wireless or Bluetooth connection.
    • When using an iPad POS system, a payment processor has to be chosen. This option always concerns the merchant’s specific requirements and depends on the business needs.
    • Finally, just a cash drawer and a thermal receipt printer has to be added to the iPad POS system. Similarly to the devices listed above, they can be linked wirelessly or with Bluetooth.
    • Another important feature is that iPad POS systems can be synchronised as multi-user and multi-location devices. All the information can be accessed from different iPads and from other locations than the store.
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IPad POS System Price

Needless to say that the implementation of single or multiple iPad POS systems comes at a significantly reduced price. In comparison to traditional Point of Sale systems and related hardware components, the whole kit of an iPad POS system has a basic overall cost of £750.

In some cases, it means that an iPad POS system can guarantee a saving of around £8000 compared to a normal Point of Sale system. But it certainly depends on the POS models concerned, both the ePOS system and iPad POS system.

What is absolutely sure is that it is possible to save at least 65% of the money when opting for an iPad POS system rather than a traditional POS system. At this stage, the money saved can be alternatively invested in the business.

IPad POS for Restaurant

From small bars to big restaurants, iPad POS systems can bring several advantages for every business, no matter the size. Together with the integration of well-performing POS software, an iPad POS allows to:

    • Manage tables and reservations
    • Track service duration and waiting time
    • Send orders to the kitchen in real time
    • Check the ingredients inventory 
    • Update the virtual menu about dishes availability
    • Widespread information with multiple devices
    • Take fast payment transactions
    • Receive tips from credit cards
    • Monitor employees’ operations
    • Manage takeaways and deliveries

IPad POS for Retail

Most features of iPad POS for restaurant benefit the retail industry as well. However, there is evidence that iPad POS systems speed up all the buying process, by saving a third of the time taken by normal POS systems. An iPad POS also enables to:

    • Monitor the inventory
    • Count the remaining stock
    • Train the staff on POS in few time
    • Manage sales reports and analysis
    • Make speed and secure transactions
    • Store data on cloud system
    • Access customer database and feedback
    • Build and improve customer relationship
    • Operate even without internet connection

If you are interested in purchasing an iPad POS system and you need professional advice, please fill out the form on the right side of the page. We will match your request with our suppliers and you will receive up to 4 non-binding quotes purposely customised to your business.

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