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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Restaurant ePOS Systems

EPOS Systems for Restaurants

Restaurants and bars are common users of ePOS systems and there are many systems that are customised for restaurants. Bars can use the same electronic Point of Sale system as the ones used by restaurants or they can use systems that match their specific needs.

There are many reasons why you should invest in an ePOS for your business. Ultimately they will result in a more optimised business that can support your efforts to add value to your service.

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Some specific benefits of ePOS systems include:

Benefits _epos

Tracking of sales allows you to see what is actually selling, what is not and what should be changed in menu, helping you to respond to market demands.

Tracking inventory helps you to avoid running out of stock and to make sure there is nothing after the expiry date as this can be particularly important in a restaurant. Moreover, inventory tracking will allow businesses to monitor product turnover and select successful products accordingly

EPOS systems help you with card processing and payments, making it easier, faster, reliable and more secure. It can speed up your check-outs and reduce the purchasing time for your customers which will result in a more pleasurable customer experience.

Restaurant Epos

By having ePOS system, you gain access to detailed business reports, which will enable better control over profits and losses and make taxes easier to manage. This reduces the risk of error and saves time, resulting in reduced costs.

An ePOS system will also make it easier to manage the payroll and track employees as they sign in and sign out in the system.

Restaurant ePOS systems can provide improved security and can assist in preventing employee thefts, but it can also prevent employees giving unauthorised discounts and vouchers.

EPOS systems also reduce the risk of human errors that might happen at any time during a point of the sale or during management of reports and taxes.

These advantages lead to time reduction and therefore employees can use their time better, which leads to more effective use of human resources.

This ultimately leads to satisfied customers and using vouchers, loyalty programs, delivery functions and other functions, that ePOS systems can lead to better relationships with customers.

Drawbacks of ePOS Systems

The only drawback that can be associated with using an ePOS systems is that computers are susceptible to crashes and other errors, which could lead to a loss of data that could negatively impact the daily operations of the restaurant.

The best solution to avoid losing data is to be proactive and back up all of your data to make sure you will have access to them remotely. New trends, such as mobile POS systems bring solution to this problem, as mPOS data tends to be stored in the cloud which makes it accessible from anywhere and any time.

Elements of ePOS Systems for Restaurants

Cafe Burger

EPOS systems in restaurants can have elements of ePOS systems for retailers, however, there are functions created particularly for restaurants that address their special needs of restaurants: 

    • Takeaway - helps you track order by customer details, assign delivery to drivers, track drivers and add fees according to zones and forecast probable time of delivery based on the conditions in the restaurant.

    • Waiting time - this function can tell you how long will customers wait for a table and sends notifications when customers’ tables are ready.

    • Specials - specials can be set in advance and can be later shown and managed on ePOS system.

    • Menu - menus can be updated when changes, such as price or product availability occur.

    • Drive-through - this function allows you to have multiple drive - through operations and manage them effectively.

    • Inventory tracking - allows you to track items and automatically place re-orders and creates orders. It is also able to forecast what will be needed and track if everything needed is in stock.

    • Handheld devices - for waiters to speed up the process of ordering and therefore mobile card machines lead to improved customer satisfaction. 

    • Recipes - this function holds all recipes for food and drinks and allows to print them.

    • Event pricing - if there is any happy hour or special discount for a given time, this function allows you to manage this pricing. 

    • Online orders - helps you manage online orders made by customers on your website.

    • Pizza - if your restaurant offers pizza, it is possible to take custom pizza orders.

    • Table management and reservation - crucial to many restaurants, ePOS systems allow you to manage seating and reservations of tables, but also allows waiters to see and assign orders according to customers’ seating. 

    • Split payment - ePOS systems enable waiters to create split checks.

    • Management of tips - allows you to calculate and suggest tips and suggests how these tips can be shared.

These are some of the specific functions that ePOS systems have for restaurants, but there might be other functions what were not mentioned above. Not all ePOS systems have all of these functions and it is necessary to check which functions you may need from an ePOS system have.

Therefore the decision of which ePOS system to buy should be well thought out as ePOS systems are a big investment and small change in business might ask for different ePOS system resulting in higher costs.

There are different functions that ePOS have and it is good idea to consider, which functions are needed and which are redundant and buy accordingly.

The Future of ePOS Systems

Ipad Epos

Modern trends are also affecting this industry - mobile point of sale systems and usage of devices such as tablets are becoming more common.

While visiting a restaurant, customers may notice that waiters no longer write the orders on paper, but on a handheld device, which sends orders to kitchen - making use of wireless and mobile POS systems.

When a customer places an order it is registered in the system as soon as the waiter enters it into his handheld device. The order is directly sent and printed in kitchen for cooks to prepare it. This saves time and is more reliable than ordering with papers.

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