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Last updated: 2 November 2022

Toshiba ePOS


About Toshiba ePOS Solutions

Did you know that Toshiba offers several ePOS solutions for different businesses? Incorporating one of these systems will improve your business' efficiency and optimize your daily operations.

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Toshiba is considered as one of the most innovative brands of point of sale systems and has been on the market for over 80 years. Toshiba offers many solutions that can streamline multiple aspects of your business and create a better experience for all of your stakeholders.

Features of Toshiba ePOS

There are many features presented by Toshiba ePOS systems, this includes:


Toshiba’s ePOS system cross-channel processing provides, an insight to several channels that are used by customers to make a purchasing decision: email, online browsing, navigating through a brick-and-mortar shop and finally purchasing one of your products. Even though mobile technology and online ordering are becoming popular, the majority of sales are concluded in brick-and-mortar shops.

Even if the purchase was itself done online, many consumers visit brick-and-mortar locations to pick-up, return and receive service for their products. Furthermore, most purchasing decisions are made in physical premises of the business. This ePos system tries to make use of  this trend by offering a cross channel feature, where all channels are interconnected and guide the customer through their purchasing process.

With the Smart Checkout Solution, which supports cross channel activities, it is possible to integrate loyalty and promotion programs, upsell and cross-sell, find stock in warehouse and deliver items to customers, vendors or shops, bundle products according to customer needs, handle returns, and more.


Despite the fact that brick-and-mortar shops still play a major role in retail, it is not advisable to neglect mobile devices. Toshiba sees mobility as more than just a channel; mobility should make shopping for customers more pleasurable. 

Leveraging the way that consumers use mobile devices can make a business more competitive. Consumers are increasingly relying on information acquired from mobile devices to make their purchasing decisions.


Payment solutions

Toshiba ePOS focuses also on payment solutions by offering StorePay (manages Chip and PIN payment and contactless payments), Electronic Payment System (accepts debit, credit and store cards) and Sure Switch (provides card authorisation and settlement for customers).

Store operation

The solutions streamline store operations by driving down the costs and making everyday operations more efficient. 

Loss prevention

Furthermore, Toshiba ePOS system offers a loss prevention solution, which integrates with point of sale systems, self checkout and surveillance cameras in order to prevent loss of revenue from theft.

Self service

If you wish to offer your customers self checkouts and kiosks, Toshiba's ePOS system provide you with easy to use, highly intuitive and flexible self-checkout systems. Self-checkout offers advantages to customers and it is easy to manage for businesses owners.

Solutions for independent grocery and retail businesses

This ePOS system offers custom solutions for independent retailers and grocery stores, which face a tough competition from retail giants and struggle to be profitable. With this solution, it is possible to enhance the buying experience for customers and reduce costs while improving productivity.

Toshiba Products

It is possible to find Toshiba hardware for retailers, mid-market retailers and retailers demanding extra performance and solutions for specialty and food service businesses. It also offers peripherals such as printers, displays, keyboards, cash drawers and tills.

Due to their partnership with Together Commerce Alliance, it continues to innovate end-to-end solutions that “unlock amazing new possibilities for our clients and shoppers everywhere”.

It currently supplies four different hardware ePOS systems that range in price and capabilities:

Toshiba E POS
    • TCcWave retailing solutions offer reliable, robust and versatile technologies that can be implemented as standalone POS, kiosk, or self-checkout.
    • SurePOS 300 Series uses energy-wise hardware that is fast and reliable. This ePOS system series is ideal for retailers of all sizes that are looking for a no frills solution with embedded security systems.
    • SurePOS 500 Series is a slimmer ePOS solution that can help retailers reduce costs, manage risks and improve customer service. With advanced hardware features like solid state drive, resistive touch screens and advanced security, the 500 series is ideal for forward-thinking retailers looking for a smart ePOS.
    • SurePOS 700 Series is Toshiba’s top of the line, premium ePOS solution. Customer focused retailers that are looking for the best performing, efficient and resilient ePOS system will value the 700 series.

The software that supports Toshiba’s ePOS systems has the added benefit of providing a quick return on investment and a long term sustainable level of retail security.

Toshiba’s operating systems are prepared to adapt to future needs and with millions of downloads, the underlying software solutions that it employs has shown time and time again to optimise the impact made by all integrated sales channels.

From web, mobile, social media, phone and in store sales, the operating systems that are integrated into Toshiba’s ePOS systems will support how consumers experience purchasing from your business.

There are many software solutions from Toshiba with different combinations of the features mentioned above. Complete the quote request form today to find out more about how Toshiba’s ePOS systems can support your business. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of Toshiba hardware and software solutions, for free.

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