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Last updated: 8 November 2022


Finding the Right ePOS Till System for Your Business

An ePOS till or POS till is more advanced compared to a standard cash register, nowadays ePOS systems can help in a number of areas. Regardless of the size of your business, ePOS can help optimise your overall business performance. An ePOS till will let you make the most of business growth. It can handle large sales volumes, speed up the check out processes and improve customer service.

There are plenty of ePOS till providers in the UK, you should take into account the type of business you are and identify your needs. Businesses using ePOS tills include: retail stores, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, wholesalers, food manufacturers, and many other business.

Receive up to four free quotes from our qualified suppliers by filling in the form. Market Inspector will assist you in the selection of the best ePOS till system for your business.

ePOS Till

Benefits of Having an ePOS Till

Investing in a good ePOS till will benefit businesses in numerous ways, here are some of the main advantages:

Stores Cash Securely

Compared to cash registers ePOS tills have built in security systems. There are numerous ways you can improve security and ultimately eliminate losses from fraud.

Logs Purchases

This makes it easy to find past transactions by keeping track of sales and taxes which improves a business' speed and efficiency. Information can be retrieved immediately as and when needed.

Easy Installation and Usage

EPOS tills are easy to install and maintain, they are easy and fast to use, making it a good way to deal with rapid business growth, allowing for faster transactions. EPOS tills are adaptable according to clients’ needs, for example prices can be changed for special offers. Investing in an ePOS till can help you reduce human errors compared to using a cash register.

System to Process Credit, Debit, and Gift Cards

Most ePOS systems make it easy to use a variety of payment methods, directly improving the customer experience by allowing for flexibility when it comes to a customer's payment methods, this increasing a business' accessibility.

Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Solutions

EPOS tills will keep your customers information safe. All ePOS tills backup data to the cloud, making recovery fast and easy, thereby losing information can be completely eliminated. This allows for information and stock to be stored securely, which improves a business' data integrity.

Speedy Checkouts

Check out speed is increased significantly since ePOS tills compared to cash registers. Most businesses are making the change from cash register to ePOS till. Directly making your business' customer service faster and more efficient.

eePOS touchscreen

Features of an ePOS Till

EPOS tills typically include a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, and a barcode scanner. Most ePOS systems have a reader for debit, credit and gift cards. Some ePOS tills include a conveyor belt, scales for weighing, a signature rendering component and a pin pad device. The majority of new POS systems have touch-screen technology, along with a built in computer, this is referred to as an all-in-one unit.

EPOS Till Functions

Many businesses are becoming cash-savvy and attempting to save as much money. Businesses take into consideration the cost saving benefits that using an ePOS system. Investing in an ePOS til will help when it comes to accounting, keeping track of stock control, and tracking customer behaviour.

POS software also allows for functions such as promotional sales, coupon validation, foreign currency handling along with handling multiple payment types. EPOS will help you meet targets, a business’ ePOS system is likely to be the most important system your business has, the centre point for all your operations.


Do You Want to Get Quotes on ePOS tills?

Even though the starting costs of ePOS till will be more than that of a cash register, it’s benefits certainly make this a worthwhile investment. Often small business decisions turn out to be the most important. Investing in a modern ePOS till might just be one of those small but valuable decisions. At Market Inspector we will provide you with four free quotes and find the best solution for your business by finding the best ePOS till providers in your area.

Get up to four free quotes from our qualified suppliers by filling in the form. Market Inspector will assist you in the selection of the best ePOS till systems for your business.

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