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Last updated: 3 August 2021

IP PBX Systems

Find the Best IP PBX System in the UK

The acronym IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. The IP PBX system, also known as VoIP PBX, is the combination of the conventional PBX and VoIP technology. IP PBX bases its functionality on a strong Internet connection and a stable server.

IP PBX phone systems can be used by small to large scale businesses. It offers two options and prices depending on the volume of employees. This type of business telephone system combines the advantages of the Internet with the existing telephone line of the business.

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Types of IP PBX Systems for Businesses

There are two types of IP PBX systems that you need to consider before choosing. It depends on the costs and whether the company has an established network or not. The two IP PBX systems are :

    • On-premises IP PBX system
    • Hosted IP PBX system

On-premises IP PBX System

As the name suggests, it is a solution that requires to be hosted on the premises of the company. It uses the Internet to transmit the calls and can connect both VoIP PBX and traditional phones as long as there is a good Internet connection.

One recent improvement in the IP PBX systems is that it is also available as On-Cloud PBX. The Cloud technology has been brought to phone systems in order to backup the data you choose to save and create more efficient communication.

This phone solution best suits businesses with an established network and wiring installation. If you consider this option for your business, it is important to consider the installation and maintenance costs. Therefore, prices start at £600 and can go up to £9000, depending on the number of users and extensions created.

IP PBX system

Hosted IP PBX System

The hosted version of IP PBX systems maintain the same flexibility as the on-premises IP PBX. The only notable difference is that the software comes as a subscription to a host company instead of owning it.

This being considered, costs for hosted IP PBX are lower and no calling features are lost. Setup and maintenance costs can be avoided. Instead you will pay a monthly fee for software subscription. In the UK, prices for hosted IP PBX systems start at £6.99 per month.

Advantages of IP PBX Systems

Both IP PBX systems glean their advantages from the Internet. These can make a difference to the communication within your company and harbour important benefits for users. The advantages listed below can help you decide if an IP PBX is a suitable solution for your business.

    • Internet based international calls- As Internet is the key element to an IP PBX system, long distance calls between countries or even continents are cheaper and more affordable. 
    • Good monitoring- Information tracking becomes easier and helps you improve the quality of the calls, and detect potential security breaches. 
    • Efficient- Important information about clients is added to a database to make future calls more efficient. The Internet used by the IP PBX system enables you to call the right people based on the stored data. 
    • Up to date with newest features- Whenever new Internet technologies are brought to the market, your IP PBX system will also have it. It closely follows all improved features and technology so that you have a well functioning phone system.

Disadvantages of IP PBX Systems

There are two main disadvantages that need to be considered before investing in an IP PBX phone system:

    • Good Internet connection: Although Internet capabilities are the fundamental advantage of the phone system, a poor or unstable connection can easily turn it into a disadvantage. Unless you are able to equip your company with a stable Internet connection, the choice of an IP PBX system can only affect communication within and outside the company.
    • Large costs: In order to create a well functioning IP PBX system, you may need to allocate money for upgrading the IP network or the improvement of phones. If you choose to go for the on-premises IP PBX system, you also need to consider the installation and maintenance costs. Proper surveillance and proactive intervention in case of malfunction is a strict requirement for the on-premises system.

Features of IP PBX Systems for Businesses

PBX systems have features like welcoming message, waiting music, call forwarding, and conference calls. In addition to these, IP PBX systems have the following features:

    • Voicemail forwarding to email addresses
    • Email notifications for incoming or missed calls
    • Route calls depending on the caller ID
    • Internet based conference calls with an option for video calling

IP PBX Systems for Your Business

Choosing IP PBX systems for business can improve the quality of service the business offers and can increase overall productivity. Indeed, the technology is growing in popularity as it provides businesses with features that traditional PBX system do not offer.

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