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Last updated: 4 August 2021

Mobile VoIP

Further Development of VoIP Systems

With the emergence of Internet telephony, telephone systems now offer significant cost savings to businesses and a more convenient and efficient communication process. Therefore, it is only natural that VoIP phone (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is further pursued in mobile communications. These particular office telephone systems have become widely used nowadays as people utilise their smartphones for both personal and professional purposes on a daily basis.

A few years back, developers introduced VoIP software that can be integrated into mobile phones and similar type of applications have emerged thereafter.

Some of the most famous mobile VoIP software for home or business use include Skype, Google Hangouts and Viber which are mostly for personal use, but business VoIP phones have software which enables organisations to take advantage of VoIP technology through their cell phones.

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What Is a Mobile VoIP Phone?

Mobile VoIP is a type of communication technology that allows users to place and receive calls on their cell phone by using Internet connection. Once a device is configured into the VoIP network, it can use WiFi, 3G, 4G or GSM network to connect to the VoIP system. This system uses only a regular handset in the form of a smartphone or a conventional cell phone and instead of transferring calls to the voice network of the phone provider, it transmits audio and media data to a VoIP provider.

This type of connection enables private users and businesses to save on their phone bills since they do not use up the restrictions on their voice plan (‘free minutes’). However, if there is no WiFi hotspot available, a cellular data network is used, which can result in exceeding the plan-included limits and cost the user additional charges.

Furthermore, a WiFi VoIP phone has unlimited mobility and can be used from any long distance or international location as long as the operator can connect to the internet. International calls do not have roaming charges or any time limitations.

How Does a VoIP Mobile Phone Work?

As mentioned above, all you need for mobile VoIP is a smart- or regular cell phone. In order to implement mobile VoIP, users need to download the service provider’s app (this is the actual software, enabling the connection) from the store on their phone. Generally, if it’s a private usage, the app will require them to sign up and if it is for business purposes, the operator can sign in with a universal login given to their company when agreeing to the subscription.

Some providers’ software is more advanced, combining the VoIP service with the mobile device’ SIM card, in order to show the user people from their contact list, who already have a subscription. Viber uses this type of combination and after you sign up to the platform it displays who has also downloaded it and sends push notifications if new people join.

The market for mobile VoIP suppliers is very saturated and competition is intense. Some providers will offer their software for free, others for a small one-time fee and others offer purchasing credits. However, each provider has its advantages and features, so careful research is important before choosing the right one for you and your business.

Mobile VoIP software is available for almost all types of operating systems, even for standard non-smartphones, with a few restrictions.

Mobile Voip

Features of Mobile VoIP Phones

Even though some people may believe that mobile VoIP is not that different than regular cell phone usage if they have a cheap voice plan, this type of system provides some additional features that aren’t possible with cellular networks:

    • Group chat
    • Conference calling
    • Call forwarding
    • Call block for unknown or blocked caller IDs
    • Video chat
    • Exchange of various media: photos, videos, spreadsheets and other documents

How Mobile VoIP Can Benefit to Your Business

    • Save on phone bills
      Mobile VoIP is a system offering significant cost savings both for personal and business use. By using VoIP software to place and receive calls, users can terminate their voice plans and be left only with data used to enable mobile VoIP to work over 3G or 4G. If the operator has WiFi available, the cost of a call is even lower. Furthermore, there are little to no charges for long distance and international calls, which is a huge benefit for global or multi-national companies.
    • No restrictions
      Voice and video calls using mobile VoIP software are unlimited in time and the same applies to media exchanges in the form of photos or videos.
    • Mobility
      Since nowadays many people own smartphones or at least a cell phone, customer service employees will be easily accessible to customers at all times. This also enables the company to offer more flexible working conditions to their staff, since they will be able to work from different locations, instead of only using the office.
    • Better quality of communication
      Providing a pleasant customer experience and using a professional approach is a priority for all businesses and mobile VoIP gives them the opportunity to be more responsive, since the system is mobile, and communicate with them in many different ways (ex. video chat), which adds value to their customer service.
    • Save on equipment
      VoIP systems are paid for by a number of users, so business will still have to pay a monthly fee, but with using mobile VoIP, they can save on purchasing wired VoIP phones, which can be quite costly, for each one of them if the company is employing an on-premise VoIP.

Mobile VoIP Is a Solution for Everyone

Regardless if you own a small or a large scale business, mobile VoIP can always come in handy when you aim for more efficient communication at a lower cost. There are no installation or setup fees, the price of the mobile software is usually as low as £5-10, depending on the VoIP providers.

Therefore, there are no big barriers for smaller businesses to overcome to integrate this type of system. If your business provides a business mobile phone to each of your employee, mobile VoIP can significantly lower their monthly phone bill costs.

With more people using data plans and the spread of WiFi hotspots, mobile VoIP has the good chance to become a global trend, as it is cheaper and provides more advanced features than regular cell phone service. 

If you are considering investing in VoIP mobile phones for your business, please fill in the contact form and Market Inspector will provide you with up to four quotes from our trusted suppliers in the UK. This is a no-obligation service and is completely free!

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