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Last updated: 2 May 2024

Best Car Tracker for Your Business

  • For businesses prioritising security, models with advanced alert systems and tamper-proof installations might be ideal.
  • Meanwhile, those focusing on fleet efficiency might benefit from trackers integrated with telematics systems that provide comprehensive data on vehicle performance and driver behaviour.
  • Thatcham Quality Assured accreditation indicates the reliability and effectiveness of car tracking systems, meeting strict security standards that can reduce theft risks. This accreditation often leads to lower insurance premiums, as insurers favour vehicles with these certified systems, considering them less risky to insure.
  • Choosing the right GPS tracker for your business needs depends significantly on your specific requirements, such as enhancing security or monitoring fleet activities.

When selecting the best car tracker in the UK, businesses should consider technology that supports operational efficiency and cost reduction and enhances overall business resilience and customer satisfaction. 

Business owners should assess these factors carefully to choose a GPS tracking solution that best fits their operational goals and budget constraints.

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What are the best GPS trackers for cars?

Selecting the right GPS tracker for your business needs depends significantly on your specific requirements.

Therefore, it is important to identify your business needs and consider the benefits of vehicle tracking. Start by assessing what you want to achieve with a GPS tracker. If security is a critical concern, you'll want a device with robust anti-theft features such as geofencing, real-time alerts, and perhaps even remote vehicle immobilisation. 

If efficiency and cost management are more critical, look for trackers that offer detailed driving behaviour reports, fuel usage tracking, and maintenance alerts.

A report by Geotab emphasises that GPS trackers significantly improve fleet management by providing detailed telematics data, which can help small businesses save thousands annually​

The best car trackers should offer robust features, reliability, and compliance with local regulations. Models like the Teletrac Navman, known for its comprehensive fleet management solutions, and the Quartix vehicle tracking system, which provides detailed driving data and business insights, are highly regarded.

Additionally, the Tracker Vantage S5, which is Thatcham Category S5 approved, is often recommended for its superior theft protection and recovery service.

Once you've defined your business needs, you can focus on finding a tracker that offers the specific features you require.

Best insurance-approved vehicle trackers

Insurance-approved vehicle trackers are crucial for businesses looking to lower insurance premiums while enhancing vehicle security.

The Fleet & Mobility Barometer report by Arval suggests that connected services, such as GPS tracking, are increasingly utilised to manage fleet costs effectively and enhance vehicle safety​​.

When considering insurance-approved vehicle trackers, it's important to look for features that align with the rigorous standards set by Thatcham Research, as these are often preferred by insurance companies due to their proven effectiveness in theft prevention and vehicle recovery. Let’s take a look at some features. 

Advanced location tracking

High-quality trackers, especially those categorised as S5, utilise a combination of GPS, GSM, and sometimes VHF signals to ensure precise location tracking even if the vehicle is hidden or inside a structure like a garage or underground parking.

  • Feature: Utilises GPS, GSM, and VHF signals.
  • Benefits: Ensures precise tracking even in concealed locations.
  • Common use: Particularly vital for S5 trackers, enhancing security for high-value vehicles.

Driver recognition technology

A hallmark of more secure trackers (Category S5), this technology uses ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) tags that alert the system if the vehicle is moved without the recognised driver.

This is a critical feature for preventing thefts that involve key cloning or other modern methods.

  • Feature: Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags or systems.
  • Benefits: Alerts the system if the vehicle is moved without the recognised driver, preventing unauthorised use.

Remote immobilisation

Available in some S5 trackers, this feature allows authorised personnel to disable the vehicle's ignition remotely if theft is confirmed, which can prevent the vehicle from being driven further.

  • Feature: Allows remote disabling of the vehicle's ignition.
  • Benefits: Prevents further vehicle movement after a theft is confirmed, aiding in recovery.

24/7 monitoring and alerts

Both S5 and S7 trackers offer round-the-clock monitoring by dedicated control centres. They provide instant alerts if the vehicle is moved unauthorizedly, enhancing the chances of quick recovery.

  • Feature: Continuous monitoring by control centres with instant theft alerts.
  • Benefits: Enhances quick response and recovery, improving recovery chances.


While S5 trackers are more feature-rich and suitable for high-value vehicles, S7 trackers offer robust protection and are more budget-friendly, making them suitable for a wider range of vehicles.

  • Feature: High security at a lower cost.
  • Benefits: Makes advanced vehicle tracking affordable and appealing to a broader range of vehicle owners.

Insurance premium reduction

Both types of trackers can lead to reduced insurance premiums. S5 trackers, offering higher security, might lead to more significant reductions, but even installing an S7 tracker demonstrates a commitment to vehicle security that insurers may reward.

  • Feature: Approved by insurers to meet Thatcham standards.
  • Benefits: Potentially significant reductions in insurance premiums due to enhanced vehicle security.

Best car trackers without a subscription

For businesses interested in cost-effective tracking solutions, subscription-free trackers offer a viable option. 

The Grandview Research report on the Vehicle Tracking Systems Market highlights the growing demand for trackers that operate without recurring fees, driven by businesses aiming to reduce ongoing operational costs​.

Here are some of the best car trackers available without subscription fees, each noted for specific features that might align with different user needs:

GPS tracker integrated with Find My Network

This tracker stands out for its affordability and simplicity. It utilises a widely used device location network that allows for easy setup and use without the need for additional apps or services.

This model is ideal for users looking for a straightforward tracking solution without ongoing costs.

Long-term data included car trackers

These trackers are designed for users who prefer a one-time purchase. The initial cost includes a long-term data plan lasting up to five years.

This makes them suitable for personal and business use, offering real-time tracking capabilities and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics without additional fees.

Versatile GPS tracker for vehicles

The GPS tracker is recognised for its versatile application, which is suitable for cars and motorcycles. You can also opt for a wireless GPS tracker.

It includes an initial service period, typically covering a year, and features such as real-time tracking, as well as motion and tilt alerts, which enhance security. The device has a robust build and a long battery life, making it ideal for longer-term monitoring without frequent maintenance.

Detailed vehicle monitoring system

This tracking option is known for providing detailed insights into vehicle location, speed, and driving behaviour.

It requires an initial activation fee but does not involve monthly subscription costs. This system is particularly beneficial for monitoring the safety of drivers and the mechanical state of the vehicle, helping to preempt costly repairs and enhance driving habits over time.

Each of these trackers provides a range of benefits tailored to different tracking needs, from simple location updates to extensive vehicle monitoring and diagnostics. When choosing a car tracker, it's important to consider the specific features that best suit your requirements, such as installation ease, battery life, and the type of monitoring needed.

What is the best cheap car tracker?

When considering car tracking costs, often, affordability without compromising on quality is critical for many businesses. The Fleet Management Software Buyer's Guide 2024 from Verizon Connect provides insights into selecting cost-effective trackers that offer essential features like real-time monitoring and route logging without a high upfront investment​.

Generally, car trackers can range in price from £20 to over £200, depending on their features and subscription models.

Here, we'll discuss some of the best options focusing on cost-effectiveness and functionality, highlighting the types of trackers that offer the best value for money.

Basic GPS trackers

Basic GPS trackers will cost you between £20-£50.

These trackers typically provide real-time location updates via a mobile app. They are generally the most affordable, with costs at the lower end of the spectrum.

These devices often involve a one-time purchase price, though some might require a minimal monthly subscription to access the app and services. This type of tracker is ideal for business owners looking for simple vehicle tracking without extensive additional features.

Advanced GPS trackers with theft alerts

GPS trackers that are advanced and feature theft alerts are priced at approximately £50-£100.

Stepping up slightly in price, these trackers offer enhanced features such as theft alerts, which notify you if your vehicle moves from a set location, and more frequent location updates.

These devices can either be bought at a one-time cost with a small monthly fee for network access or with a higher initial cost and no ongoing fees. This type is suitable for businesses needing more security and instant notifications of vehicle movements.

OBD GPS trackers

The price range for these trackers is approximately £40-£80. 

OBD trackers plug directly into the onboard diagnostics port of a vehicle, providing not only tracking capabilities but also diagnostics data about vehicle health.

These are priced moderately and might include a monthly subscription that provides detailed analytics useful for managing vehicle performance and efficiency.

Fleet management trackers

These trackers have a price range of approximately £60-£150.

Designed for business owners managing multiple vehicles, these trackers often come with a higher price tag but offer extensive features like route logging, driving behaviour monitoring, and more comprehensive fleet management tools.

They typically require a monthly subscription but offer considerable long-term value by optimising fleet operations and increasing safety.

What is the best vehicle tracker suited to your business's individual needs?

Choosing the right vehicle tracker app for your business is crucial for managing your fleet efficiently, enhancing security, and optimising operational costs. With a myriad of options available, it's important to consider a tracker that not only fits your specific requirements but also offers advanced features and reliable performance.

We will explore the various types of vehicle trackers, highlight key factors to consider, and help you determine the best vehicle tracking solution tailored to your business's individual needs.

Whether you are looking for a tracker that assesses driver behaviour; helps manage your business fleet; or guarantees safety, finding the right tracker can significantly impact your operational success.

Best GPS car trackers for driver behaviour

The DriverSafe Tracker is designed to monitor and analyse driver behaviour comprehensively. It tracks speed, braking patterns, and other driving metrics to provide insights into driver performance.

Moreover, it includes driver coaching tools that help educate drivers on safer and more efficient driving practices, thus directly impacting fleet safety and operational cost reductions.

By improving driver behaviour, businesses can decrease the risk of accidents, lower insurance costs, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

The coaching tools are particularly beneficial for ongoing driver training and development, leading to a more disciplined and professional driving fleet.

Best car trackers for business

Trackers that offer extensive features including route optimisation, which help to plan the most efficient routes for vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and save time.

Selecting devices that provide maintenance alerts that notify managers of upcoming service requirements or potential vehicle issues before they become serious problems. These features ensure that fleets operate at peak efficiency, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Route optimisation not only saves time but also contributes to lower fuel expenses and reduced wear and tear on vehicles. Maintenance alerts help keep the fleet in good condition, thereby extending the lifespan of vehicles and avoiding costly repairs.

For businesses looking for car trackers that offer extensive features discussed above, here are some reputable brands and systems you might consider:

  • Geotab - Known for providing robust fleet management solutions, Geotab's devices offer advanced route optimisation algorithms and maintenance management features. These help in planning the most efficient routes and provide alerts for vehicle maintenance needs.
  • Verizon Connect - A part of Verizon's suite of business solutions, Verizon Connect features comprehensive tracking systems that include route optimisation and maintenance notifications to help manage service requirements and reduce vehicle downtime.
  • Teletrac Navman - Offering robust fleet management solutions, Teletrac Navman specialises in providing detailed insights into fleet operations, including route optimisation and timely maintenance alerts.

Each brand offers unique features tailored to different fleet sizes and business needs, so it is beneficial to assess each option to find the best fit for your specific requirements.

Best for security 

When choosing a tracker with security in mind, it may be best to opt for one that has Thatcham Quality Assured accreditation. 

This certification is a significant mark of trust and quality in the automotive security industry, indicating that a car tracker meets stringent standards for security, reliability, and functionality as set by Thatcham Research, a UK-based automotive research centre.

When selecting a tracker with this certification, businesses can expect high-quality features that comply with strict security standards, including:

  • Anti-jamming technology: Ensures the tracker operates effectively even when criminals use devices to block the GPS signal.
  • Tow-away alert: Notifies the owner if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on, typical in tow-away thefts.
  • Battery backup: Allows the tracker to function even if the vehicle’s main battery is disconnected or depleted.
  • Driver recognition: Includes systems like driver tags that must be present for legal vehicle movement, adding an extra layer of security against theft.
  • Remote immobilisation: This enables the vehicle to be remotely disabled to prevent further movement once unauthorised use is detected.
  • Geofencing: Allows setting specific geographic boundaries, and sending alerts if these are breached.

The Thatcham Quality Assured accreditation reassures that the trackers are designed to offer solid protection against theft and unauthorised use, aligning with insurance company preferences and potentially leading to reduced insurance premiums due to enhanced vehicle security.

With these features, businesses can significantly enhance the security of their assets. The ability to quickly respond to theft attempts helps in reducing potential losses and increasing recovery rates of stolen vehicles.

Best for cost reduction

GPS trackers help optimise routes, thereby reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles. This can translate into significant savings, especially for businesses with larger fleets.

With accurate tracking, businesses can provide customers with precise arrival times, quickly adapt to traffic or route changes, and manage delivery schedules more efficiently.

For industries subject to regulatory compliance regarding driving hours, routes, or cargo, GPS trackers help ensure adherence to these regulations, avoiding fines and penalties. Compliance also helps in maintaining a good operational reputation, which is crucial for business sustainability.

Incorporating GPS tracking into fleet management not only provides direct cost benefits through fuel savings and operational efficiencies but also indirectly reduces costs by enhancing service delivery, improving safety, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

For businesses looking to optimise their operational budget, investing in a robust GPS tracking system offers a multifaceted solution that covers various aspects of fleet management.

Obtain multiple quotes to get the best deal for your car trackers

Obtaining multiple quotes for GPS vehicle trackers can significantly enhance cost efficiency and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

By comparing offers, you gain the advantage of negotiating better terms, accessing the latest technological advancements, and differentiating between providers' service levels. This strategic approach not only customises the service to your operational requirements but also reduces risk by lessening dependence on a single provider.

Enhance your business operations with a tailored GPS tracking solution that meets your needs. Don't settle for less—ensure you get the best technology at the most competitive price. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and start saving with a customised quote. Our experts are ready to assist you in optimising your fleet management with top-tier tracking solutions!

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