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An overview of AMS Fleet Management services

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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Asset Monitoring Solutions

AMS, Asset Monitoring Solutions, offers a vehicle tracking system. The company is headquartered in Ipswich, Suffolk. Asset Monitoring Solutions focuses on fuel consumption, efficiency and profitability.

AMS Fleet Management

AMS Fleet Manager can keep track of cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries, plant machinery, boats, semi-powered assets and non-powered assets. AMS offers four possibilities: AMS Fleet Manager Lite, AMS Fleet Manager, AMS Trailer Truck and AMS Site Manager.  

AMS Fleet Manager Lite is suitable for your company if you are looking for a tracking system for a smaller fleet or a low-cost version. It includes a system based on GPRS, Microsoft MapPoint or Google Earth, warning alerts and reports, and geofencing. Geofencing allows to set up borders in which the fleet would mostly operate. If these borders are crossed, it triggers an alert.

Companies with large fleet can benefit from AMS Fleet Manager, which can be integrated with any application already used for tracking. Just like AMS Fleet Manager Lite, this tracking system is GPRS live tracking system. With this system, is it possible to get information such as fuel consumption, temperature and load capacity?

Just like AMS Fleet Manager and AMS Fleet Manager Lite, AMS Trailer Truck is live tracking system based on GPRS, with user-friendly interface. It is suitable for box trailers, curtain side trailers and refrigerated trailers.

AMS Site Manager is a telemetry system, which besides GPRS live tracking and web interface AMS Site Manager also includes asset maintenance facility alerts.


What are the advantages of using AMS Fleet Manager as opposed to other systems?

  • Installation: the installation of the vehicle tracking system only takes 48 hours.
  • Real-time tracking: AMS Fleet Manager and other systems offered by AMS allows you to track your fleet in real-time.
  • Web interface: track the fleet, login into AMS user friendly-interface
  • Designed in house: this system was developed in-house, which means it can be tailored to the needs of the customer and which can lead to lower prices.
  • Flexible payment options: besides flexible payment options, AMS can also offer flexible contracts.
  • Driver performance: with AMS tracking system it is possible to track drivers behaviour, eliminate unwanted behaviour and use this information for further training of drivers.

Available Hardware

Device FMLITE uses GPS for positioning with multi roaming SIM card and the device is capable of reporting every minute on the positioning. Besides the positioning, the device reports on bad driver behaviour, idle time, speeding, fuel level and has business/privacy miles button and allows immobilisation.

Device FMLITE IP67 besides having the same functions as FMLITE are made for motorbikes, quads, boats and plant machinery - vehicles that do have weather proof enclosures.

As a cheaper version of devices can be considered FMOBD. This is thanks to the possibility of self-installation, which can lower the upfront costs as well as the costs when installing this device in another vehicle. 

Hardware AMS AT is suitable for non-powered applications. It is waterproof, based on GPS. This device can shift between active and dormant state and can last up to 1,000 days.


Dashboard is a AMS’ tracking solutions which helps you track location, speed, direction, mileage, operational hours, and status information on any asset on given date and time. It is also possible to see the route of the given vehicle on the map. Dashboard also allows to track driver behaviour, vehicle usage and send alerts whenever unwanted behaviour occurs. 

One of the features of Dashboard is a live screen, where it is possible to track and see each asset/ vehicle on the map at the very moment. Dashboard gives you access to different types of reports, such as Detailed Report, Summary Report, Timesheet Report and Daily Summary. 

Detailed Report is a thorough report, registering every event and usually dealt by the AMS staff. Summary Report focuses on every start and stop and times in between. A macro level report, Timesheet Report, brings information of daily use of the vehicle. Daily Summary reports on the same information as Summary Report, but in a different format.


If you would like to contact Asset Monitoring Solutions it is possible to do so through a form on AMS official web page, as well as via telephone and email. It is possible to request a quote or live demo. Asset Monitoring Solutions can be found also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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