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Last updated: 24 June 2024

Which Motorcycle Tracker Is The Best For Businesses?

  • Motorcycle trackers provide real-time tracking for multiple vehicles, helping businesses optimise routes, ensure timely deliveries, and monitor driver behaviour. This can lead to improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Installing motorcycle trackers can reduce insurance premiums because their high-security standards often lead insurers to offer discounts for bikes with Thatcham-approved trackers. These devices lower the theft risk, directly translating to lower premiums.
  • Sharing real-time tracking information with customers enhances transparency, provides accurate delivery times, and improves overall customer satisfaction. This added level of service can give businesses a competitive edge​.
  • The Monimoto motorcycle tracker is ideal for businesses seeking ease of use, portability, and reliable performance. Despite recurring costs and potential signal limitations, its enhanced security makes it a valuable investment for fleet management.

A motorbike tracker provides enhanced security, peace of mind, and potential insurance savings. Popular motorcycle trackers in 2024 are equipped with advanced features such as real-time GPS tracking, geofencing alerts, and extended battery life.

Notable options include the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS, known for its high accuracy and security features; the SmarTrack S5 with D-iD, offering enhanced identification technology; and the British Tracking Systems Motorcycle Tracker, valued for its reliability and comprehensive coverage.

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GPS for motorcycle: the best solutions

When selecting a motorcycle tracker, individual riders and business owners have specific features and characteristics they prioritise. Vehicle tracking systems for small businesses can be crucial for efficient fleet management and security.

Let’s take a look at some features motorbike riders seek. Motorbike riders today look for motorcycle trackers that provide robust security and ease of use. The most sought-after features include:

  • Real-time tracking: Riders always want to know their bike's exact location. This is crucial for security and peace of mind​. 
  • Zone alerts and geo-fencing: Setting up virtual zones where the bike is expected to be and receiving alerts if it leaves these zones helps prevent theft​​.
  • Motion detection: Instant notifications if the bike is moved unexpectedly can thwart theft attempts. This is especially useful when the bike is parked in unfamiliar places​​.
  • Smartphone integration: Easy control and monitoring through a smartphone app make it convenient for riders to manage their bike’s security on the go​.
  • Battery life: Long battery life or a reliable backup ensures the tracker remains operational even if the main battery is disconnected​​.

For business-oriented motorcycle tracking solutions, the focus shifts slightly to include features that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide comprehensive fleet management capabilities:

  • Fleet management: The real-time tracking of multiple vehicles helps businesses maintain oversight of their entire fleet​​.
  • Route optimisation: By tracking journeys, businesses can suggest more efficient routes, saving time and fuel costs​.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: Monitoring how employees use the vehicles can help ensure safe driving practices and reduce wear and tear​.
  • Detailed reports: Generating logs and reports for each journey aids in compliance and operational analysis​ ​.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Businesses must balance initial costs and subscription fees against the value provided regarding security and operational efficiency​​.

Datatool tracking solutions

Datatool offers advanced motorcycle tracking solutions that provide comprehensive security and monitoring features. Their product, the Datatool TrakKing Adventure S5, is a Thatcham S5-certified device that ensures high levels of protection against theft. This device includes real-time GPS tracking, motion detection, driver identification, and bi-directional data transmission​.


  • High security: The Thatcham S5 certification and comprehensive monitoring make Datatool a robust solution for theft prevention​.
  • Real-time alerts: Immediate notifications of unauthorised movements help quickly recover stolen bikes​​.
  • Insurance benefits: Using a Thatcham-approved tracker can reduce insurance premiums by lowering theft risk.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: The system's integration with a 24/7 monitoring centre provides added peace of mind and professional assistance in theft recovery​.


  • Cost: The initial cost and ongoing subscription fees can be relatively high compared to other trackers. However, this cost is often offset by insurance savings and the high level of security provided​.
  • Professional installation required: Professional installation can add to the initial cost and inconvenience​.
  • Battery drain: Continuous GPS tracking and communication can drain the motorcycle's battery faster than other tracking devices​.

Monimoto tracking solutions

The Monimoto tracking solution is a comprehensive security system designed specifically for motorcycles, which is ideal for individual and business use. It combines a motorbike alarm and a motorbike GPS tracker to provide real-time tracking and theft prevention, ensuring the safety and security of your fleet.

Features of Monimoto tracker

  • Standalone device: Monimoto operates independently without requiring a wired connection to the motorcycle's battery, making it versatile and easy to manage for multiple vehicles​.
  • GPS and GSM technology: Utilises GPS for precise location tracking and GSM for communication, ensuring reliable tracking across various regions​.
  • Automatic arming: The system arms itself automatically when the paired vital fob is not within proximity, providing hassle-free security management​.
  • Mobile app integration: Real-time tracking and alerts are managed through a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This allows for easy monitoring of multiple motorcycles​ ​.
  • Long battery life: The device's battery life is long, typically lasting several months on a single set of batteries, reducing maintenance efforts​.
  • Ease of installation: Can be installed in minutes without professional assistance, making it practical for fleet management​​.
  • Portability: Easily transferable between motorcycles within a fleet​.
  • No wiring required: Simplifies installation and avoids battery drain​.
  • Automatic Arming: Reduces manual intervention with automatic arming when the key fob is away.
  • Real-time tracking: Ensures asset safety with accurate location updates and quick theft recovery​.
  • Low maintenance: Long battery life minimises recharging and replacement efforts​.
  • Subscription fees: After the initial free period, a subscription fee is required for GSM service, adding to costs.
  • Dependence on mobile signal: Limited effectiveness in areas with poor mobile signal, affecting tracking reliability.
  • Battery replacement: Infrequent battery replacements might be inconvenient for managing multiple vehicles.
  • Initial cost: Higher upfront cost than other options, impacting the business budget.

Cost estimation

  • Device purchase: The Monimoto tracker typically costs around £129 to £149, depending on the device type.
  • Subscription fee: After the initial free period (usually two months), the GSM service subscription costs approximately £3-£5 per month​​.
  • Battery replacement: The battery replacement cost (CR123A) is relatively low, around £10-£15 annually.

For business owners seeking a reliable and easy-to-use motorcycle GPS tracker, the Monimoto tracker is a strong contender. Its portability, ease of installation, and comprehensive features make it one of the best motorcycle trackers on the market. However, the ongoing subscription fee and reliance on mobile signals should be considered​.

Best motorcycle tracker solution for businesses

Let's take a look at the different tracker types below. 

Monimoto tracker

The Monimoto tracker is a standalone motorcycle GPS tracker that offers ease of use and portability. It requires no wiring, making the GPS installation simple and hassle-free. The device uses GPS and GSM technology for real-time tracking and automatic arming when the key fob is not nearby.

The advantages, disadvantages, and costs of this tracker were addressed earlier, so let’s examine the other tracking options below.


BikeTrac is a popular motorbike GPS tracker known for its comprehensive features. It offers real-time tracking, tamper alerts, and geo-fencing capabilities. The system is insurance-approved and enhances the security of your motorcycle fleet. The device costs £299, and a subscription is £9.99 per month. 


  • Real-time tracking: Precise and reliable.
  • Tamper alerts: Immediate notifications of unauthorised movements.
  • Geo-fencing: Customizable security zones.


  • Higher cost: Premium features come at a higher price.
  • Subscription fees: Required for full functionality.

Datatool Stealth S5

The Datatool Stealth S5 is an advanced motorcycle tracker with dual GPS and RF technology. It is Thatcham-approved and integrates seamlessly with the Datatool app for easy monitoring.

We addressed the advantages and disadvantages of using this tracker earlier. Let’s take a look at the costs. The device is priced at approximately £359, with subscription fees beginning at £12.49 monthly.

How can a motorbike tracker make a difference?

A motorbike tracker is an essential security tool that uses GPS technology to track motorcycles in real-time. These devices enable owners to monitor their motorcycles remotely and receive instant alerts in case of unauthorised movements. A mini tracker can provide a discreet yet effective tracking solution for individual riders and businesses.

Motorbike alarms and trackers significantly increase the chances of recovering stolen bikes by providing precise location data to law enforcement agencies. A police-approved car tracker enhances security and meets law enforcement standards, facilitating quicker recovery of stolen motorcycles.

Impact on motorcycle theft and recovery in the UK

Motorcycle theft is a substantial issue in the UK, particularly for private and hobby riders. Statistics from the National Crime Intelligence Service survey reveal that around 40,000 motorcycles are stolen annually in the UK, costing about £3 million each month in losses​​.

Advantages of using a motorbike tracker
  • Real-time location tracking: Immediate response and location updates in case of theft.
  • Increased recovery rates: Enhanced chances of recovering stolen motorcycles.
  • Deterrent effect: Visible trackers can deter potential thieves.
  • Cost: Initial purchase and subscription fees can be a consideration.
  • Signal dependence: Trackers rely on mobile signals, which can be less effective in remote areas.

Motorcycle trackers and business vehicles

Investing in motorcycle tracking solutions enhances security, fleet management, and customer satisfaction, leading to significant business cost savings.

  • Scooters and e-scooters are ideal for delivery services and urban couriers due to their efficiency and ease of manoeuvring in traffic. They offer low operational costs, easy parking, and minimal environmental impact, making them a popular choice for businesses focusing on cost-effectiveness and sustainability​.
  • Motorcycles: Extensively used by logistics companies, police, and emergency services for fast response and efficient travel. Their high speed and agility enable quick navigation through congested areas, making them essential for time-sensitive operations​​.
  • Quads (ATVs): Used in agriculture, forestry, and land management to navigate rough terrains. Their stability and off-road capabilities make them suitable for tasks in challenging environments, providing reliability and durability for various outdoor business activities​.
  • Electric Bikes (E-Bikes): These are favoured in eco-friendly delivery services and urban commuting. They offer low running costs and are environmentally friendly, making them an excellent option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining efficiency in urban settings​​.

Importance of motorcycle tracking for businesses

Motorcycle tracking is vital for businesses that use these vehicles. It enhances security by significantly reducing the risk of theft. Real-time tracking ensures efficient fleet management, timely deliveries, and optimised routes, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs​​.

Tracking devices also help monitor driver behaviour and adherence to safety regulations, reducing accident risks and liabilities​.

Additionally, many insurance companies offer lower vehicle premiums with approved tracking devices, providing further cost savings​​. By sharing real-time tracking information with customers, businesses can enhance transparency and improve customer satisfaction.​

How to install a motorcycle tracking device on scooters

Installing a motorcycle tracking device on a scooter can enhance security and provide peace of mind for business operations. Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, ensuring the tracker is correctly installed and hidden well is crucial for effective tracking. We have listed a step-by-step guide below.

  • Choose the right tracker: Select a tracker that suits your needs. Popular choices include Monimoto, BikeTrac, and Datatool.
  • Locate a suitable position: Hide the tracker under the seat, inside the front fairing, or within the battery compartment​​.
  • Signal: Ensure the location does not obstruct the GPS signal.
  • Mount the tracker: With self-powered trackers, attach using zip ties or adhesive mounts. Meanwhile, with hardwired trackers, connect the power wires to the scooter’s battery terminals following the instructions​.
  • Activate the tracker: To set up the mobile app, download the app, pair the tracker with your phone, and follow the setup instructions.
  • Testing: Move the scooter to check whether the GPS signal and alerts work​.

Cost estimates

Let’s first take a look at self-installation. The tracker cost ranges between £150-£300 depending on the model and features. The installation will take approximately one to two hours, and no labour cost is involved.

In contrast, professional installation:

  • Company installers: Some trackers include professional installation services, which can be optional and charge an extra fee. Depending on the complexity, this fee can range from £50 to £100.
  • Local mechanics: If opting for a local mechanic, labour costs typically range from £30-£60 per hour. Installation should take approximately one to two hours​.

Motorbike alarm and tracker for businesses: pros and cons

Implementing motorbike alarms and trackers can significantly benefit businesses relying on scooters, motorcycles, and other vehicles. These tracking solutions provide enhanced security, operational efficiency, and cost savings but also come with some challenges. Below are the pros and cons of adopting motorcycle tracking solutions for businesses

Pros of adopting motorcycle tracking solutions

  • Theft prevention: Real-time GPS tracking and geofencing alerts reduce theft risk.
  • Immediate alerts: Instant notifications for unauthorised movement or tampering allow quick response and recovery​​.
  • Fleet management: Real-time tracking ensures optimised routes and timely deliveries, enhancing operational efficiency​.
  • Data analytics: Collect vehicle usage, routes, and driver behaviour data to improve performance and reduce costs​.
  • Insurance premiums: Lower premiums for vehicles with approved tracking devices, resulting in significant savings​.
  • Maintenance alerts: Trackers provide alerts for scheduled maintenance, ensuring timely servicing and reducing breakdowns​.
  • Transparency: Real-time tracking information can be shared with customers, providing accurate delivery times and enhancing their experience​.
  • Monitoring: Ensures drivers adhere to speed limits and safety regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities​.

Cons of adopting motorcycle tracking solutions

  • Device cost: High initial investment for purchasing tracking devices, ranging from £150 to £300 per unit​.
  • Subscription fees: Ongoing subscription fees for GSM service, typically £3 to £10 per month, add to operational costs​.
  • Professional installation: Some devices require professional installation, costing between £50 and £100​.
  • Self-installation challenges: DIY installation can be time-consuming and may require technical expertise​ ​.
  • Reliability: Trackers rely on mobile signals for real-time tracking, which can be less effective in remote or densely built-up areas​​.
  • Battery replacement: Trackers with their power supply need regular battery replacements, which can inconvenience fleet management​

Compare multiple quotes

Business owners can significantly save time and money by comparing quotes for motorcycle trackers. Assessing multiple options lets you pinpoint the best features, prices, and subscription plans tailored to your needs.

By exploring different providers, you can uncover hidden costs and extra benefits that might not be immediately apparent. This proactive approach ensures you maximise your investment in fleet security.

Don't wait - start comparing quotes from various providers today to secure the best deal and enhance the security of your motorcycle fleet.

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