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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Coffee and the Ways Some Europeans Enjoy It

Europeans _enjoying _coffee __1_

How Do People Enjoy Coffee in Italy?

It is safe to say, that coffee is a big part of the Italian culture, and espresso is the most common choice among Italians. It is served in tiny cups and is normally sipped while standing at the cafés. Italians enjoy espressos all day long, while the only “appropriate” time to enjoy a cappuccino or a cafe latte is in the morning. This is because of the steamed milk used to prepare both beverages.

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How Do People Enjoy Coffee in Turkey?

The hot beverage has been present since the 15th century. Turks like their drink strong, dark and sweet, and is usually consumed after a meal, served with a side of Turkish candy. After finishing the drink, the grounds, which have settled at the bottom of the cup, are used for fortune telling.

How Do People Enjoy Coffee in Spain?

The most popular coffee drink is the Cortado. It is made from espresso with a little bit of warm milk, in order to decrease the acidity. Spaniards normally consume it at breakfast or after the “siesta” alongside some sort of a snack.

How Do People Enjoy Coffee in Norway?

Unlike the previous three countries where strong black coffee is preferred, the Norwegians fancy a cup with a distinctive and tangy tasting one. It is a bit of an acquired taste but since Norway is the second largest consumer in the world we can assume they know their coffee.

Greece and Ireland are two countries, that offer a different read on how coffee is consumed. The Greek's preferred choice is the frappe. It is made from instant substance, water, sugar, evaporated milk and the most important ingredient – ice. It is enjoyed throughout the day in outdoor cafes.

Frappe ___

The Irish coffee is more of a cocktail and is normally consumed after dinner. It is different from the above drinks, because it contains alcohol, and is made from hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and is topped with whipped cream. It was created to warm up American tourists during cold nights.

And those are just a few countries which offer their wisdom on how coffee should be drinked. So coffee lovers may rest assured that no matter in which country they are, they will be able to enjoy their drink in some new way.

If you want to test your knowledge about coffee and learn some interesting facts you may find this coffee quiz interesting.