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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Coffee Machine Suppliers

Coffee Machine Suppliers in the UK

Today, there is a wide variety of coffee machines on the market. The fact that British people are consuming more and more coffee encourages coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, and offices to offer coffee beverages of the highest quality in order to satisfy the expectations of the different consumers and employees. As always, different solutions can serve different needs

There are currently many coffee machine suppliers in the UK, and each of them offers a wide range of products that can satisfy all customer’s needs. From purchasing vending machines to renting coffee machines, well-known brands make sure you find the unit you need in the price and terms you can afford or prefer.

If you want some help in order to find the supplier who can serve the best your specific needs, then fill in the form and our experienced sales team will provide you with a tailor-made list of up to four quotes of coffee machines. The service is free and non-binding.

We have gathered a list of recognised and well-known coffee machine suppliers. Our list can give you a better overview when it comes to choosing the best coffee machine for your business  such as restaurant, office, or catering. In case you are looking for more in-depth information, check out the links and you will be lead to a page that gives a detailed brand description.

Franke CoffeeFranke Coffee Machine

Franke Coffee Systems is one out of four businesses that Franke Group consists of. With more than 100 years of experience, Franke Coffee Machines combine high quality, innovation, and functionality.

Thus, Franke is one of the world's leading coffee machine suppliers, with a special focus on cafés and the catering industry. Franke offers fully automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines, brewers, and capsules.

Fully automated coffee machines are easy to use. The machines with LCD screens guarantee excellent user experience by providing barista-like coffee, milk beverages, hot chocolate, and tea with a touch of a button. Moreover, in automatic machines such as A1000 FM, the functionalities include the size of the cup, coffee flavour, as well as FoamMaster options to enhance the drinking coffee experience.

Popular products include:

  • Franke GJ474 Fracino Piccino Coffee Machine (semi-automatic espresso machine)
  • Franke Flair (bean to cup coffee machine)
  • Franke A1000 FM (automatic espresso machine)

FracinoFracino Coffee Machine

Fracino was established in 1960 as a family business and quickly became a well-known cappuccino and espresso machine manufacturer.

Fracino is a coffee machine supplier that is praised for its outstanding technical quality and design.The brand offers a variety of products: traditional, over P.I.D., bean to cup, manual, domestic, and automatic machines.

Manual and semi-automatic units are compact and stylish machines, providing a high-quality espresso and are suitable for the locations with a volume between 50 and 70 cups per day. At the same time, the innovative bean to cup machines produces the best crema through keeping the coffee beans under constant pressure when the water is stew.

Popular products include:

  • Fracino Cherub Coffee Machine (espresso coffee machine)
  • Fracino Little Gem (semi-automatic coffee machine)
  • Cybercino (bean to cup coffee machine)

GaggiaGaggia Coffee Machine

Gaggia Milano is a coffee machine supplier that offers easy-to-operate fully automatic, manual and professional espresso machines. The company provides barista training as well as repair services for professional Gaggia, Saeco, and Caffitaly coffee machines in the UK.

Gaggia’s coffee machines are both durable and stylish. Thus, they are suitable for office and home users. The brand’s compact coffee machines create a high-quality coffee as in the best coffee shops.

Automatic bean to cup machines grind coffee beans for espresso and provide options for producing coffee and milk drinks of their liking. Gaggia offers also energy-efficient units, which switches to “sleep mode” after one hour.

Popular products include:

  • Gaggia RI8759/01 Anima Class (bean to cup and fully automatic coffee machine)
  • Gaggia HD8749/11 Naviglio Deluxe (automatic, bean to cup coffee machine)
  • Gaggia Brera (bean to cup coffee machine)

De’LonghiDelonghi Coffee Machine

De’Longhi coffee machines is one of the leading coffee machine suppliers. The company offers a wide range of coffee machine solutions, such as traditional espresso machines, super-automatic machines, bean to cup espresso coffee makers, pump and portioned espresso machines. Their products are suitable for offices and catering services.

De'Longhi’s fully-automated coffee equipment prepares coffee with one touch. Moreover, coffee making can be now app-controlled through Bluetooth, with the option to customise and store selected drinks. The brand tries to meet growing expectations of coffee lovers by introducing Latte Crema System, which allows personalising the amount of foam from milky to a creamy and dense coffee drink.

Popular products include:

  • De'Longhi Delonghi ECAM650.85.MS Primadonna (fully automatic coffee machine)
  • De'Longhi Autentica Cappuccino ETAM29.660.SB (fully automatic bean to cup espresso maker)
  • De'Longhi ECAM25.462.B (fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine)

JuraJura Coffee Machine

Jura is a Swiss coffee machine supplier that focuses exclusively on fully automatic espresso coffee machines. Jura coffee machines are well-known for their easy-to-use systems, unique design, and outstanding coffee results.

Jura automatic coffee machines are equipped in the screen control panel to select drinks from a variety of selection. The units feature a programmed switch-off option to help preserve energy. Moreover, the Jura offers unique coffee machines with two cups models. Equally important, fully automatic coffee machines are tailored to make the maintenance easier, through system of descaling water and cleaning and rinsing milk.

Popular products include:

  • Jura S8 (automatic coffee machine)
  • JURA 15111 J6 (fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine)
  • JURA E8 Platinum 2018 (fully automatic espresso machine)

KencoKenco Coffee Machine

Kenco is a coffee machine supplier that caters to relatively high coffee consumption needs, such as restaurants, canteens, offices, meeting rooms or reception areas.

The company offers a wide range of high cup capacity coffee solutions. Besides the Kenco soluble dispense system, the Kenco 2Go! Boiler, or single capsule systems, Kenco also provides traditional, filter coffee, and bean to cup machines.

Kenco coffee machines are suitable for self-service, making them ideal for offices or reception areas. They typically feature options of instant coffee, as well as more premium coffee beverages. Kenco vending machines, like the as MAXI Incup Drinks, are equipped with a coin payment features, making them suitable for hospitals or universities.

Popular products include:

  • Kenco Coffee Machine Singles Capsule System (vending coffee machine)
  • Kenco Refresh 1400 (vending coffee machine)
  • Kenco MAXI Incup Drinks Machine

BoschBosch Coffee Machine

Bosch is a well-known provider of multiple home appliances, focusing on technical perfection and reliability in building coffee machines. Bosch produces mainly two kinds of coffee machines: espresso and filter coffee machines.

Fully automatic machines are equipped in a big control panel. With one touch of a button, the user can prepare two coffee drinks at the same time. Machines such as VeroSelection are quiet and intuitive. Moreover, they can save the user’s favourite coffee drinks.

At the same time, filter coffee makers are more suitable for home and small offices. They include features such as drip stop, which makes them easy to use and clean. Equally important, the automatic shut-off feature allows to save energy.

Popular products include:

  • Bosch Tassimo Caddy T75 (fully automatic coffee machine)
  • Bosch VeroAroma (fully automatic coffee machine)
  • Bosch TKA8633 (filter coffee machine)

SelectaSelecta Coffee Machine

Selecta is a Swiss coffee machine supplier founded in 1957 that has become Europe’s market leader in vending and coffee services. The company’s product range consists of vending machines for drinks, snacks, coffee, and water.

Selecta is known for a tailored solution suitable for particular sectors. For a working place, the brand offers impulse vending, as well as premium machines. Selecta cooperates with Starbucks and Lavazza to deliver a good quality branded coffee.

Popular products include:

  • Schaerer Coffee Soul (table-top automatic coffee machine)
  • Alassio Latte (table-top coffee vending machine)
  • Grande Milano (coffee vending machine)

AstoriaAstoria Coffee Machine

Astoria was created in Italy in 1969 and now the products are available in more than 150 countries. The customers choose Astoria’s coffee machines for their innovative technology and design.

Astoria’s espresso machines are a combination of advanced technology and design. A machine like ‘Storm’ stands out among other professional coffee machines with adjustments to a barista’s movements and needs for operating the levers. At the same time, automatic units offer an advanced level of customisation of drinks.

The company puts a strong focus on protecting the environment, waste reduction, flexibility, efficiency, and energy savings. Thus, coffee shops and restaurants are able to choose eco-friendly coffee machines from Astoria’s ‘green line.’

Popular products include:

  • Astoria Plus 4 You (automatic espresso machine)
  • Astoria Storm (manual espresso machine)
  • Gemma (super-automatic coffee machine)

SaecoSaeco Coffee Machine

Saeco is an Italian coffee brand and the inventor of the world's first super-automatic espresso machine. This coffee machine supplier belongs to Phillips and offers consumer-connected coffee machines operated by an app.

The product range for coffee covers four different super-automatic espresso machines and seven types of manual espresso machines. Saeco’s fully automatic machines are easy to use intuitively with options to choose the intensity of beverages. Removable components make the machines easy to clean and maintain.

Popular products include:

  • Saeco Aulika Office Independent (automatic coffee machine)
  • Saeco Royal Large Cream (freestanding fully automatic coffee machine)
  • Saeco sm5470/10 (super-automatic espresso machine)

MieleMiele Coffee Machine

Miele is a German coffee machine supplier focusing mainly on household and commercial appliances. The brand offers built-in coffee machines as well as freestanding coffee ones. They are known for their durability, ease of use, energy efficiency, great design, and good quality in service.

Miele pays special attention to technology. The conical grinding mills in coffee machines are made from stainless steel, which allows to grind coffee beans equally whilst still protecting the aroma.

Fully automatic machines are equipped in a cup sensor that recognises the cup’s height. Moreover, machines such as CM7 are equipped with the AutoDescale feature, which descales the machine once a day.

Popular products include:

  • Miele CM6150 (bean to cup coffee machine)
  • Miele CM7 (fully automatic coffee machine)
  • Miele CM6350 (countertop coffee machine)

WMFWmf Coffee Machine

WMF is a German brand that produced the first large-scale coffee machines in 1927. In the 1950s, it started manufacturing coffee machines according to customer specifications. WMF stands for technical innovation as well as in-house customer service.

WMF automatic coffee machines include an intuitive touch interface that displays advertising images while a drink is being prepared. The brand also offers a selection of filter coffee machines that brew coffee from ground coffee beans. Those units are suitable for coffee shops, bakeries, hotels or offices.

Popular products inlcude:

  • WMF LUMERO Thermo(drip coffee maker)
  • WMF 1100 S (bean to cup coffee machine)
  • WMF 1200 F (filter coffee machine)

Choose the Best Coffee Machine Retailers in the UK

There are many different coffee machine suppliers on the UK market. Each of them offers various solutions depending on the customer’s needs. When choosing a coffee machine you may consider the size of your business, budget, daily consumption, the capacity of the machine and design. Coffee machine suppliers offer a variety of options that will suit your expectations and needs.

A good coffee machine might be associated with a considerable investment, however, the quality of the coffee will pay in the best cup of coffee for your clients or employees.

If you want to save time in this long process, we are here to help. Fill in the quote form and our qualified customer service team will provide you up to four quotes of coffee machines from the UK suppliers. The service is no binding, as well as, free of charge.

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