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Last Updated: 20. February 2020

The Office Coffee Machine: A Motivational Tool

Coffee breaks are universal. It’s a quiet moment for chit chatting with your colleagues and relaxing. When you see your employees gathering around one of the coffee machines you might think they are being unproductive, when in fact you should be thinking the opposite! Office coffee machines will actually help you to gain more profit.

Coffee Breaks Are Beneficial

First of all, everyone needs a break once in a while. A quick 10 minute interruption will help your employees to get back to work with a fresh mind, ready to embrace the week’s to-do list. Coffee machines offer even more than just a good cup of coffee. It gives you the opportunity to talk to your colleagues face-to-face instead of online via email, which brings a whole other dimension to your internal interaction and communication, as well as giving you the opportunity to do some real networking.

It is also the best place to bump into collaborators you don't really know because you don't work directly with them. Coffee breaks give people from different departments or work stations the chance to connect and feel like part of a group. Creating a community among your employees is very important as the communication will be more fluent (and therefore better), the work environment will be more pleasant and everyone will feel more comfortable.

Moreover, personal interaction, performance and innovation are linked together. It’s a fact that the most creative people interact and communicate the most. Thus, getting people to talk to each other at the coffee vending machine will be profitable for your company. Since most conversations over a cup of coffee during a break are about work, we don't see this coffee break as just a break anymore - it's a different way of working, less formal but still very productive.

While talking to people from different areas of expertise, you have the chance to get inspired by them and their work. Asking other people for help, even if they are not familiar with the subject, might offer you another perspective you would maybe never think about.

Coffee machine

Coffee, Communication and Productivity

Meeting around the coffee machine will also help your employees to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the company. Talking to colleagues in different departments allows employees to learn more about what others are doing and it will help them gain the bigger picture of the business they are taking part in.

Investing in a great espresso coffee machine with quality coffee (and tea for the non-coffee drinkers among us) is thus an important decision. It will help you promote good team spirit, bring people together, and it will stimulate everyone’s creativity. Not to forget your employees will be grateful for the attention given to their comfort.

The coffee machine should have a central place in the company, a place where everyone is welcomed to make the best out of their break.

So who wants a cup of coffee? 

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