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Last Updated: 02. August 2019

Why Companies Should Invest In A Coffee Machine (Or Two)

Coffee Machines Can Improve the Work Environment of Any Office

Google and other corporate giants are spending big parts of their budgets on creating quirky, elaborately constructed work environments in order to raise their employees’ productivity and morale. But even companies without a budget for turning the office into an amusement park have an effective possibility of ensuring their employees are happy and motivated: free coffee.

A wide range of studies proves that coffee has a positive effect on employees and consequently the company’s overall performance. The assumption that coffee breaks are a waste of productivity by decreasing actual working hours has been generally disproved. Major findings of research dealing with the effects of coffee in the workplace are detailed below, so investing in an office coffee machine could benefit your business.

Coffee Improves Productivity

Caffeine is a stimulant that helps keep its consumers awake and focused by blocking receptors for adenosine in the brain – the compound responsible for feeling sleepy. Thus caffeine makes for an effective counteraction to drowsiness and distraction, which boosts employees’ performance and reduces the number of mistakes they make.

Furthermore, studies show that coffee can have a positive effect on a person’s memory performance and concentration ability. Taking a break from work to enjoy a cup of coffee gives the brain some time to rest and recharge – a necessary time-out that allows for the storage and consolidation of knowledge as well as the creation of new ideas.

Coffee Breaks Create Social Bonds

The act of colleagues meeting each other over a cup of coffee is shown to have an array of positive effects. First and foremost, coffee breaks allow employees to get to know each other and create informal social bonds – a sound foundation for good cooperation and well-functioning teamwork.

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Coffee breaks push the occurrence of a positive social environment in the office that ultimately helps boost creativity and productivity. Employees are able to share their ideas and views in a more informal way while enjoying a cup of coffee, creating a stimulating exchange of insights.

According to an extensive study conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, coffee breaks also provide an outlet for workplace-induced stress and frustrations. By sharing their thoughts and feelings, employees’ are better able to cope with negative situations, improving their happiness.

Free Coffee Boosts Morale

It’s long been proven that people are inclined to work harder when they feel their efforts are being recognised and rewarded. One easy tool to increase employees’ motivation is the coffee machine. Providing free and good coffee is a generally effective office perk that helps keeping morale among employees high as it is generally considered a token of appreciation. Companies should never disregard the importance of high morale in the office environment, considering that it is big factor contributing to employees’ productivity.

The perks of free coffee in the workplace are plentiful and companies shouldn’t overlook this relatively low-cost motivation tool. After all, why wouldn’t you want to invest into a commercial coffee machine (or two) if the result are happy and productive employees?

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