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Last Updated: 05. July 2019

The Role of Colour in Branding

What Does Colour Say About Your Brand?

The Role of Color in Branding

How Does Colour Affect Branding?

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the making of a brand or logo? One of the most important factors that companies and marketers consider while deciding on their brand is the colour. Yes, color is such a powerful tool in designing a company’s brand name and logo. It can affect a brand in both positive and negative ways according to how you use it.

Colours have the power to influence customer’s emotions and perception towards a product or brand. Data shows that 73% of purchase decisions are made in-store, and colour and aesthetics play a major role. Colours also play an important role when it comes to web design, as websites are where a lot of people have their first encounter with a brand, and therefore form their first impression.

The perception of colours can also differ according to gender, age, personality, income and various other factors. So how do companies choose a brand colourr to cater to their target market segment? For the most part, firms decide on their colours, either through their web design agencies or not, based on what they want their brand to be perceived as.

In the infographic, you can take a look at various brands and their colours. You can read about the significance of each colour and how colours have a major role to play in marketing. A study shows that buying behavior and attraction towards a product or brand depends a lot on the visual elements.

The infographic made by Market Inspector has taken six colours and analysed them. You can read about why brands use the following colours: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and neutral. Brands that use neutral colours like black, gray, and white have a specific target group that they’re interested in. Food brands tend to go for bright colours like red or yellow as they are known to stimulate appetite. Read on to understand more about the role of colour in branding.

The Role Of Colour Branding

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