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Last Updated: 25. September 2019

The 8 Latest Trends in Web Design in 2017

According to the newest trends in web design of 2017, the typography is getting bolder, colours are getting brighter, pictures are getting better, and video is becoming the new king of internet. Also, most important of all, keeping up with latest web design trends and finding the right design for your website is becoming more important than ever.

After all, finding the right web design agency or company, that understands your business and can help you create professional and up-to-date web designin today’s worlds is a key factor to building a successful and prosperous business.

Do you want to improve your web design or find the right web design company for your business? Market Inspector is here to help you, just fill in the form at the top of the page, and let us know your type of business. We will provide you with up to 4 quotes from reputable web design agencies in the UK. It is free of charge and there is no further obligation! 

The Top 8 Hottest Trends in Web Design

1. Mobile Phone Design Comes First

With 2.5 billion active mobile phone users, and more than half of the world’s web traffic coming from mobile phones, the importance of well-functioning, mobile-friendly web design is constantly growing. These days, it’s getting to the point where in 2017 you should probably focus on developing the mobile version of design for your brand, before you move on to the bigger screen.

What does it mean for business owners that wish to develop a user-friendly web design that will grow their business and drive up sales? Clear, simple layout, that delivers your message straight away, simply because the smaller format limits the amount of content visible for users. Your 2017 web design does not need any unnecessary distractions. The key to success is a website with aesthetically pleasing, modern and clear design, that can easily be  viewed on a mobile phone.

Optimising for mobiles is imperative in today's age if you want to rank well on Google. Due to their update in their algorithm, they are now prioritisin the mobile-version of a website, in what they call 'mobile-first indexing'.

Mobile -phone -wedb -design

2. Incorporate Videos in Your Web Design

People want to watch videos, and in today’s internet world, the importance of video is constantly growing. Approximately 50% of all mobile traffic is video based. It’s safe to say that video is slowly becoming the new king of internet.

Why? It’s easy and effortless, all your customers have to do is to click a button, and they get the whole content delivered in a few minutes. Videos are a great tool for story-telling, the combination of sound and movement makes it easier for the customer to retain the content.

 Moreover, videos tend to capture your customer's attention much quicker and tend to deliver your message across more effectively than images or text alone. Implanting videos in your web design can be a great marketing strategy, that can help you build your brand’s identity and increase your brand’s awareness.

Videos -web -sedign 

3. Big and Bold Typography Attracts Attention

The new trend in web design for 2017 is beautiful, big, bold typography. It’s effective, easy to read, delivers the message, and gets the job done. In 2017, it’s all about having a functional and clear web design, without any distractions.

 No matter if you are a small-, medium- or large-sized enterprise, if you want to stay competitive you need to attract the attention of your customers straight away. Big and bold typography can make your communication with your customers more effective and increase customer satisfaction which will eventually increase sales and interest in your product.

Big -bold -typography

4. Simple, One Page Design

We all love to scroll, scrolling is simple, and as you might already notice, in 2017, web design is heading towards delivering the content in the most effective and fastest way possible. It’s all about making life simpler for the user!

Today, the Internet is spoiling us with the amount and variety of content that is readily available, and sometimes a simple “click” it too much to ask for. The user needs to know that the content is worth the “click”. Especially, when it comes to smaller screens such as mobile phones and iPads, scrolling is simply easier than clicking and waiting for the content to appear.

The best solution is to deliver the catchy part of your content on the main page, which will attracts user’s attention, and provide a read more button for readers that are particularly interested in the topic.

 Simple-onepage -design

5. Content Is Actually Important

In 2017, companies should invest in web design with a layout that places content on the first place. The times of tacky images and fancy animations that have nothing to do with the actually content, are over.

 Your clients should be able to find desired content within a few seconds after entering your website, which means that the design should be as simple and clear as possible. It’s especially crucial to find a web design company that understands the value your brand is providing, and can design your website to emphasise this value, and not hide it behind a fancy web design. A customer friendly and easy to navigate website, that provides content straight away, is nowadays the key to a well-prospering business.

Content -web -design

6. The Real Photography

Again, the days of tacky images are over, in 2017, people want to see real, professional photography. Beautiful, high resolution, authentic images are extremely important for your brand image.Low quality, unprofessional images are simply no longer acceptable for a serious business.

Companies are being more careful than ever, when it comes to choosing the right images for their website, and often hire professional photographers to make sure their pictures are the best quality possible.

With the amount of new sites constantly coming up across the web, it is becoming more important than ever to produce original, creative content, and build unique aesthetics for your brand, by using the right images, videos, typography, and illustrations.

Landscape -photography -web -design

7. More Colour, Brighter Colour

More and more companies are trying to think out of the box today, when it comes to the choice of colour palette for their website. Brands are moving away from web-safe colours option, and bright colours, and, in general, more colours are the new trends for 2017.

Moreover, the quality of our screens are getting better, and web designers are taking advantage of that by using vibrant and more bold tones that will make the website even more appealing for the eye, everything to stand out, right?  >

Being creative with your choice of colour and standing out from the crowd, can have a  positive effect on creating your brand identity and rising your brand awareness.

Recently some of the biggest names in online media as Instagram and Spotify decided to incorporate more colourful and brighter tones in their visual identity. Instagram changed its logo to a simpler  yet colourful image and Spotify decided to go for a more vivid and bold purple colour for their website.  

Bright -colours -web -design

8. Virtual Reality Is Hot

Virtual reality is the new hot topic of 2017! Big companies such as Sony, Oculus, and HTC, are investing in the technology and producing VR headsets. Even though the majority of VR headsets are used for media consumption and gaming, many companies are trying to implement VR-inspired technologies into their web design solutions. For instance, by creating websites where the user is put in the center of “the action”, sees everything from the first person perspective, and can freely navigate through the virtual reality.

 Virtual reality opens up a whole new world of creative opportunities for new and innovative web design technologies, that could create a unique experience for the user. For example, customer could explore the inside of a luxurious hotel, freely move from one room the another, go on a trip to space, or sit in a car and see all the details from the driver’s perspective.

Virtual reality technology is definitely the new big thing, worth keeping an eye on!

Virtual -reality -web -design

Web design trends are evolving every year and are adapting to both the user's needs and also to stay ahead of the curve in relation to rankings. You can read our expert roundup of web design trends in 2018.

Do you want to implement any of the latest trends in the web design of your company? Market Inspector can help by providing up up 4 free quotes, with no obligations. Fill-in the form at the top of the page to get your quotes today!

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