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Last Updated: 28. March 2019

B2B Marketing Articles of February 2019

February 2019: B2B Marketing Articles to Read This Month

At Market Inspector , it is important for us to be updated on what is happening in the business market, not only in the UK but also the rest of the world. We therefore would like to share some of our favourite news, articles and helpful tools with you.

We have therefore collected five interesting B2B marketing articles from the month of February in this post. Here you can read a brief description of the article, and we have linked to the underlying article in case you would like to read further.

Take a look at our content roundup for January if you've missed reading them.

1. Transforming B2B Marketing Through AI

Artificial Intelligence programs are enhancing B2B marketing capabilities by acting as a force multiplier. This article shows how AI solutions are boosting lead conversion process in B2B by constantly and effectively following up with leads and pushing them ahead in the buying funnel.

Key highlights about how AI aids B2B marketing efforts:


- Identify prospects that are likely to lead to sales, and prioritizing efforts.

- Incorporating predictive analysis to understand customer purchase history and intent.

- Automating email conversations to ensure trust and engagement.

- Personalising selling efforts through customer data.

- Possibly creating content that can assist marketers in basic communication tasks.

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2. What You Should Know About Database Marketing

A form of direct marketing, database marketing helps in delivering effective and personalised messages by using business and consumer data. This helps marketers get insights from a large amount of data for better and personalised targeting.

Key highlights that you should know about database marketing:


- Types of database marketing include consumer and business database.

- The main goal of database marketing is to segment customers and deliver personalised messages.

- This in turn helps is establishing better customer service.

- Database marketing helps in increasing trust and loyalty of customers thereby increasing brand affinity.

- User experience is enhanced through personalised online ads and emails based on data from customers browsing behaviour.

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3. Driving B2B Influencer Marketing Success

Influencers marketing is a popular tactic in the B2C market, and is slowing becoming a well known tactics for B2B marketers. However B2B relationships don’t often stop after purchase and require a more long term connection to build partnerships.

Key highlights on how influencer marketing can drive B2B success:


- The main agenda in B2B influencer marketing is to maintain strong relationships which often take time.

- Treating influencers to being a part of your marketing team would help in co-creation of content and messages that you would like to showcase.

- A strong commitment helps in evolving relationships with influencers in B2B.

- An always-on approach towards B2B influencer marketing helps in growing lasting relations with industry leaders and scale your overall marketing efforts.

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4. B2B Inbound Marketing Guide

Generating quality inbound leads is the key to the success of B2B marketing. This article is a playbook to B2B marketers looking to enhance their inbound marketing efforts.

Key techniques of B2B inbound marketing:


- Understand your target audience through proper research at different levels of decision making.

- Create epic content and package it for maximum distribution.

- Build trust and credibility by telling successful client stories.

- Publish content steadily and consistently.

- Build your brand based on testimonials.

- Track and analyze the entire buying funnel.

- Emphasize processes and details.

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5. Tips For Optimizing LinkedIn Presence

When it comes to social media marketing LinkedIn is a very valuable platform for B2B marketers with the presence of multiple businesses trying to showcase their services. Standing out on a platform like Linkedin can be challenging for B2B companies and this articles gives tips on how a business can enhance its presence on LinkedIn.

Key tips for maximizing LinkedIn presence:


- Be open to be part of a conversation

- Create effective content and be proactive

- Understand your target audience by asking questions

- Showcase your team and members

- Maintain a personality

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