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Last Updated: 09. September 2019

B2B Content Marketing News - August 2019

At Market Inspector, it is important for us to be updated on what is happening in the business market, not only in the UK but also the rest of the world. We, therefore, would like to share some of our favourite news, articles and helpful tools with you.

This month we have picked 4 interesting B2B Content Marketing articles for you. These articles will help you understand what content marketing is, how it can boost your business, how to develop a content marketing strategy, important tools, and more.

In this month’s content roundup, we have collected resources published in August 2019, which you can read about in the accompanying descriptions.

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How to Create Successful B2B Content Marketing Campaigns

Creating the right content for your audience is not an easy task. There are many factors that affect the success of your B2B campaign, and this article talks about crucial ones.

Firstly, it suggests four different platforms and ways to find inspiration for your content:

  • Reddit
  • AnswerThePublic
  • Ahrefs
  • BuzzSumo

Furthermore, it goes into more details on the different types of B2B content that drives success, and the article finishes off with seven important tips that you should know and follow.

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The Ultimate B2B Content Writing Checklist

Nowadays, buyers can make a shopping decision purely by reading online content. Hence, good content can be very persuasive and have an important impact on conversions. 

There are many things you should be aware of when creating content for B2B purposes, and there are many resources where you can find guidelines on this.

The author of the above-mentioned article aimed to make it easier for you, by gathering the six most important points and resources in one extensive checklist:

  1. Headline
  2. Layout
  3. Writing
  4. Evidence
  5. Images
  6. SEO

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What Is SEO Content? A Guide to Creating Content for SEO

SEO content is a word that you will hear a lot about if you are planning to work with content marketing for your business. This article put together a guide for creating content for SEO purposes.

This guide will answer the following 3 questions:

1. What is “SEO content”?

In this part of the article, you can learn about keyword research, keyword optimisation, content organisation, and content promotion. It is important to understand each of them, as they are crucial for creating valuable and good content.

2. What types of SEO content are there?

Here, the following types of SEO content are described: product pages, blog posts, articles, lists, guides, videos, infographics, slideshows, glossaries, and directories.

3. What is my SEO content strategy?

Regarding the strategy, the article suggests to follow these steps: define your goals, consider your audience, create an editorial calendar, analyse, and re-assess.

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What a B2B Blog Could Mean for Your Company’s Bottom Line

This article brings a lot of attention to a B2B blog, its importance, how it can help you for SEO purposes, as well as building your brand reputation. To start with, you will learn what an SEO blog is. Furthermore, the benefits of B2B blogging are thoroughly described:

  1. Blogging improves search engine optimisation (SEO).
  2. A B2B blog helps you attract more qualified leads
  3. B2B blogs can increase conversions over time.

Although B2B blogging comes with many benefits, it is important to know the costs of it. According to the author, this will depend on many factors — for instance, if you already have a website or you are just starting a new one. If you are starting a new website, here are some of the costs that follow with it: domain name, web hosting, web design.

Lastly, this article will teach you how to start a B2B blog, by pointing to the following six steps: create a strategy, research target keywords, create a content calendar, start writing, publish, and promote your blog content.

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Look forward to our roundup in September!

In addition to giving you an overview of August's top resources for B2B content writing, we at Market Inspector will also give you interesting news and articles from September.