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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Built in Coffee Machines

What Is a Built In Coffee Machine?

Did you know that you can integrate a coffee machine into your kitchen while still having a pleasant and efficient method to make your morning cup of joe?

If you are struggling with an untidy kitchen space and if a bean to cup machine does not excite you, consider installing a built in coffee machine. Self-service kitchens can get messy in an instant, and counter space is often limited and cluttered. It is a piece of equipment that is not made to be used on its own, but that is meant to be stationary and permanently installed as a part of an integrated system. 

Built in or integrated coffee machines are usually associated with espresso coffee machines or bean to cup machines depending on their functions. Typically, one can brew several different types of coffee with a built in coffee maker. Also, the built-in hot water dispenser is able to prepare coffee quite fast. Certain integrated commercial machines have a 15 bar pressure pump, which speeds up the filtering process.

Market Inspector can provide you with quotes so that you can compare different built-in coffee machines and their prices for the best coffee maches built in. You can get up to 4 non-binding quotes, 100% free of charge. To get started, simply fill in the contact form.

Built In Espresso

Where Can I Install a Built In Coffee Machine?

Before starting in-depth research about built in coffee machines, one has to be sure that there is a proper location for the installation of the appliance. As previously mentioned, the machine has to be incorporated into a kitchen module, the same way as a microwave for example.

Usually, built in coffee machines are used by companies with their own rooms and kitchens. This is due to the fact that the coffee machines require extra space and a constant water supply. Therefore, there should be a free space in the kitchen where the integrated coffee machine will be installed.

Of course, there is also the option to install the appliance in another room or area. For example, a built in coffee machine can be part of specific area in a workplace, coffee shop, or in lounge areas

Installing an integrated coffee machine means more room in your office space, and it creates a sleek kitchen design (coffee vending machines are also a great option for office spaces). Integrated machines are adaptive and can fit into any existing kitchen layout. In terms of the machine finish, you can choose between stainless steel or graphite black to match your kitchen.

If you prefer to set-up the machine outside of your kitchen, it can easily be installed inside your office space as long as it can be connected to a water system. Being connected to the water system means you never have to fill up the water container and your coffee always utilises fresh tap water. If you are worried about a water connection in your office, you can also get a self-plumbed version

However, it is important to note that the built in coffee machine has to be placed close to the main water supply. For this reason, installation options are limited.

With an integrated coffee machine, you also have the option to install a convenient drawer that stores your cups and saucers to keep them out of sight. Integrated coffee devices also have a dish for coffee waste, which keeps everything tidy and in order. A detachable water tank is also available, which allows you to fill up to 2 litres of water. These features along with the minimalistic design of the machine makes it easy to clean and use.

In addition, built in coffee equipment is usually used in environments where there are different preferences, needs and desires for coffee. Furthermore, this type of coffee machine has a large capacity, which makes it suitable for locations with high coffee consumption.

Built In Coffee Machine Prices

The price of a built-in in coffee machine is higher than other types of coffee machines, mainly due to the built-in water system. It is to be noted that there is not a wide selection of plumbed in coffee machine models. The machines can typically be found in high-end or professional equipment locations, such as commercial environments which brew and serve coffee.

However, there are a few models which can be purchased for households and which fall into a lower price range.

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Advantages of Built In Coffee Machine

A built in coffee machine can provide the ultimate coffee experience. Besides the fact that you can make coffee beverages of the highest quality, the built in coffee machines also provide a barista-like experience. Furthermore, this coffee appliance can satisfy all coffee needs, including milk based drinks with incredible cappuccino foam.

In Kitchen Built In Machine -min

Additionally, built in coffee machines have impressive usability and design. A lot of the options are pre-programmed and incorporate user-friendly touch screen features. The LED display also adds a contemporary feel. You can also purchase integrated coffee machines that can be controlled by mobile devices with apps you can download through iTunes or Google Play.

The design of built in coffee machines is stylish and elegant. The surface of these coffee appliances is usually smooth and shiny, which means that they suit most kitchens, coffee shops and office environments. Furthermore, built in coffee machines are easy to maintain and to clean, which is advantageous in a busy and stressful work environment. 

The inherent benefit of a built in coffee machine is that you do need to refill the water due to the fact that they are directly connected to the water supply. Plumbed in coffee machines increase the comfort and convenience of the coffee brewer and offer a complete and fully automatic coffee brewing process.

A lot of coffee machine suppliers offer models that support the plumbed in option. This is done with the intention to better meet your business needs and provide the best coffee machine for you. Apart from the advantage of having a direct connection to the water system, the plumbed in coffee machine presents other beneficial features, which justify its higher price range amongst coffee machines.

Taking into consideration the amount of storage available for coffee, this type of machine holds a larger amount of coffee in the storage containers as well as has the ability to grind beans fresh for brewing. Certain top of the line features include a small “fridge” storage where milk and cream can be stored, as well as a freezer compartment where ice can be kept for cold coffee beverages.

Disadvantages of Built In Coffee Machine 

One of the biggest disadvantage of built in coffee machine is the quality of water that is filtered through it. This type of coffee machine uses municipal water, which is known for containing high amount of chemicals and limescale-building elements. This means that you have to run descale cycles regularly, to prevent lime-scale build-up. 

Furthermore, the taste of your coffee might be affected, if the water has a high amount of chlorine. 

In addition, the price of the machine may be a drawback for some companies, as it is one of the costliest coffee machine solution for your business. While it may not be necessary for some types of companies, it can be seen as a beneficial long-time investment.

Integrated Coffee Machine Advanced Options

The quality of your coffee will not be compromised by using an integrated coffee machine. You can install an integrated coffee device that features a wide range of personalised functions to suit your own taste preferences.

Programming Your Beans

Integrated coffee machines can be aligned to meet a variety of preferences because they can easily produce coffee using both ground coffee or whole beans.The pre-brewing process involves moistening the ground coffee with hot water to create the appropriate aroma. The pre-brewing function also produces the ideal froth which is then followed by highly pressurised hot water.

You can also programme the temperature of your water, but it is important to remember that not all types of coffee can withstand high temperatures, and overly high temperatures result in a lack of delicate froth. If the froth is pale, too little coffee was used, and if the froth is dark brown, then too much coffee was used.

Integrated coffee machines can grind coffee beans the way you want, and some can produce six grind options from coarse to extra fine. Unlike home-espresso machines, integrated coffee machines can have high-power grinders that produce a variety of consistent granule sizes, while also preserving the oil present in the beans.

If your espresso flows too quickly, the grains are too coarse, and if it trickles down too slowly, the coffee will be bitter due to its extra fine texture.

The machines can accommodate up to 12 drink sizes from tiny espresso cups to extra large mugs. These machines are programmed so that you get the correct amount of coffee for each cup size, and the preparation of the coffee can be stopped at any time.
If you want a double shot, you can be comforted by the fact that the extra shot uses a new set of beans so that you get optimum flavour. There are also integrated coffee machines that operate on capsules and have a range of blends.

What Types of Coffee Drinks Can I Choose from?

Two Espresso Cups

Integrated coffee makers can serve a wide variety of coffee beverages, from traditional espresso to modern specialities such as macchiatos. Of course, the variety depends on the desired features of the machine and its price.

Integrated coffee machines can grind coffee beans the way you want, and some can produce six grind options from coarse to extra fine. Unlike home-espresso machines, integrated coffee machines can have high-power grinders that produce a variety of consistent granule sizes, while also preserving the oil present in the beans.

Some built in coffee machines also allow you to brew large quantities of coffee at once. This function is ideal when making coffee for meetings or for several colleagues at a time.

Service and Maintenance

Maintenance of the machine should be performed regularly, with descaling recommended a few times a year for best results. Depending on the usage of the machine, daily or weekly basic cleaning is required to keep the components clean and assure a quality beverage is produced.

To improve the condition of the built in coffee machine even further, an inline water filter can be installed so that every time water fills the container it will be of the highest quality, thus minimizing the deposit of minerals on the machines internal components and resulting in less frequent descaling.

Generally, built in coffee machines are easy to maintain and clean. Most of the units have removable brewing units and water tanks. Additionally, the vast majority of the coffee makers are equipped with LED displays, which indicate when the bean container or the water tank are empty.

You can have integrated coffee machines with automatic alert systems which notifies you once it is time to clean your machine. This also goes for when the waste bin needs to be emptied, or if the water needs to be topped up. If you don’t empty your waste tray, then the machine will get blocked. It is also important to clean the brew unit under running hot water.

In fact, certain integrated coffee machines have fully-integrated steam cleaning after every cup of coffee, which takes care of the milk cleaning. Having an automatic rinse function on your built-in system also prevents blockages, and thereby increases the longevity of the machine.

If you want to find a built in coffee solution that will match your business needs, fill in a quote request form today. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible. You will be provided with four free no obligation quotes.

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