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Last updated: 2 November 2022

Casio Cash Register


About Casio

Since its creation Casio has been growing and today it is one of the main international actors in the electronic and digital industry. Present everywhere in the world, they produce everything from computers, cameras, phones, watches and photocopiers to cash registers and ePOS systems.

Cash registers and ePOS systems have been created in order to consolidate business processes and improve management efficiencies, either for retailer or hospitality businesses.

Casio products are always at the cutting edge of the technology and that also goes for cash out machines. POS hardware are adapted to market changes and new ways of paying, as mobile payments or NFC cards.

Casio cash registers are reliable, energy saving, easy to use and have a compact size. They are robust and benefit from various options that can be adapted to different types of industry.

If you want to know more about Casio Cash Registers, fill out the form and enjoy our free service. Our suppliers will help you find the best solution for your business. 

Cash -register -S

Casio Products: Electronic Cash Registers

Casio has 11 different kind of cash registers for the UK market, divided in two series: the SE-series and the TE-series.

Both series have basic keyboards instead of an alphanumeric one, although some of the machines have keyboards with direct buttons for specific products and others are only with basic numeric keyboards.

Anyway, both series are really basic models but some machines have more options than others.

If you own a small business, without many items sold per day, these machines possess everything you need. They have all the basic functions to operate a business efficiently.

As the options differ from one machine to another, it is good to be aware of all the features that you need to check before considering buying a specific model.

Read this a small checklist of features that you need to choose or not for your future cash register:

    • Number of products. It is important to consider how many products you want to be able to save in your cash register. The number of PLUs (Price Look-Up code) available differs for each machine. By typing these codes into the machine, you will get information about specific products.
    • Display. Do you want a display only for the seller or also for the customers? Customer’s display can improve the quality of the service. How many lines do you want to see on the seller display? Do you need to see a lot of information?
    • Size of the drawer. Do you want a compartment for receipts and cheques?
    • Printer. Consider which paper and what kind of printer you want, either advanced or basic? Noise, speed, visual will differ from it. If you want to have your logo on the receipts or if you need to write text, then you must have a more advanced printer than the basic ones. Also, if you have a busy store it might be better to have two stations, it will save you time as it prints both receipts for you and the customer in the same time.
    • Size. How much space do you have available on your counter? Double check that the chosen model will fit.
    • Power source. What kind of power source does the machine need? If you need to go to events or some other activities off from your local, then it might be good to have the possibility to use the cash register with a battery.
    • Interface. Think of what kind of devices you need to plug in on your cash register and check if that is possible. Do you need a barcode scanner or an external printer?
    • Keyboard. What would be the easiest and fastest for your business: numeric, alphanumeric, touch screen?
    • Colour. Some of the cash registers that Casio offers are available in different colours, which is nice if you want to make it fit the design of your local perfectly.
POs -printer -B

Casio Products: Integrated ePOS Solutions

Casio also offers POS systems, which are more advanced than a traditional cash register.


Casio is selling 5 different kind of hardware products, all touch screen and 2 of them are sold without software. They are made for retail, hospitality and even more as education or healthcare.

Here is a short presentation of the main ones:

    • QT-6600-BD
      This 15” touchscreen POS system is perfectly adapted for all hospitality and retail settings. Its built-in software offers many services for fast food, table service, cafeteria and retail scanning. It has many options as age verification, read price through bar codes and access to customer information. Store data can be sent to a central PC. It is a stable system that is designed as a computer but without the operating system problems. Moreover, it is fast, easy to use and has 6 serial ports which give a flexibility to connect many devices.
    • QT-6100-BD
      This POS system is stable but with less flexibility than the QT-6600-BD. It is made for hospitality and retail industries but better adapted for retailers. Store data can be sent through internet and with the utilisation of the Compact Flash card. It has a high graphic resolution and several standard features such as shared printers or multiple price levels.
    • V-R100-DD
      This 14” touchscreen POS system is also a stable platform, perfectly adapted to retail and hospitality settings. It operates on an android platform and it is practical by its small size. This POS system as a cash register is easy to use and has many features. It doesn’t use power as much as a PC based electronic POS and has no costly licensing fees. You can add as an option devices such as card reader or cash drawer.
    • Paypal
      Finally, as we said before Casio is always creating machines with the latest trend and we can illustrate this phenomenon with the new Paypal machine. This POS system allows customers to pay through the paypal application. It is secure, more convenient than traditional payment methods and helps retailers to know better their customers.
Data cloud


    • Business Management Solution
      Business Management Solution is a software for electronic POS terminals. It is adapted for small-to-medium sized retail and hospitality businesses.
    • Casio Cloud Suite
      Casio Cloud Suite is a business solution for large and small businesses to save information. Data is accessible anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Evaluation of Casio

Casio offers many features and can be really well adapted to your business, that is the reason why we recommend you this brand. Retailers, hospitality industries or others activities can find the perfect good quality equipment with the latest trend.

These advanced POS systems will help you to reduce mistakes and save time on the administrative tasks. Also, Casio’s website has manuals for each machine and set up videos that can be really useful to avoid  calling the customer service.

However, the downside is that Casio is linked to Android so if your company has an Apple device you should avoid purchasing these machines.

Before buying any kind of equipment you need to understand what could be the best for your business. Products, industry and structure might be different for each activities, that is the reason why Casio can be really well adapted for one business, but not the best for another one.

Machines and suppliers have to be analyzed and compared. We advise you to do lots of research in order to be sure to make the right choice and buy the right product, as you do not want to be forced to to change again in the near future.

However, if you think the research process is too difficult, if you don’t have the time or the energy, we can help you! Complete the quote request form today to find out more about Casio and all the other cash register and POS systems available. We will make you save time by understanding your needs and connecting you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.

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