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Last updated: 3 August 2021

Cash Registers

Commercial Cash Register Systems in the UK

Retailers depend on cash registers, also known as tills, to assist them with the management of their finances and to improve how their customers perceive their shopping experience. They allow retailers to keep track of their daily income and distribute change, and aid them in the process of managing their retail operations.

Traditionally, a cash register has a keyboard that can be used to manually input products and fees into it but it can also be equipped with product presets, making it an efficient way of serving the customers or offering a receipt.

Today’s machines are usually integrated into POS or ePOS systems (electronic Point of Sale). Integrated POS systems can provide an array of additional functions that can improve a business’ efficiency.

You can also have a cash register with scanner that can enable a faster checkout process and be integrated into an mPOS system.

Tools such as credit card processing systems, customer loyalty programs, and reporting systems all serve to aid retailers in improving the products and services that they offer. Every type of cash register comes with removable cash drawers, memory back-up protection, and some cash register models also have a possibility of an automatic tax computation.

Having numerous features that you can choose from, the choice of a cash register might be overwhelming. Get help with your decision and receive up to 4 quotes free of charge and with no obligations by filling in the form above.

Cash Machine Registers

Which Kind of Cash Register Is Right for Your Business?

A wide range of cash tills is on the market to meet your various business needs. Some are made for specific industries such as fast food, hospitality or retail. We have categorised the best cash registers that we found by ther price level these are the four we’ve looked at.

The Best Cash Registers for Their Price Level
Cash RegisterPrice level
Sam4s ER-380Entry/Mid-level cash register
Sharp XEA-407Entry/Mid-level cash register
Casio QT-6000-BDPremium-level cash register
Olivetti Nettun@3000Int'lPremium-level cash register

How Much Does a Cash Register Cost?

The initial costs of purchasing a cash till differs greatly from model to model, as the price depends substantially on the capabilities of each cash register and the quality or type of the device you are looking for.

The initial costs of a basic cash register model may be around £500 and will include a built-in pole to display prices as the customer waits for his purchase, and a locking cash drawer.

More sophisticated models are usually a part of a computerised point of sales system and can cost up to £11,000 depending on the level of sophistication. One reason for the high initial costs involved in purchasing various cash register systems is that the average life expectancy of a system is around ten to fifteen years, and with an upgrade, you can extend that by another five to seven years.

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Best Cash Registers in the UK and Their Features

Based on a set list of criteria and the different types of businesses, we’ve found the top 4 cash registers being the Sam4s ER-380, Sharp XEA-407, Casio QT-6600-BD and Olivetti Nettun@ 3000Int’l.

Sam4s ER-380

The Sam4s ER-380 is an affordable entry-level cash till. It has a well-built software that offers many options that enable it to be fast and reliable. It has the means of handling scalable growth which is perfect as you won’t have to buy a new one.

Sam4s Cash Register


    • Electronic journal
    • 500 price lookups
    • Up to 10 clerks or cashiers
    • Partial programmable keyboard
    • Food stamp sorting and tendering
    • Check, cash, and up to 8 charge keys

Sharp XEA-407

The Sharp XEA-407 comes with software that is easily programmable enhancing the ease-of-use. Even with its advanced functionality, your staff will know how to use it. It is also customisable allowing you to bring a more personalised experience to your customers.

Sharp Cash Register


    • Dual roll tape
    • 99 pre-programmed departments
    • 40 clerks
    • 7000 price lookups
    • Thermal printing
    • Graphic logo generator

Casio QT-6000-BD

Perfect for your fast food or hospitality needs, this register is much more than your typical basic cash till. This touch screen cash register has 15” display and an easy readability even under different lighting conditions. The QT-6600-BD is a scalable system that’s simple to use and easy to program.

Casio Cash Register


    • Floating guest checks
    • Sharing printers
    • Time & attendance
    • Mix & match discounting
    • Large scanning file
    • Time & date activated operations
    • Graphical split check
    • Integrated credit/debit gift card functionality

Olivetti Nettun@3000Int’l

It comes with a 7” touch screen and an innovative design for your retail store needs. With a wide choice of connections, a wide range of programming and in-depth diagnostics, the Nettun@ 3000Int’l has the versatility and the simplicity of use to make it one of the most reliable cash registers available.

Nettun Cash Register


    • Integrate Linux operating system
    • Integrated thermal printer
    • Wide choice of connections
    • Management of up to 5 credit/debit cards & 5 currencies
    • Electronic journal
    • 5 USB ports
    • Invoice management

Cash Registers vs POS Systems

Choosing to invest in a cash register or a POS system may be a matter of your budget size. Traditional cash registers are the most basic machines and therefore will be a cheaper solution than more advanced POS systems. 

It is important to assess your needs before investing in a system for your business. Below you will find a summary of the benefits of a cash register vs. a POS system.

Cash Registers
  • Low initial and running costs
  • Easy to use
  • Fewer components
  • Basic functionality
  • Simple data collection
  • Basic reporting capabilities
POS Systems
  • High initial and running costs
  • More advanced technology
  • Many components
  • Complex functionality
  • Manages a variety of data sets
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Find Supplier for the Best Cash Registers in the UK

A cash register is an indispensable tool for your business that will improve the efficiency in which you go about your daily tasks. It's estimated by Digital Journal that the cash register market will exhibit huge growth potential owing to the innovations and advancements in technology. Finding the right one can be intimidating and time-consuming, that is why we can help you!

The listed best cash registers are suggestions. However, whether our cash register picks fit your specific needs or not, feel free to get in touch with us by completing the form above. We will provide you with up to 4 quotes free of charge and without obligations in order to make your business decision easier.

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