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Commercial Cash Register Systems

Retailers depend on cash registers, also known as tills, to assist them with the management of their finances and to improve their customer’s shopping experience. Invented in 1879, cash registers have a long history in processing transactions and supporting business owners with running their enterprises.

Today’s cash registers are usually integrated into POS or ePOS systems (electronic Point of Sale). Integrated POS systems can provide an array of additional functions that can improve a business’ efficiency and how it's customers perceive their shopping experience.

Tools such as credit card processing systems, customer loyalty programs and reporting systems all serve to aid retailers in improving the products and services that they provide.

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What is a cash register?
6 amazing benefits of cheap cash registers
A cheap cash register or a POS system?
Calculate your cash register needs
How much does a cash register cost?

What Is a Cash Register?

Cash registers (also referred to as “tills”) are machines that allow retailers to keep track of their daily income, distribute change, as well as temporarily store currency. Most importantly, cash registers aid shop owners in the process of managing their retail operations.

Traditionally, cash registers have a keyboard that can be used to manually input products and fees into the machine but they can also be equipped with product presets (making it an efficient way of serving the customers or offering a receipt).

Every type of a cash register comes with removable cash drawers, memory back-up protection, and some models also have a possibility of an automatic tax computation. A perfect example is Casio cash register that is suitable for small businesses that sell physical goods.

6 Amazing Benefits of Cheap Cash Registers

Different types of cash registers will provide different benefits - some more, others less - but there are a number of benefits that come from using a traditional cash register system. Cash registers can:

  1. Store cash securely and effectively.
  2. Improve efficiency of business and transaction processing.
  3. Have a low learning curve as the functions are straightforward and simple.
  4. Be set up in a short amount of time.
  5. Satisfy basic tax regulations in fiscal countries that require financial reporting.
  6. Have a small environmental footprint and low power consumption.

A Cheap Cash Register or a POS System?

Choosing to invest in a cash register or a POS system may be a matter of your budget size. Traditional cash registers are the most basic machines and therefore will be a cheaper solution than more advanced POS systems. However, another alternative can be Sam4s cash register.

It is important to calculate your needs before investing in a cash register for your business. Below you will find a small table that will briefly introduce the benefits of cash registers in contrast to the benefits of a POS system.

Cash Registers POS Systems
Low initial and running costs High initial and running costs
Easy to use More advanced technology
Fewer components Many components
Basic functionality Complex functionality
Simple data collection Manages a variety of data sets
Basic reporting capabilities Extensive reporting capabilities
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Calculate Your Cash Register Needs

Deciding on which cash register you should choose depends primarily on the number of employees that need to use the machine, number of inventory items, stock turnover and the number of customers that are typically served a day.

A basic cash register will not work efficiently in a busy shop with many complicated transactions, and vice versa - the most advanced cash register machines will not be fully used in a shop that sees little business.

Cash Register Keyboard

In order to choose a cash register that meets your needs, you will want to consider the following features:


They are the common peripheral device found on cash registers and they are typically equipped with a front display for the machine’s operator, and one rear display for the customer.


Printers can be single, double, or alphanumeric stations connected to the register. Single-station printers will print out only one paper tape - this can be used either as a receipt or in order to keep a journal record. Two-station printers are equipped in more expensive models and these provide two copies by default. Printers can print in two varieties - thermal (high speed and silent service) and dot matrix (two-ply paper).

Credit card validation machines 

They are an essential addition to cash registers in the 21st century. The modern consumer continues to use paperless solutions to pay for goods and at this time the most common cashless payment form is the debit or credit card.


Keyboards can come in three variations: raised, flat and touch screen. A raised keyboard looks very similar to that of a PC and protects against spills and crumbs. This kind of cash register keyboard is ideal for restaurants and bakeries.

If you have difficulties in choosing the right supplier of cash registers, one perfect example can be Olivetti that merged with Telecom Italia in 1994 and, now, offers technological solutions for companies.

How Much Does a Cash Register Cost?

The initial costs of purchasing a cash register differs greatly from model to model, as the price depends substantially on the capabilities of each cash register and the quality or type of the device you are looking for.

The initial costs of a basic model may be around £500 and will include a built-in pole to display prices as the customer waits for his purchase, and a locking cash drawer.

Cash Registering Machine

More sophisticated models are usually a part of a computerised point of sales system and can cost up to £11,000 depending on the level of sophistication. One reason for the high initial costs involved in purchasing various cash register systems is that a business can expect to make use of the service from the cash register machine for many years to come.

The average life expectancy of a cash register system is around ten to fifteen years, and with an upgrade you can extend that by another five to seven years.

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