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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Electronic Cash Register

What Does an Electronic Cash Register Offer You?

Electronic cash register calculates and archives each transaction and works exactly like traditional ePOS systems. It delivers useful information to reduce mistakes and processes check-out faster, which will improve the customer’s experience. Electronic cash register can be a single terminal or a system solution.

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Electronic Cash Register with a Single Terminal

Cash Register

Electronic cash registers with single terminals are usually basic equipment.

Either you will have to type the price of the products manually, or prices can be saved in the till.

Some terminals have the functionality to automatically adapt the price according to the time and the days, which can be really useful for happy hours in a bar, for example.

Electronic cash registers terminals usually include a cash drawer to be able to store the money in a safe place with compartments to keep bills and coins in order. The cash drawer opens automatically when a transaction happens and it can include a lock or not.

Depending on the level of quality you choose for your store the cash drawer can also contain a LCD display to let you know how much the change is, and a display to inform the customer how much he needs to pay. Those two screens can improve the customer’s experience by offering them a visual and a fast service.

Some high level quality model could have few more options but they are limited and not really advanced.

Electronic Cash Register with an ePOS System

POS systems offer more options and solutions to the vendors. The hardware includes a screen to have more visuals and more possibilities than a simple single terminal.

It can be a touch screen or not. Having a touch screen can be a good solution to save space on the counter, as an ordinary ePOS will need a keyboard and a mouse. Plus, touch screens are really intuitive and easy to use.

Your staff will adapt with no effort to this new device and you will save money by avoiding the need of training your employees.

Moreover, the credit card reader is often connected to the ePOS and information will be automatically sent to it. The processing machine can either be wireless or not, depending on your store’s needs.

Electronic cash register software can manage offers and promotions. Furthermore, it can identify your customers and you will be able to adapt the services you offer to each of them. It will allow you to have a qualified customer loyalty program.

Another advantage is the detailed and pertinent reports. You can collect and analyse a lot of information. All the transactions and data are instantly saved in the report section. It can help you to adapt and improve your offer.

Cash Register Touchscreen

How to Decide Which One Is Needed

The cash register you need depends on your store’s features. If 1000 customers visit your store per day, then your needs will be different from a store that have only 50 customers a day.

The main criteria is the size of your business, the number of customers and the number of employees. Anyway, you still need to take other issues in consideration and the following table is a summary of what to consider before to take a decision.

Additionally, if your store is mobile and you need to receive payments in various places you could consider buying a mobile POS.

Single -terminal -vs -POS

What to Avoid?

Cash Register Grocery

Before buying an electronic cash register you have to be aware that you should avoid certain situations.

    • Don’t buy the cheapest equipment
      You might think that you will save money by not having high upfront costs. But not investing enough might be the wrong solution. The cash register will be used every day, so it has to be resistant. Bad quality equipment usually need to be repaired more often, meaning that your post purchase service costs will increase. As a result the cheapest equipment might require more investments than a good quality equipment.

    • Don’t buy without having done any research
      You need to be 100% aware of the kind of services an electronic cash register can offer. When knowing that, you can understand better the needs of your own business.

    • Don’t buy the hardware devices before the software
      Software will offer you all the possibilities you want, so choose it first to be sure you have a hardware that can allow you to use all the features.

    • Don’t buy hardware without asking your retailer if your actual software can be used with it

    • Don’t think that renting the hardware is always the cheapest solution
      You need to calculate both options buying and renting and see which one fit your needs. If you need something for long term than buying is probably the cheapest solution.

    • Don’t forget to think about the future
      Considering your present needs is the first step but try to consider and understand what your future needs will be. You need to buy a system that can follow your growth.

    • Don’t buy without checking what kind of after-sales support the retailer is offering
      You need to be able to have help if you get troubles in the future.

    • Don’t forget to check the latest trend
      It could be interesting to buy the newest model in order to be able to keep it for long.

    • Don’t buy without checking customers reviews
      Customer reviews can give you information about the reliability of your potential retailers.


The price of an electronic cash register can vary from model to model. Advanced POS systems with many options will of course be more expensive than simple terminals.

The price will also differ according to the quality and the after-sales support. The initial costs for a cash register may be around £500 for a basic model to £11,000 for a computerized point of sales.

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