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How Does a Mobile Cash Register Work?

A mobile cash register is a device that can receive payments from anywhere and much more. You won’t need a whole ePOS system to enjoy many options and opportunities.

A portable and ultra-compact cash register can be used as a mobile POS solution, but a phone or a tablet sounds like a much more convenient solution. In that case an application need to be downloaded and internet access is requested.

Additionally, a credit card reader needs to be purchased and maybe a scanner, but a scanner is not mandatory as the price can be type manually or selected  from a virtual catalog.

What Are the Features of a Mobile Cash Register?

Mobile POS RetailerMobile cash registers have many options available.

  • You can manage your data and have an efficient loyalty program. The software saves and analyzes your data, therefore it allows you to adapt your offers for each customer.
  • You can use the software to save all your item’s information. Products are recorded on delivery and the program update the list of items after each sales, making the inventory much easier.
  • The softwares usually have a report section and it is always updated as the information is transmitted to the program in real time, forward as soon as a sale is processed.
  • Mobile cash register allows sellers to always have all the information about the products with them. It can be really handy to always have the possibility to check what are the availabilities and the product’s details. This might improve the seller’s performance and the customer’s experience.
  • Mobile POS offer the possibilities to send receipts to customers by email or sms. These e-receipts can be customized with a link of your website or your logo.
  • This systems also allow  customers to return items easily, no big manipulations on the software are needed and the processing is fast.
  • Some mobile cash registers can operate even if the internet is down. The information will be transferred when the internet will come back. It is really important to not let your business without any check-out solution as you could see your customers go away.

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Mobile POS

What Are the Arguments against Mobile Cash Register?

Mobile cash registers are getting more and more common in stores. Anyway some people still find mobile cash register insecure and with failings.

First of all, the problem of autonomy is recurrent as nowadays our mobile devices get low in battery pretty fast. You need to be sure that you will have enough battery to be efficient during the whole day.  

Secondly, the application and the card reader chosen have to be compatible with your devices. You need to double check before to buy any device, as some applications work only with Apple for example.

Also, the software needs to have internet in order to work. You need to verify that the application you select have the option to work when the internet down.

Finally, as it is a cloud base system it is possible to get virus. It is really important to be aware of it and to take all the precautions needed, like having an antivirus software and set a code to lock the device. Anyway, this kind of problems are still really rare.

Who Is a Mobile Cash Register for?

Mobile POS Restaurant

Mobile cash register can be used as a whole system by itself or in combination with a traditional electronic POS.

However, in many cases mobile cash register can be really useful as it will allow payments to be received easily and quickly.

Here are some situations where you could need a mobile POS:

  • If you have a mobile store as a food truck.
  • If you need to go to events out of your store as an exhibition or farmer’s market.
  • If you have a seasonal event as sales, it can be practical to have a mobile POS, instead of having to buy an other electronic POS to handle the crowds. It could also be used for busy hours. In that case it would be used in combination.
  • If you are a small company without a big budget, mobile POS as a whole solution is cheaper than an electronic POS with a computer platform.
  • If you are missing space in your store as mobile cash register is much smaller than a whole electronic system. The shop doesn’t need to be centered around the cash register anymore.
  • If your business is growing and you are starting to operate from different locations because either you opened a new store or a new floor.

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What is the Price of a Mobile Cash Register?

As mentioned before, a mobile cash register is a cheaper solution than a traditional electronic POS. Here is a small overview of the costs that you should expect.

First, you will have some front cost by buying the device. This can be either a tablet or a phone but anyway it is cheaper than having to buy a computer.

After that, you will also have to buy a credit card payment reader device. Most of the time it is pretty cheap and you can plug it directly to your device’s headphone jack.Mobile Card Reader

Then, you will need to have a software, application or platform. You will have to choose one from many possibilities.

Depending on the service they offer, some are free and others can be up to £3,000. This cost can also vary by number of cash registers, number of users and number of store’s items.

Finally, you will have to pay running fees for your card reader. Those can be paid in 3 different ways.

The first solution is to pay a monthly fee. The second option is to pay a monthly fee plus a small amount of money for each card payment transaction. The third solution is to don’t pay any monthly fee but just an amount of money for each transaction.

Each of these solutions has to be analyzed before choosing the one that will fit your shop’s needs. If you own a small business with few customers a day, a payment per card processing might be the best solution, while for a big amount of customers per day a monthly fee might be the best solution.

Other Mobile Payment Opportunities

Further than mobile cash register, new technologies appear in order to always improve the checkout experience. Mobile wallets are getting more and more popular in the Uk, as well as mobile payment. 60% of the UK citizens predict to use their mobile to pay by 2020.

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