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Last updated: 3 August 2021

Portable Cash Register

Advantages and Prices of Portable Cash Registers

There are different versions of ePOS systems to benefit from. Available on the market since few years, portable cash registers are now used in every business. At this purpose, we will showcase the advantages and prices of having such equipment.

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Small Cash Register

Portable -cash -register -s2

The portable cash register option is a basic cash register with entry level features. This type of cash registers is portable because of its size. Light and small, they can be easily moved from one place to another. Also, it can be used off site and outdoor thanks to their internal battery that does not require them to be plugged.

This equipments is practical if you have to receive payments from diverse locations but provide limited options and features. It is made for small retail shops with a small amount of sold items per day. Reports and customer management are not advanced, but you will have everything necessary for a small business.

This portable cash register can be transferred from one point to another but it is not made to be constantly moved inside the store, while mobile cash registers are.

Mobile Cash register

The second option is to get a mobile cash register. As explained previously, a mobile equipment can be easily moved from one location to another and from one corner of the store to another. A mPOS system can be adopted as an entire cash out solution or as an extra device.

Some of these equipments are delivered as a package including the hardware and the software, while others only include the software. Most of the times you can use the software on your actual hardware, as long as it has a web browser. Hence, it can be used on a tablet or a smartphone.

However, be aware that mobile POS systems have some downsides. Despite the fact that some of the software products can also be used without the internet, you generally need to have a powerful internet connection. Moreover, it is a good idea to choose a device with a good battery and that will not let you without a cash out solution in the middle of the day.

Portable _Cash _Register

Advantages of a Portable Cash Register

Both of these solutions have the advantage of receiving payments from anywhere, although a mobile cash register sounds like a more convenient solution than an ultra-compact cash register. Here are some advantages of having a mobile cash register:

    • These devices can store information about the products which can help the employees to quickly deliver the right information to the customers. Knowing the price, features and availability can improve customer service and increase sales.
    • A mobile POS system is intuitive and offers more options than a basic cash register. Working more effectively and processing checkouts faster allows employees to dedicate more time and attention to customers.
    • Most of the times it is easy to download the new versions of the software, which allows you to always have an up to date device.
    • These devices provide valuable customer information and loyalty programs. They help you identify your important customers - their purchases amounts, their visit frequency and their preferences. You will be able to personalize your offers for each customer which will help you increase your number of daily visits, your customer service and sales.
    • A mobile POS system also offers efficient reports and accurate inventory management. Reports and stock are updated every time an item is sold.

Who is a Portable Cash Register For?

Portable -cash -regitser -s1

A portable cash register can be practical in different situations, and here are some contexts where a portable cash register is not a gadget but a must have.

    • A portable cash register is a must have in restaurants as it allows waitresses to send orders automatically from their devices to the kitchen printer. Also, staff can receive payments from customers’ tables. Besides being quick, it also improves the customer service, since clients won't be waiting in front of the counter anymore.
    • A portable cash register is a must have if you have a mobile store that has to receive payments from different locations, such as a food truck.
    • A portable cash register is a must have if you have events outside of the brick and mortar shop - farmer’s markets, exhibitions and other circumstances are no longer an issue.
    • A portable cash register is a must have if your sales are not regular. For example, during the sales seasons it can be a good idea to add a mobile POS system to your actual device. Doing this will keep you away from buying a whole new ePOS system. A mPOS system device can help you handle the temporary extra work.
    • A portable cash register is a must have if you have a small store that doesn’t have many sold items per day. A mPOS can be a cheap alternative to an ePOS system as most of the times you can use it on a simple tablet or smartphone.
    • A portable cash register is a must have if you miss space in your store as this type of small device doesn’t need a specific and big counter.

What is the Price of a Portable Cash Register?

Portable -cash -regitser -s3

Both portable cash register solutions can be relatively cheap.

If you opt for the first solution and you want to buy an ultra-compact basic cash register it will cost you between £100 and £200. Most of the brands offer these entry level products.

If you want to have a mobile POS system instead, you need to be equipped with a hardware and a software. For the hardware you need to make sure to count with a  device that has a web browser. Otherwise, you need to buy the device (tablet or phone).

Software prices can vary from free to £3,000. The costs vary according to the different features available. It can also vary by number of cash registers, number of users and number of store’s items. Sometimes a monthly subscription or updates are required.

For both kinds of portable cash registers, you might want to have additional devices, such as a credit card reader or a printer if you don’t want to send receipts by email.

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