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Last updated: 8 November 2022

EPOS Direct

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Superior ePOS Products for the Modern Business

Are you wondering which ePOS system to choose for your business? ePOS Direct might be a good option as they offer solutions for varied businesses. 

If you are looking for an ePOS system, you might want to consider EPOS Direct, a global provider of high quality ePOS systems that is based in the United Kingdom. EPOS Direct offers highly specialised solutions for small companies and large multinational companies.

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Different Types of ePOS Systems

There are different types of ePOS systems offered by EPOS Direct. Which is the best choice will depend on your needs and your business. Restaurants, bars, retailers and others need specialized ePOS systems to suit their particular operational needs. EPOS Direct offers systems and software to many businesses like:

    • Bars
    • Retailers
    • Restaurants
    • Convenience Stores
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Cafes
    • Newsagents
    • Fashion Retailers
    • Garden Centers
    • Pharmacies

EPOS Solutions for Bars and Pubs

There are solutions created especially for bars or pubs, whether they already own a ePOS System and wish to buy only a software, or whether they wish to buy a comprehensive ePOS system with software. Their ePOS software includes: table management functionality, happy hour functionality, complex menus and recipes, electronic payment management.

Their available hardware includes: wireless handheld ePOS terminals, biometric fingerprint log in and chip and pin terminals.

If you are looking for different ePOS solutions, EPOS Direct provides systems with a main screen, touch menus, price override, product search, product analysis and add-ons such as CCTV, table management and electronic payment. Both system and software are user friendly and offer vital security - protection of customer data and prevention against theft.

EPOS Software and System for Retailers

Bakery Epos c

EPOS Direct offers retailers both software of the whole system. POS till systems are easy to use, therefore no advanced computer skills are required from the staff, which makes implementation faster.

There are many useful functions, one being reports, that combine thorough information and graphical interpretations of this information to keep track of your business. If you are not sure if this the right solution for you, it is possible to have a free demonstration.

Software for retailers by EPOS Direct has been awarded by It facilitates the management of deposits, special orders, back orders, loyalty programs, stock, accounting, reports and products.

It collects customer information in one place, whether they have bought something in person or online, which makes customer relationship management easier.

Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant ePOS systems usually come with hardware, functions and add-ons that are also offered to retailers and bars: main screen, touch menus, price override, product search, product analysis, table management, wireless handheld devices, chip and pin terminal, etc.

It also includes receipt printer, cash drawer, café software and add-ons such as kitchen printer, kitchen monitor system and biometric reader.

EPOS Direct Offer for Convenience Stores and Dry Cleaners

Convenience stores can also make use of EPOS Direct solutions. This solution includes, just like other products, main screen, touch menus, price override, product search and analysis.

Offered software operates on cloud, therefore it enables to manage stores from anywhere and any time. This solution also helps with stock management, barcoding, which is essential for any convenience store and electronic payments.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners can make use of EPOS Direct solution as well.

This system helps with various pricing, booking, monitoring collection, delivery - contacting customers and informing them about their garments.

Customer loyalty programs and information about customer orders are registered and can be used to facilitate customer relationship management.

EPOS Solutions for Cafés

There is also an solution for cafés that includes hardware, functions and add-ons like solutions for restaurants.

It can be also used for catering and many schools, colleges and hospitals have used this solution. On-site installation and training are offered if needed.

Newsagents and Fashion Business ePOS Solutions

Solutions for newsagents includes hardware, functions and add-ons that were mentioned above. One interesting can be product analysis and stock management, as it is hard to keep track of inventory and monitor performance of many newspapers, magazines and other products that are being sold at newsagents.

Systems for newsagents also offers alerts for products that cannot be sold to under age children. It also enables to set customer accounts - for households, hotels and corporations to facilitate deliveries.

Fashion Shop Epos c

If you are in fashion business, EPOS Direct has system specialized for fashion retailers, which enables size, style and colour matrix, back office management, management of stock, integrates online store and mail orders and helps with loyalty programs.

Garden Centres, Chemists and Pharmacies ePOS Systems

Solution for garden centres fit the seasonal aspect of this business, with features such as stock management and analysis of products and their performance.

Other features are sales screens, main serving screen, overriding pricing and searching for products, and barcoding.

Chemists and pharmacies can also make use of these solutions with special features like C&D updates, smart stock, automated ordering and robotic dispensers and other features mentioned above.

EPOS Accessories


If you are in need of only one part of ePOS Systems - hardware or software, EPOS Direct offers accessories:

    • Printers
    • Cash drawers
    • Barcode scanners
    • Biometric devices
    • Antivirus system
    • Payment terminals
    • Handheld devices
    • Customer displays
    • Weighing scales

EPOS Prices

Price is dependant on whether you plan to buy and pay upfront, or decide to lease or rent. Prices can range from £20 per month up to over £1,499 for systems and up to £699 for software. There are also different prices on chosen accessories.

Benefits of EPOS Direct Solutions

What makes EPOS Direct a better service and product from other ePOS Systems providers? One of the advantages is service that is 24/7 and global, plus customers will get access to a secure backup of their data. Another advantage is free software updates and therefore access to newest technology.

Other advantages are on-site installation and training sessions, scalable solutions for small and big businesses, offering of many languages (as they operate globally) and the possibility of customization of the software. Leasing and rentals are also offered.

EPOS Direct promise to be incomparable when it comes to price and quality, and claim 100% customer satisfaction. If you wish to check these claims it is possible to find feedback from customers online.

EPOS Solutions are user friendly, easy to use and no advanced computer skills are required, which makes the implementation of the given ePOS system fast and convenient.

Are you interested in purchasing an EPOS Direct for your business? Just fill in the form and enjoy our free service! Our suppliers will contact you and will help you finding the most suitable ePOS solution for your company.

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